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Breaking Chloe in

2022-05-26 00:00:04

“Breaking Chloe in”
Copyright of Dark Matter
Chloe’s eyes welled up with tears as a salami-sized penis slowly pushed inside her vagina. Most 15 year old girls were fast asleep, or fantasizing about kissing their imaginary prince charming. Instead, Chloe was having forced sex with her mother’s boyfriend.

It was only the second time that the 40 year old prison guard had skewered her lamb meat. His physical presence completely dominated the girl. Chloe stood at 4ft 11in, with a girlish pear-shaped figure. The perpetrator was 6ft tall, with tattoos and rugged male features.

Chloe’s muscle tube clamped down on the prison guard’s penis. It was a feeble attempt to prevent the progress inside her belly. The instinctive self defensive mechanism – and the contractions of her vaginal muscles – only added to his pleasure.

A steady stream of tears flowed down Chloe’s cheeks by the time he reached the end of her tunnel. Chloe welcomed a few moments of relief as he paused to compose himself. Her strawberries-and-cream complexion had turned bright red with the stress.

Chloe closed her eyes to minimise what was happening, but was still left with the sounds and smells. A wet squelching noise escaped from between her legs as the older man calmly pumped in and out. Her partner knew that he had to take it easy, as the extra tightness had almost caused him to finish prematurely during their first time.

The small bed squeaked in rhythm with the humping motions of the 220 pound male. The chorus was completed with repeated whimpers and sobs coming from Chloe’s gaping mouth; the sounds of quietly being broken in. Chloe wasn’t allowed to cry out loud during the older man’s visits (he was very keen to stop Chloe’s mother finding out). When her sobbing got a little too loud she was told to ‘SHHHHH!!!” She was forced to stay quiet, despite the severe physical and emotional stress.

The bedroom was also filled with the older man’s odour – alcohol, cigarettes and body odour – along with the natural smells from their sexual coupling.

***Losing Chloe’s virginity***

Chloe’s 15th birthday party was just about perfect. Just close family and friends, and a giant birthday cake. Her mother’s boyfriend had even bought her a new cell phone. It was actually the best birthday present that Chloe received on her 15th birthday.

In the months leading up to the birthday party, some of the playful flirting with her mother’s boyfriend had begun to take a more serious tone. While she had occasionally flirted back, she had not recognised the potential dangers if things escalated.

A few months out from Chloe’s birthday, things took a sinister turn. She was cornered by her mother’s boyfriend in the kitchen, where he made a direct proposition. Chloe was washing up the dishes when he grabbed one of her soft spongy arse cheeks. He told her in a hushed voice that they would have sex when she was “ready for it”.

In the early hours after her birthday party, she was woken by the sound of her mother’s boyfriend entering her bedroom and locking the door. She was trapped. Chloe lay still in her bed, paralysed with fear. Her mother had drunk several glasses of wine (more like 2 bottles) and had passed out, so there was no one to help.

The imposing man stood in the middle of the bedroom, undid his zipper, and pulled his pants and boxer shorts down in one swift motion. The first sight of his bulky cock and balls caused Chloe’s heart to sink, and her stomach churned. A fat pork sausage with a big circumcised head was hanging down from his crotch. She remembered overhearing her mother calling him “Horse” and “Horse Dick” a couple of times. A large meaty sack hung from the hairy base of his cock.

“W…w…what are you doing”, she asked Horse in a shaky voice. Horse raised an index finger to his lips as he approached the bed, “shhhhhhh”. Chloe knew full well what he was doing.

Horse wasted no time. His quick movements took the teen by surprise. Within moments he was leaning over the bed and the blankets were pulled down. Like every other night, Chloe was wearing only a t-shirt and pair of plain cotton panties to bed. Her small pubic mound stared invitingly up at Horse. Horse reached down with both hands and peeled the girl’s underpants from underneath her hips. “No…no…please…no…” was all that Chloe could manage. The protests had no effect and the panties were quickly peeled down her thighs.
It all happened so quickly that there was no time for evasive action or self defence from the startled girl. She had no idea what to do. Mild shock had set in.

When he had said they would have sex when she “was ready”, Chloe imagined they’d have a strange conversation one day, or that they’d talk it over. She’d even rehearsed some lines to politely decline him when the moment came, to tell him that she was “very flattered, but that it wouldn’t be right”. Naively, Chloe had assumed the whole way along that she would at least have the choice, the final say on whether he could have her – a simple NO!

A feeling of relief washed over Horse when he saw soft pubic hair sprouting from Chloe’s cunt. There was a black tuft at the bottom of her lips that was a bit thicker. Among the hair, Horse could easily make out the pair of lips that was waiting for his attention. The hair was proof enough; according to Horse, she was ready for sex.

Chloe just lay still. She experienced a flashback to the scuffles she’d heard from her mother’s bedroom. Horse would come home drunk on a Friday or Saturday night. Sometimes a heated argument broke out. And there were the times she’d heard the sounds of forced sex. Her mother would sometimes cry for an hour or more during the prolonged sessions in the bedroom next door. She remembered how her mother’s bed creaked throughout.

Horse spread the teen girl’s legs open and took up his position to mount Chloe. She begged again for him to stop. “Please no…please, please, please…no-no..Please don’t.” Horse ignored Chloe’s begging again, “SHHHHHHHH!!” In the wink of an eye the big mushroom head was probing the middle of Chloe’s lips. But Chloe was completely dry. Even after several attempts to get Chloe’s body to respond, the small patch of hair did not yield any moisture.

In frustration he stood up and decided to change tack and “switch ends”. He muttered something about Chloe’s tight hole and resigned himself to the possibility that oral sex might have to do. Horse had his young sex student sit on the side of the bed. With his left hand, he introduced the head of his penis to her mouth, while his right hand encouraged her mouth to open for him. She could barely stretch her jaws wide enough to take the helmet of his penis inside her mouth.

Chloe gagged as she inhaled the musky smell coming from his cock and balls. She felt sick when she tasted the male saltiness. Horse enjoyed the hot moist sensation of Chloe’s mouth and tongue. Her inexperienced lips and teeth dragged across the sensitive skin of the mushroom head, adding to his pleasure. For a change, he didn’t mind teeth on his cock. It felt incredible with Chloe’s tongue also rubbing against the sensitive underside of his helmet.

Before long, Horse’s thoughts returned to the sweet little slit that he’d seen. He knew that he had to have it. One way or another, he was going to get inside Chloe.

Horse remembered that a bit of saliva had sometimes helped to lubricate Chloe’s mother. It had especially come in handy during the torrid Friday night sessions. He spat a generous amount of saliva on his fingers and reached down under Chloe’s crotch to get at the small lips between her thighs. He expertly rubbed the saliva up and down between the fleshy folds in the middle of Chloe’s crotch.

Horse continued to rub at Chloe’s pussy with his right hand, while his left hand guided Chloe’s head back and forward on the head of his cock. Before long, Chloe’s mouth had cleaned the all the saltiness away from the head of Horse’s penis. Her mouth filled with a disgusting taste, but she knew to keep sucking and licking.
It took about 5 minutes but Chloe’s cunt finally yielded some moisture. She wasn’t exactly dripping wet, but Horse figured it was enough to get started. His confidence soared. He pulled out of her mouth and made Chloe lie down on the bed.

A second portion of saliva was rubbed onto the head of the pork sausage, before Horse returned to his position between the frightened girl’s legs. He lowered his hips to align the eye of his penis with her opening. Horse moved in for the kill and pressed the head of his penis against the moistened lips. With a little light pressure, the helmet of Horse’s cock nestled snugly between the cunt lips. A first squeal of sexual pain escaped from Chloe’s mouth.

Penetration inside the girl did not come easily. Every few seconds Horse had to subtly change the angle of his hips to edge the head of his swollen cock back and forward. Horse’s technique helped him to slowly make progress inside, about a half inch or so at a time.

Horse felt an extra sweet resistance as he broke through her hymen, and he enjoyed the squeal of pain that came with it. From the perspective of a horny 40 year old male, taking Chloe’s virginity was the most intense pleasure he had ever experienced.

In sharp contrast, the pain for Chloe was excruciating. The friction of the old man rubbing against her flesh was intense. From Chloe’s perspective she felt as if she was being ripped open.

Chloe squirmed underneath Horse’s heavy body. The walls of her vagina burned each time he pushed in and pulled out. Horse’s walnut-sized balls rubbed against the mattress as his hips moved back and forward. In the months to come, the big meat sack hanging from the base of his cock would fill Chloe many times.

Chloe flinched when Horse finally ejaculated. She lay trembling on the bed after her mother’s boyfriend had finished his business. Her introduction to sex was easily the worst event of her short life.

Horse enjoyed a post coital pee while Chloe lay in bed. A musky clam smell rose up from his cock. When he looked down to aim his cock at the toilet bowel, he saw traces of Chloe‘s blood along his pork sausage – it confirmed that he had claimed her virginity. A wave of pride swept over him with the knowledge that he had been the first to have the girl.

After months of fantasizing and planning, he had finally deflowered Chloe – the girl of his sick and twisted dreams. To celebrate, he downed some shots of his best whisky from the liquor cabinet. The whisky he saved for special occasions.


The day to day outlook for the teen girl depended entirely on Horse’s plans each night. Chloe lost nights of sleep and began to slip behind in school work. After almost 4 months, one night Chloe decided to fight back. She shoved at Horse’s heavy body to push him away, and clamped her creamy white thighs together as tight as she could. She cupped one of her hands over her crotch to protect herself and used her other hand to try and keep her panties on.

Horse’s response to Chloe’s resistance was decisive, and brutal – a hard slap to Chloe’s face, and she was promptly dragged by the arm down to the basement. The teenage girl was promptly stripped naked and forced down onto her hands and knees on the spare mattress in the basement.

To muffle Chloe’s sounds, the pair of pink cotton panties she’d been wearing was stuffed in her mouth. The physical domination aroused Horse further. His rough hands grabbed her hips and he immediately impaled her petite body from behind.

The move to the basement had made Chloe’s plight much worse. The girl was soon blubbering and snivelling. From time to time she let out a muffled animal shriek. It turned Horse on to sense the pain that he was inflicting on the teen girl. It was a delicious spice that added flavour to Horse’s favourite dish. Horse liked to use his sexual potence as a weapon against Chloe. The whole process of penetrating Chloe, through to marking his territory inside her, was all part of his domination of the girl. It was not so much the pain itself, but the feeling of absolute control and domination.

Chloe’s body jolted as Horse continued to pummel her from behind. Every so often he gave her a hard smack on her arse cheeks, until there were bright red finger marks all over the spongy white flesh. The fatty flesh wobbled on Chloe’s arse each time his groin smacked into her rump. When Horse slowed down to compose himself for a few seconds, he admired the light brown skin around the rim of her anus; naturally smooth, soft and hairless. Perfect. The thought had crossed his mind to graduate to anal sex, but he knew that her back entrance would be way too small to take him. That would have to wait until Chloe was a bit older.

Once Horse felt that he’d made his point, she was instructed to take her position on her back, in preparation for his climax. A wave of relief swept through Chloe once she realised the worst of it was over. Her body started to release feel-good hormones in the wake of the trauma. Horse slowed his movements inside her belly. The steady pace towards the end of the ordeal was almost sensual compared to what had come before.

Horse’s climax didn’t take long to arrive. The panties were first removed from Chloe’s mouth so that Horse could hear her all of her noises while he came. Her breathing became ragged and she let out howls of discomfort as Horse helped himself to another intense orgasm. After he pulled out of her sticky hole, Chloe noticed small spots of her blood on his shaft and on the big purple head of his penis. Small tears had developed along her vaginal walls. The bruising from the sexual onslaught would hurt for 2 or 3 days afterwards.

The night in the basement changed things. It changed Chloe. She came dangerously close to slipping into a downward spiral. Fortunately her survival instincts kicked in. She later came to the conclusion that there was nothing she could do to change the situation. The brutal lesson in the basement ensured she would never resist the bedroom duties again. As Horse had put it, Chloe belonged to him; and he would have her whenever he wanted. She dutifully provided access to her body whenever Horse wanted or needed.

*** In heat***

Once Chloe had conceded her fate, she did her best to console herself and get through the rigours of her new life. It’s fair to say that Horse’s actions changed most aspects of Chloe’s life.

The teenage girl gave up on the dreams of meeting a guy, especially after Horse convinced her mother that Chloe was “far too young to date”. Horse was determined to keep Chloe to himself.

After several months of servicing Horse’s needs, Chloe’s perspectives on love, sex, and relationships, changed completely. The situation with Horse was her only benchmark when it came to the opposite sex, and the frequent intercourse with the older man was the only thing she knew. Chloe was virtually brainwashed into feeling a sense of normality about her circumstances. In the end, she resigned herself to the sexual arrangements with Horse. Ironically, despite losing most of her faith in the opposite sex, Chloe’s relations with Horse became a case of “better the devil you know”. And on the rare occasions she wanted sex, she didn’t have to wait long for Horse to provide it.

When Chloe finally spilled the beans about her “older guy” to her circle of girlfriends, she was met with complete disbelief. But her graphic – and somewhat detailed – explanation of some of her experiences convinced everyone. The group of girls was split on whether Chloe’s stories about unprotected sex were “gross” or “hot”; her stories about receiving Horse’s sticky cream pies were met with gasps and giggles. Chloe enjoyed the tiny taste of notoriety.

Horse even bought Chloe a brand new bed (to stop the midnight squeaking). Chloe’s mother was incredibly grateful for his generosity – maybe he was even father material! Although, Chloe’s mother was perplexed by all of the yellow and brownish stains on the old mattress (she had no idea that most of them were cum stains, along with a few blood stains). The new bed was an oversized king single with a top of the range mattress. Very expensive. But Chloe wasn’t fooled; she knew it was just another tool to facilitate the dirty old man’s secret visits to her bedroom. When Chloe’s mother wasn’t looking, she sarcastically poked her tongue at Horse. He smiled wryly. The beautiful white bed was duly christened later that night.

Chloe was still very confused about what the situation meant for her in the longer term. She had always been incredibly insecure about her prospects after high school. There were no plans to go on to college or university. Study wasn’t exactly Chloe’s strong point. In fact, there were no plans at all beyond high school. Chloe figured she might pick up a retail job. But even then, she knew that a decent job could be hard to come by. She had her pretty looks, and that was about it.

Chloe still day dreamed occasionally that she might find someone special to take care of her, if Horse ever decided to move on. But if things didn’t work out well, Chloe figured that she’d have to stay on and live with Horse and her mother. In the worst case scenario, she knew that Horse could be the meal ticket for both Chloe and her mother. So she tried to treat Horse well when she could.

Despite having intercourse 2 or 3 times a week – sometimes more – the teen girl miraculously avoided falling pregnant. They had never once used a condom. Horse had forbidden any form of contraception. Their emotions with each menstrual cycle couldn’t have been further apart. Incredible relief swept through Chloe when she started to bleed each month. Increasingly, she had become stressed about the likelihood of falling pregnant. However, it was an insult to Horse’s manhood. Why hadn’t she fallen pregnant? Again?! He wondered if she was taking the pill, even though he had instructed her not to.

But nature is never to be underestimated. One Saturday morning, about 6 months after Chloe lost her virginity, her mother made one of her big family breakfasts. Chloe was still feeling hazy from a long sleep. She felt a bit funny in her tummy, and a bit funny “down there”. A quick check with a hand mirror before breakfast revealed the clear sticky stuff that sometimes appeared there.

The feeling of the stickiness distracted the teen girl at the breakfast table. Not knowing what it was. She didn’t understand why it happened. Chloe didn’t even want Horse’s advances most of the time, so why was she so wet sometimes? And without any reason!? It made her feel dirty and a little horny all at the same time.

After lunch, Chloe’s mother slipped into avoidance mode and disappeared to do the weekly food shopping. Things had been a bit awkward around the house and her mother didn’t know why; or what to do. That left Chloe all alone with Horse. It had been almost a week since he’d had enjoyed her lamb meat. She started to wonder – hope – that he might have even lost interest. She was snapped out of her day dreaming when an order was barked at her from the bathroom, “Chloe, come in here”. Clearly, he hadn’t lost interest.

Minutes later, Chloe lay still on a big white towel on the bathroom floor. Horse spread shaving cream over the patches of prickly regrowth around Chloe’s pubic area. He started by shaving the sparse stubble above her lips, before shaving Chloe’s bikini line. Next, he slowly shaved inwards towards her vulva. He took care and used deft little strokes as he shaved the full length of her lips.

Chloe’s outer lips were surprisingly generous and plump, and her hips were also starting to fill out nicely with puberty. She looked very inviting. Her inner labia were neatly tucked away inside her cunt, out of sight. The fat outer lips were neatly folded together and looked like a delicious butterfly cupcake, ready to be piped with cream. In fact, Chloe even preferred the shaved look to the yucky black hairs. And it also happened to feel good when her underpants rubbed against the bare skin.

Despite the best efforts to ignore all the attention being given to her pubic mound, extra blood had started flowing to the area. All of the touching and rubbing during shaving had worked to sensitize Chloe’s genitals. Chloe sensed that her private parts were responding to the attention (without her permission).

Her pussy tingled as Horse paused to inspect the fleshy rose bud a little closer. A tiny glint of moisture had caught his attention as he wiped away some spots of shaving cream with a towel. The full extent of the moisture was revealed once the chubby outer lips were spread a little.

Horse’s index finger dabbed at the little hole at the centre of Chloe’s inner flaps. Chloe’s genitals tingled even more. When Horse pulled his finger away from the little hole, it produced a sticky spider web. The syrup oozing from between her freshly shaved lips was tacky and clear. Horse’s penis began to stir straight away. Immediately, he guessed that it could be Chloe’s fertile time.

“Sugar tits, I think you’re in heat...” Horse announced. Chloe looked blankly up at him. He went on to explain, “…you know, your body is getting ready to make a baby.” A rush of adrenaline surged through Chloe when she heard Horse’s discovery. Despite her own ignorance, Horse had been able to see straight through her to the most intimate secrets.

Horse’s penis sprang up as he undid his pants. He leaned down and brushed the hair away from Chloe’s face. His other hand was already stroking his cock in preparation for Chloe, “time for some baby-making sweetie.” Chloe blushed. She knew that he meant it. A few weeks earlier she had experienced an anxiety attack about falling pregnant. “What happens if I get pregnant?” she had asked in a trembling voice. Horse’s reply came with a wry smile, “well you’ll be pushing my baby out in 9 months”. He waited a minute before adding, “We’ll get a place together and start a family”.

It was hard for the 15 year old girl to process the fact that Horse wanted her to produce a baby. Chloe read everything she could find on the internet, from conception to child birth. She became obsessed with knowing everything about pregnancy. She needed to know, in case she fell pregnant. The teen girl’s research did nothing to help her fears about child birth itself. But the pictures of big bellies, and babies developing inside the womb, only added to Chloe’s curiosity about the whole process. She even researched teen pregnancy. Chloe was fascinated by the pictures of teen girls with big bellies, and swollen tits filled with milk. Many of the pregnant teens also happened to be taking a big cock in their pussy or their mouth – or both.

Talking about Chloe’s fertility had also gotten under Horse’s skin. He had transformed from disciplinarian to stud breeder. Horse’s focus had shifted to the prize inside Chloe’s belly by the time the teen was lying on the big towel on the bathroom floor. While Horse saw Chloe as a sex object – his sexual property – he had also started to see something else in the girl: a clean healthy young woman to potentially carry a baby when the time was right. At 40 years of age, he knew there might not be many more chances after Chloe (it was already too late for Chloe’s mother). Twisted as it was, it felt right for him.

He lowered his hips to position his cock at her belly opening. Seconds later the eye of his naked penis was dabbing at the tiny hole where his finger had just been. There was never any question that Horse would suddenly stop to roll a condom on while Chloe was fertile. The head of his cock was quickly covered with natural lubricant and cervical mucus. He probed some more at the moisture. A few seconds later he burrowed into Chloe’s moist flesh. The penetration was slow and sensuous. It was the smoothest and easiest sexual penetration that they had experienced together.

Chloe gasped. She couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling as the rim of horse’s helmet glided inside her muscular tunnel. The gentle penetration by the older came as a complete surprise, after all the rough treatment she had received. The sudden generosity and kindness made Chloe feel that she wasn’t just a piece of meat. Those few precious moments of tenderness made her feel that her body was wanted and valued.

Chloe’s body was awash with hormones. After being fucked on the bathroom floor for about 10 minutes, the mixture of hormones and emotions were brought to head. She began to let go, resigned to the reality of what was happening. On top of meeting Horse’s needs, the hormones rushing around Chloe’s fertile body were driving her own primal urges. The events of the past 24 hours had stirred something. It was undeniable. It was unstoppable. It was the primal instinct that hungered for Horse’s sperm, to fertilise her egg.

Horse looked down at his pubescent girl with a knowing grin, sensing that she was responding well to him physically. He stared down at the gentle curves of her hips and the fresh young cunt that he was ploughing. Chloe’s narrow vagina widened and lengthened to accommodate him. A drizzle of cervical mucus leaked out of her cunt and ran down her arse crack. The clear sticky fluid would later assist Horse’s sperm to swim their long journey into her belly.

Delicious sighs of pleasure and pain gently bubbled out of Chloe’s sweet mouth. Even the twinges of pain were laced with a new sensation – carnal pleasure. Chloe suddenly felt that some of the pain was worth it. For the first time, she took pleasure in Horse’s bitter-sweet gift of pain.

A couple of minutes later, Horse angled himself deeper inside, to get better access to the tissue around Chloe’s cervix. With a few expert strokes in the right spot, Horse delivered several parcels of his sperm to the tiny opening in Chloe’s belly. Horse was paralysed by a powerful orgasm. His scrotum rested heavily against Chloe’s anus as he shoved the full length of his cock all the way inside as he finished ejaculating. Chloe cooed as she felt the spurts of hot fluid enter her body.

Horse lay on top of Chloe for a while as his cock continued to twitch inside her cunt. When the last bits of his orgasm had faded away, he kissed her on the cheek, “good girl…you did really well today sweetie”.

Afterwards, Chloe stood up and used a hand towel to wipe away the excess semen from her vulva. She was tidying her hair in the bathroom mirror when Horse returned to wash his hands. He rewarded Chloe with another kiss on the cheek, “that was fantastic baby”. Chloe knew that she had pleased Horse. She could tell by the generous quantity of sperm that she was carrying. She smiled back at him quietly, knowing that her innermost needs had also been met.

***Horse takes a wife***

After the sex on the bathroom floor, Chloe felt strangely contented about what had happened. She concluded that baby making was much better than normal-every- day-sex. The sex in the bathroom had been completely different. It was gentle and attentive, and completely different from the usual rough and rushed style of sex she was used to.

She lay awake for a couple of hours that night wondering what might be happening inside her body. Chloe eventually drifted off to sleep, after finally accepting she might fall pregnant.

Chloe’s mother left early the next morning to go shopping over in the neighbouring town. Chloe’s mother said she wouldn’t be back until at least lunchtime. Her boyfriend had the House – and her daughter – all to himself for a whole morning.

A short time later, Horse heard the toilet flush after Chloe took an early morning pee. He knew that Chloe was up, so he called her into the master bedroom. “Sugar tits…?” Chloe didn’t hear him over the noise of the toilet refilling with water. He tried to summon her again, “CHLOE….?!”

Seconds later she opened the door to the master bedroom. “Babe, can you get me some coffee?” The girl nodded her sleepy head. She paused for a second and then asked Horse if he wanted any breakfast. He nodded. Horse was hungry, so he decided to wait and fertilise the girl’s belly again after he ate breakfast.
Chloe returned a few minutes later with two cups of steaming hot coffee and raisin toast with lots of butter, just the way he liked it. “Hop into bed with me sugar tits”. Horse downed his breakfast as the teenage girl sat quietly beside him in bed. He handed Chloe the TV remote and invited her to watch something if she wanted. A top 20 music show was on. Teen girls dressed in skimpy underwear danced across the TV screen. Horse mused that he already had a teen girl that was wearing skimpy underwear.

Horse watched as Chloe cleared away the dishes. She felt his eyes on her body as she left with the dishes. Horse watched the gentle wiggle of Chloe’s hips as she walked out of the bedroom. He loved the way her underpants were riding up her arse. Horse’s cock started to stir.

Chloe washed up in the kitchen, still dressed in her t-shirt and panties. She paused for a few seconds when she was done. She was confused about whether she was supposed to return to the master bedroom. She had never spent any time with Horse in the adults’ bedroom.

Chloe went back upstairs and stuck her head around the bedroom door. She asked her old man whether he needed anything else. Horse didn’t hesitate, “yes…how about you pull those panties down and get back into bed with me, sugar”. Chloe obliged. Despite some soreness in her pussy from the day before, Chloe sensed she was still fertile, and her body was keen to be penetrated again. Horse stared at Chloe’s pubic area as her hips wiggled back to the bed.

Horse turned the TV off and laid Chloe out in the big bed. He lifted up her t-shirt so he could watch her breasts during sex. “Breasts” is probably too strong a word for the pointy little mounds of raised flesh on Chloe’s chest. Her tits were the shape of two tiny cones, topped with delicious brown candy nipples. Chloe’s often felt embarrassed by her breasts. Her sugar tits were so small that they barely wobbled during sex, and she hadn’t even graduated from training bras.

Horse’s fingers rubbed at the sticky slot between her legs. “I’m gonna try making a baby inside you again”. Chloe wasn’t able to respond in a coherent way while her clitoris was being massaged. The budding girl was still intoxicated with hormones, so she was more than willing to accommodate Horse’s needs. More importantly, she wanted Horse to attend to her needs.

Horse parted Chloe’s thighs and took up his position. Her reproductive canal was still extremely moist and Horse’s cock got inside the pubescent girl without any difficulty. Chloe’s face flushed bright red as his penis penetrated deep inside her tummy. It didn’t take long for Horse to settle into a familiar rhythm with his girl.
Chloe listened obediently as her old man talked about getting her pregnant. She felt slightly squeamish at the thought she was about to fall pregnant to Horse. In short, the 15 year old girl was drowning in the sensations of breeding with the older man.

Chloe’s legs opened further, instinctively maximizing Horse’s access to her reproductive organs. She was amazed at how good it suddenly felt to have her old man working away inside her belly. She loved the fact that he was riding her bareback, and would soon squirt inside her tummy.

The baby making session went for almost 45 minutes before the familiar itch began to well up inside Horse. As he raised his tempo to climax, the bed springs started to make a crunching and grinding sound. He groaned contentedly as he started to ejaculate inside his fertile babe again. Chloe felt generous portions of thick warm semen being delivered to her again.

Half way through Horse’s orgasm, the ragged thrusting from Horse’s penis rubbed against Chloe’s g-spot, which produced involuntary contractions from Chloe. The beginnings of a delicious orgasm rippled all the way through her vagina. As Horse fertilised Chloe’s birth canal, he set off the first orgasm of Chloe’s life; she was amazed at the way it washed over her in powerful waves.

Afterwards, Horse continued to move his softening cock back and forward inside his girl, to drag out the last bits of both of their orgasms. He rewarded Chloe with praise as he pulled out, “good girl”.
Chloe closed her eyes. She knew that it was a defining moment in her life: her body was busy making preparations to produce a baby.

Later that afternoon, both of them wondered if this would be the time that Chloe actually fell pregnant. It was hard for the teen to think about anything else, as Horse’s semen dribbled into the crotch of her underpants throughout the afternoon.

Neither of them realised how far the process had already gone. By the time Chloe’s belly swallowed the full length of Horse’s breakfast sausage first thing that morning, the strongest sperm from the day before had already made the journey to Chloe’s fallopian tubes. The fertilised egg was already travelling down into Chloe’s waiting uterus.

By the time Chloe drifted off to sleep that night, the first speck of Horse’s baby had safely attached itself to the wall of her womb.

***The End***