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"RUNAWAY" Chapter 6 "Discipline"

2022-08-02 00:00:04

The intrusion of sunlight into the tractor trailer cab was pretty quick as the sun began to rise as it did most days when the skies were not overcast. When Joseph woke for a moment he was startled, just because he was not used to having someone else in his bed. But as his mind awoke he couldn't help take in the sight, scent and sound of the young woman sleeping next to him.

Joseph had not slept in close proximity with a woman since his wife's passing several years previous. He had hooked up with a few lot lizards but it was just for quick sex and he wasn't sure he could even remember their names.

He wasn't sure how young, this young lady was but he was sure any man would find her attractive. He of course had not been with a young woman sexually or even physically in years but it wasn't hard to remember how attractive their smooth skin, tiny waist, wide hips and full perky breasts looked and drew a man's eye. Sammi was definitely attractive and he took a few minutes to take in her youthful beauty with his eyes.

Normally, the moment he woke with the sun, he would double check to make sure he had rested the legal requirement of hours and if so he would immediately get behind the wheel, start up his tractor trailer and get back on the highway. But at least for a few minutes he let himself enjoy the beauty of the young woman.

Not to his surprise his faithful companion heard him awake and lifted his head. Joseph couldn't help laughing when he watched Ol'Jack stick his snout right in Sammi's face and give her a great big lick across her face. It of course startled her immediately awake. For a short moment she was annoyed to have been waken so suddenly and that Joseph was laughing but quickly she couldn't help laughing too as Joseph was laughing with a full belly laugh.

"Does it to me every day. When he's ready to get up, and needs to do his business he makes sure to get ya up" he said still chuckling, then continued, "We should take him for a walk."

Technically Joseph knew he could just take Ol'Jack for a walk himself but he couldn't help like the idea of watching the young woman walking around. Quickly the three of them got out of the truck and Ol'Jack made a trot towards the grass. Sammi was holding the leash and Joseph followed behind watching his dog pull the attractive girl behind him.

Once Ol'Jack did his business they headed to the rest stop bath rooms to do the same. It was like most mornings, cool and in just the gym shorts and t-shirt Joseph was able to notice the natural shape of Sammi's perky breasts and hardened nipples. He couldn't help ask himself with her obvious development she certainly couldn't be all that young, could she?

They all got back into the truck, Joseph in the driver's seat and they headed to the truck stop with the good breakfast place Joseph had mentioned yesterday. The thought of a good hot shower sounded amazing to Sammi.

They drove for a little under two hours before he skillfully pulled the large truck off the interstate. Sammi was pretty sure it must be good because the number of trucks there was more then she could count easily.

She asked Joseph if they could shower before eating, because she really wanted and needed a shower. He asked her to give him a minute and he'd check on the availability of the shower facilities.

Joseph went into the office but he was feeling hungry more then wanting a shower, but to please his passenger he inquired about the shower facilities. The only thing available for the next few hours were motel rooms the private showers were booked. They had one he could get right away for an hour so he took it. He paid the bill and got a key and headed back to where Sammi was waiting and suggested they get their bathroom supplies, clean clothes and hurry while there was availability.

Sammi of course had never been to a truck stop before so she had no concept of what to expect. She followed him back to his tractor trailer and he quickly grabbed a mid sized bag, obviously often used with all the necessities as well as fresh jeans, boxers, western shirt and socks that he tossed into a smaller bag. She grabbed her small backpack with everything in it she had brought with her.

She then followed him as he made his way around the side to the motel with several rooms until they came to room 123 where he stopped, took out the plastic key ring with 123 on it with the metal key attached. He unlocked and then opened the door and stepped through into the room.

Up till that moment Sammi was at ease and simply following the lead of the long time long haul trucker. But as she stepped into the doorway of the hotel room and the queen sized bed came into her vision the world slowed to a crawl and her heart rate seemed to double.

At first Joseph didn't seem to notice Sammi stop in the doorway of the room. He simply walked to the vanity outside the bathroom and started getting his deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap and razor out of his bag. But when he turned he saw the door still open and Sammi standing frozen just in the doorway.

He continued his thought not sure if something was wrong, "I'll go first so you can take as long as you like, I'm usually quick in and out. He opened the bathroom door with shampoo and soap in hand and glanced back at Sammi, "Sammi are you okay?"

Sammi heard the words still everything seeming slow but she forced herself to nod. Finally she tried to calm herself and moved through the doorway. It took even more courage to close the room door behind her. The moment she did Joseph went into the bathroom, closed the door and started the water running. The sound of the water running immediately brought her thoughts back to Roger.


For the second time in less then 12 hours Holly found herself washing the fluids of sex from her body. She felt dirty and degraded like never before. Her mother was at work and she was at home alone with him. The words her mom said, "I heard the two of you had a good time last night" came back into her mind, then as if everything in the world was fine her mom left for work leaving her alone with Roger.

She wasn't even finished rinsing off all the soap before she heard the bathroom door open and then close. Suddenly the shower curtain was pushed open quickly and Roger stood there with a strange look in his eyes and his belt in his hand.

"You walked around this apartment with such short shorts and tight shirts and sometimes without a bra. I knew you wanted me. That day you walked in front of me watching the game, you wanted me to look at you instead of the game didn't you Holly" he asked in an intense tone.

She shook her head no vehemently but to her horror he grabbed hold of her by the throat and by one wrist. He quickly sat on the edge of the bathtub, pulled her down onto her stomach over his knees, with her knees and lower legs barely touching the bathroom floor and slapped her bare bottom hard quickly five times with his hand. "Your mom didn't care at all when I spanked you. She didn't say a word and later that night she told me you were a brat and needed some discipline. Do you Holly? Do you need some discipline and to be punished?"

As he asked her he slapped her bottom five more times. He wasn't hitting deep but was slapping almost the exact same place multiple times. He seemed very into what he was doing again, this was so much about power and control and it invigorated him.

"Tell me Holly. Tell me you deserve to be spanked and I'll just spank you five more times now" he demanded.

But she shook her head no, which is what he hoped she'd do and he spanked her butt ten more times trying to hit the same reddening hand prints.

He reached under her and found one nipple which he rubbed, pulled and pinched until it was once again hard. He then spanked her butt ten more times. Then he reached further under and rubbed, pulled and pinched her other nipple followed by ten more spanks.

"Holly tell me you deserve to be punished like this the next three days and you'll bare your bottom and lay over my lap willingly and I'll stop spanking you now" he stated.

"No" she replied.

Roger smiled and then used twisted logic, "I knew it Holly, I offered to stop and you told me no." He started a steady spanking not too fast, not too hard but making every effort to strike the same place across her butt.

After six hits she tried to roll off his lap but he held her firmly and kept spanking.

"Your mom watched me spank you and said nothing, but she knows you need this Holly. You need discipline, you deserve to be punished. Do you want me to stop spanking your butt Holly" he asked?

She had been crying for the last several spanks so she nodded.

He grabbed firm hold of her and flipped her over onto her back still over his lap. The minute she was on her back he spanked directly on her right breast five times and then the same on her left.

"Tell me Holly you will voluntarily bare your bottom and bend over my lap for the next five days for twenty spanks each day" he asked?

She shook her head NO not thinking of what the consequences might be.

"Holly you are a whore. You are a pain slut, you liked it when I hurt you. You did everything you could do to get my attention. I'm going to show you how dirty a girl you are. But I'll make you a promise, if your body doesn't respond to what I do, I won't touch you ever again. But if your dirty, slutty body responds then as I told you before you will do what I want whenever I want."

With that he picked up his belt. He first took the smooth leather and carefully slid it closely over her right nipple. The gentle friction made both nipples ever so slightly start to harden. When she wiggled and squirmed he swung the belt hard and hit her across her belly by her navel.

He then carefully slid the smooth leather belt over her left nipple. The contact and friction caused the nipples to harden more and the Areolas began to puff up as well.

A wicked grin came to his face as he saw her body starting to respond. He lifted the very end of the belt and brought it down enough to sting her right nipple twice and her left nipple twice immediately after. Her nipples turned red, filled with blood and pushed up fully hard.

He then took the belt and slid it between the lips of her sex between her legs.

He then brought the belt up to her face and rubbed it over her lips smearing the wetness from her sex onto her mouth.

"This turns you on you dirty little pain slut, I know you don't want to accept it but it's who you are Holly" he added and then used the belt and tapped just a bit more firm on each nipple five times, but this time he used a little longer bit of belt letting more leather stroke the pale globe of her breasts, as well as her puffy pink areolas and hard nipples.

He then set the belt beside him for a moment and moved his hand between her legs gently but firmly rubbing his fingers at the top of her sex on her clit. He rubbed there a few seconds then pushed his fingers into her wet sex.

"Your getting so wet again Holly, taste your juices again for me Holly, as he said this he brought his wet fingers to her mouth. When she didn't immediately open her mouth he just wiped the stickiness on her face.

"Dirty, filthy pain slut, who's own mother wants to be punished, who needs and wants to be punished" upon finishing saying that he skillfully flipped her once again over on her stomach and within seconds was spanking her bottom over and over with the belt but slow deliberate strokes pausing between them. Letting the sting from each sink in. You need discipline Holly. Your mother's been too busy to notice but I'm going to teach you discipline Holly.

After the fifth hit he asked her softly, "You want me inside you again Holly. Just say YES and I'll stop spanking you and give you what you've wanted since I moved in with you and your mom."

When she didn't say yes he brought the belt down on her bottom again, paused, then again, then another pause, after the sixth hit with the belt hard over both butt cheeks she screamed, "YES."

The moment she did he lifted her to her feet, still completely nude from the bath, shoved her hard face first against the wall and thrust his now very hard cock inside her.

"This is what you wanted the minute your mom first brought me home Holly. And I promise I'm going to take it any time I want, every time I want" he said grunting hard as he raped her against the wall only a short time after raping her over the back of the sofa.

One time between strokes he pulled her away from the wall long enough to pull the belt over her breasts and tighten it behind her back trapping her breasts under the one inch wide leather belt directly over her nipples. The minute he had it lined up he once again shoved her against the wall. He pulled the belt as tight as he could through the buckle and cinched it as tight tugging the end the opposite direction.

He even managed to find a rhythm of shoving her hard against the wall with his hips then jerking with both hands back on the belt on the out stroke.

Her grunts, cries and squeals told him it hurt and exited him like never before.

"This is what you want Holly, what you and your mom know you deserve, this is very special Holly" he grunted into her ear realizing for the first time in his life how much he enjoyed controlling and hurting his sexual partner. It was an arousal like he had never experienced before and he knew he wanted more.


As Sammi stood there all but frozen Joseph took a quick shower, which was the norm for him as to him time was money especially in the middle of drive time. While Joseph showered Sammi fought her own inner fears. Was Joseph another predator like Roger? Why did he get a a room with a bed. She felt every ounce of her being on edge. She heard the water running and struggled to push memories of the things Roger did to her out of her mind.

She was startled back to the present when the steady sound of water running turned off with the squeak of the bathtub faucet. She then heard the shower curtain rings scrape across the shower rod. Joseph was singing one of the country and western songs he had played in the truck just a tiny bit off key.

Suddenly she heard the bathroom door knob turn and the door open and steam escape the bathroom into the motel room. She held her breath, tensing her entire body in preparation of being physically attacked like Roger did so many times.

But in an almost singing tone Joseph sang out, "Your turn."

He walked into the room quickly but not on a direct line towards Sammi. He only had a towel wrapped around his waist so his upper torso was bare as were his legs. Her body was tensed as tight as could be but he didn't get within three feet of her. She was alarmed that he was coming at her but he carefully sat on the corner of the bed to give her room to pass to walk to the bathroom. She was hardly breathing waiting to be grabbed, pinned on the bed and raped but it didn't happen.

Her thoughts and fears were interrupted by Joseph's voice, "Are you going to take a shower Sammi? Are you okay?"

His questions helped to snap her mind to the present and she took a moment to compose herself then answered, "Yeah." The idea of not being in the bedroom with any man was appealing to her. She managed to force herself to grab her bag and head into the bathroom.

Once inside and with the door closed she took a minute to pull herself together. "Breath, Holly, breath" she told herself, "You're okay. He's not trying to hurt you. He's not like Roger."

It didn't feel any different then when she walked into the motel room doorframe, her thought processes were running so slow. She had to force herself to think about what she was supposed to do and what to do next.

"Turn on the water. Get the shampoo and soap. Take off your clothes" she told herself. Taking off her clothes was the most difficult. It felt like she was preparing herself for Roger. It took her several minutes and she kept looking at the bathroom door ready for Roger to burst through.

Finally after undressing very slowly one article of clothing at a time she managed to get fully undressed and managed to step into the bathtub under the shower. The hot water felt good. Like she had been doing the last few weeks she pushed the temperature as hot as she could stand without burning her skin.

She wasn't sure if she hadn't lost her mind, because now having gone several days, since running away, without having sex she still felt like she could feel sex fluids washing out from between her legs. She still felt filthy and disgusting. For the next several minutes her mind lost focus on her anxiety and simply focused on washing the filth from her body.

After scrubbing her body very red and even sore, she realized that maybe at the motel it might not run out of hot water which lately had been her clue to end her shower. Finally, after making her body sore and even drawing some blood between her legs she finally decided to stop washing. She turned off the shower overhead and then turned off the water. The moment she turned off the water she heard Joseph's voice call out once again asking if she was okay.

"Yeah...I'll be right there" she replied. She dried her body with the towel thoroughly and then wrapped the towel around herself. Nervously she opened the bathroom door.

While she had been showering, Joseph had more then enough time to get completely dressed, brush his teeth and shave. He looked a bit younger clean shaven.

Most of the time Joseph had looked at and seen Sammi she was either sitting or lying in his truck.

He couldn't help notice her small, petite, feminine body wrapped only in a towel with her long hair still soaking wet. Standing there in her bare feet she was more then a foot shorter then him. With no makeup she looked quite young. But even wrapped in the towel and without a bra he could see plenty of cleavage from her breasts.

Joseph wasn't thinking clearly and it had been quite some time even since his last lot lizard. He was nervous and unsure but wanted to at least try, he walked up directly to Sammi, turned her shoulders gently so her body was facing his. He then very carefully and gently put two fingers under her chin and tilted her face up to face him. He gently slid his hands around her waist on her lower back gently pulled her to him, tilted his head slightly and slowly pushed his lips to hers, kissing her softly.

For a few moments Joseph thoughts was focused inside his own mind. He hadn't kissed a lot lizard, he hadn't wanted to kiss anyone since his wife passed. But something about this girl was different, not the type of woman he met at truck stops, or the type of woman looking for a trucker to pay her bills and take care of her, her kids and her pets while he was on the road.

While his wife, up until the point she got cancer stayed in decent shape, but Joseph hadn't wrapped his arms around a woman with a tiny waist, full breasts and hips since he was a young man himself and that was a long time ago. He wasn't sure he had ever held or kissed a more soft feminine woman in his life.

But his thoughts were interrupted when he realized Sammi was trembling hard as if she were ice cold and shivering. She had opened her mouth to accommodate his kiss and that excited him incredibly. But her body was trembling more then he ever felt another person tremble. Joseph opened his eyes to see Sammi's eyes wide open.

He immediately broke the kiss and gently let go of her but slowly to make sure she didn't fall.

"I'm sorry" Joseph said and immediately stepped further away from Sammi towards the motel room door. He then took the room key out of his pocket, set it on the edge of the desk, said, I'll wait for you in the cafe, whenever you're ready." She stood there frozen in shock. He had no idea but she was waiting, sure she was about to be raped yet she didn't move or try to run away. Instead she just stood there waiting, ready to be used.

With that he turned and walked out of the room pulling the door closed behind him.