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Cat Fight 9 Doctor

2022-05-11 00:00:04

Specton - 2 1/2 minutes
Toton - 2 1/2 hours
Minton - 2 1/2 days
Daycon - 2 1/2 weeks
Quant - 2 1/2 years
Galant - 2 1/2 centuries
Metson - 2 1/2 inches
Heckson - 2 1/2 miles
Tetson - 2 1/2 acres

Bill Axor (AKA Ambrose) - Lion clan,
King elect King Tomco Traxor - Bill's dead father
King Tobias Traxor - Bill's dead brother
Queen Niaco Traxor - Tiger clan, Tobias mate, now Bill's
Twitty Glax - Grey Tabby clan, bill's body guard and mate
Glenna Nox - Bengal clan, Bill's body guard and mate
Mikos Glac - Chartreux clan
Commander of star cruiser - Wire hair clan
Henna Glac - Chartreux clan, Mikos mate
Theta Panadon - Cheetah clan
Cornelius Glax - one of Bill's Uncles, Grey Tabby clan  
Conrad Nox - Bill's other Uncle Bengal clan
Assassin group - Jaguar clan
second assassin group - Ocicat clan
Mileen - Lynx clan Thomas's mate

General Roth - Leopard clan
Gregor - Cougar clan
Gwayne - Panther clan
Thomas - Lynx clan

Conrad Nox was finally calmer after his call to the Ocicat clan, he felt sure that bastard nephew would be dead soon. A commotion behind him drew his attention as several of his personal guard brought in two young males. Ah he thought, tonight's entertainment was here! Nodding to them the guards stripped both the males.
"You both are tonight's fun time and entertainment." Conrad said as he started to strip.
Leaving the two young males the guards made a hasty retreat from the room. No less than twenty minutes later all the guards cringed when the screams started. It was possibly after half an hour had passed that the doors slowly opened.
"Please remove these," here Conrad was looking down his nose with disgust. Again the guards cringed when they entered the room. There was blood all over the nearest wall, with both males slumped against it. Neither were breathing both covered in blood. "Ah! That was refreshing." Stopping the leader of guards Conrad stated, "have my hunter come up after this mess is cleaned. I will be needing more for tomorrow night." Thinking a moment he nodded if things went as he thought they might, he may need more! It would indeed be a night to celebrate!
Even as the guards were taking the bodies out, the guard leader was calling the cleaning crew to Conrad's quarters. Sighing he'd seen this far too often, though it sickened him there wasn't that much he could do. As long as the noble held all of their lives in his grasp they were powerless to do anything, for now.
Two females came in a specton later immediately starting to remove the blood. Both were dressed as plain as they could, making as few motions with their hips and legs as they could. They had heard the stories of the noble becoming enraged and ripping their predecessors to shreds. Both were trying their best to remain as unnoticeable as possible.
Conrad was feeling satisfied as he watched the ugly cleaning crew go to work. Strange he thought the crews were getting uglier and uglier. Sighing he missed when he could freely kill who he wanted, now with his bastard nephew it wasn't possible. Well not as openly possible, he still had his recourses though those were starting to dry up.
Slapping his paw on the table, a sudden thought came to his mind. He still had quite a few contacts on the outer worlds. With all the talk they were doing about breaking away it should be easy. Rushing to the bathing room he removed all the blood from his body, and then headed to his communications room. Yes! A few from the outer most planets that his bastard nephew's mother had been from. That would make him far more happy than the weaklings he was getting from around here.  
Theta Panadon was dreaming the world had gone crazy. She had advanced in rank from a mere private to a Sergeant First Class. All she had done was work and do her job. It was her duty to protect royalty and the realm. After working for almost four days straight with only a few hours of sleep the first day, she finally felt central was secure.
Clawing her way up towards the light she had to escape this craziness she was dreaming. Then there was the fact that Colonel Mikos had claimed her, right after the king elect had promoted her again! This time she was the lowest officer there was but she was an officer! Clawing harder she had to escape this madness, things didn't happen like this in real life. It was an absolute nightmare!
Mikos watched as Theta was struggling in her dream looking over he saw that her mother had arrived. After she bowed to Bill talking to him and Queen Niaco. Bowing Mikos pulled her aside when she finished, "Mistress Panadon, I am Colonel Mikos Glac. Your daughter has been pushing herself as have we all. She pushed far harder than almost all of us though. I have made a claim on her after the king elect made her an officer."
The older Cheetah clan female turned to stare at Mikos with a disdain for a moment. Then she looked to his collar seeing the bird image there that signified his rank as a full colonel.
"Colonel," she said with a sigh. "You are of position. I don't think my mate would disagree that hard. Theta is past twenty five summers, we can advise her only. This is a decision she will have to make. Your acceptance into our clan will depend upon a great many things. I assume you have spoken to your first mate of this?" When Mikos didn't answer she nodded. "I had thought so, spur of the moment." Watching as a female Chartreux clan entered the room, the older Cheetah clan female whispered, "I think it is now or never let me see how you handle this, then we will talk again."
Henna Glac was worried when she got the summons no one had said anything. As she entered the central command room she saw her mate talking to an older Cheetah clan. Why was her mate talking to an obviously high ranking Cheetah clan female? Looking around the room she saw Bill Axor the King elect! Immediately she bowed low to him.
Embarrassed a moment Bill lifted the female off the floor. "I take it you are Henna Glac?" When she couldn't get the words out of her mouth Bill smiled putting her at ease. "I apologize for having you brought here this way. I was under the impression you were a doctor?" When she only nodded again Bill pointed to the Cheetah clan female on the floor. "You have a patient, one I think you should get to know as soon as possible."
Henna Glac could only stare at Bill then at her mate Mikos. Walking up to him she whispered, "what have you done mate? Why are they all staring at us?"
Whispering back Mikos told her, "I was promoted to full Colonel today. I claimed her as my second mate. Though I may have to go through quite a lot before it can happen IF she accepts me."
Henna looked at her mate a moment then a sliver of anger crept to her face. "If she doesn't then I will believe that the Cheetah clan has lost their minds! You are the best mate I could ask for! Let me at that old dried up Cheetah clan female! I will defeat her easily in combat!" Henna hissed as she eyed the Cheetah clan matriarch. The older woman nodded to the both of them with a smile. 
"Very good Colonel, you have my blessing, though I think my daughter may prove far more difficult! Good luck Colonel either way take care of her and your people." Bowing to Bill then Roth when she saw the rank of General and Knight on his collar. Checking her daughter she bowed again then left.
Mikos watched as his mate moved to Theta, and then walked to where Bill and Roth were. Bill and Roth both had wide smiles as he approached. "I take it that she was more accepting as soon as your mate threatened to take her on in combat." Bill told Mikos.
Mikos was nodding keeping an eye on his mate as she started to treat Theta. It was perhaps another ten minutes before Theta's eyes flickered open as she rubbed her neck. Looking up she saw the doctor that was treating her. A Chartreux clan doctor? That must be Henna Glac she was one of the best on the planet she was... Her mouth dropped open as she looked past Henna at Mikos as he was studying both of them.
Henna Glac? Mikos Glac? Laying her head back down she could only shake it, what in the world was going on? Then she looked again and saw the king elect even as she tried to get off the floor the doctor was holding her down.
"I didn't say you could move did I?" The authoritative voice said to her. Stiffening Theta shook her head no and laid still. "I wish to talk to you before I release you. I know that my mate claimed you. Your mother has already been here giving her blessing. I would still like to take her on in combat." Henna sighed then continued. "I guess it isn't allowed. I know you haven't had a chance to answer my mate, so I advise you think before you
do. I am not above taking you on in combat either! Remember!" This last was whispered with a smile as Henna withdrew telling them Theta needed rest.
"Thank you mate, I will see you soon." Mikos told her, and then his eyes opened when she shook her head no.
"I am afraid that I must order you, you and especially you to retire." Henna said the authority rising in her voice as she pointed at Roth, then Bill and finally Mikos. I will not be blamed for a first knight, the king elect and my mate dying on my watch!"
There was a giggling behind them as all three of Bill's mates had just entered the room. "Finally!" Twitty shouted. "Someone who can actually MAKE you rest!" There was further giggling then Henna's eyes narrowed as she stared at all three of the females.
"I fail to see what is so funny! I suggest all three of you join the king elect! I can see the amount of exhaustion on your faces. Now go to bed before I have to have troops escort all seven of you to the nearest beds!" Henna ordered. Looking at her mate she said, "I expect you home in ten spectons or I WILL order troops after you, all of you!"
All seven of them looked at each other then Bill as he just shrugged, "she's as tough as all of my knight’s mates. Again I wonder if I made the wrong people knights!"
Henna put her paws on her hips as she growled, "you have half a specton before I start calling the troops!" Pointing toward the door she growled again at the seven startled faces in the room.
"Alright we're going geez!" Bill grumbled as he and the others exited the room. I think we should..." Bill started, and then his eyes were wide in shock as Mikos shook his head no.
"I'm sorry sir, she was deadly serious! She takes her duty as a doctor very serious." Looking back Mikos started to nod. It was as he thought. "She's following us to make sure we follow her instructions." Mikos put a paw on Bill's arm shaking his head again no. "You wouldn't get far, believe me."
Bill sighed, well guess he'd have to get used to it. Scratching his head a moment he seemed to remember another doctor who did the same thing to his father. As he remembered his father had protested and was unconscious moments later. Yeah, these doctors were sneaky asses that was for sure.
As soon as they all made it to the outside several troops left with them as they headed in four directions. Roth was the first she got a report on nodding she left instructions. Then the king elect and his mates were in the palace all four taking to different beds. Smiling she thought that wouldn't last long. Tapping a foot, she then headed toward her home receiving word that Theta then her mate were in their homes yawning she thought sleep was a good idea.
Theta's mother looked up at her when she walked in. "Hello my dear. I take it you wish to talk?" The older matriarch of the Cheetah clan stated. Then did a double take when several soldiers stood at the door. 
"I would mother though the doctor has ordered all of us to bed. Apparently all seven of us are exhausted. This is one time that I saw that the king elect couldn't argue, so I decided not to either." Theta told her mother.
"Yes, you were always smarter than most. Alright my dear, I'll see you in a few hours." Nodding to her daughter she saw that the soldiers had also relaxed some. "I take it you will remain there 'til she has adequate rest?"
The leader of the soldiers only nodded yes then closed the door. A blithe smile on her face the older woman went about her business.

Bill had been asleep for a few hours when he jerked awake. Looking about the room he didn't see anything wrong though from what he was feeling he knew different. Trying not to move he panned his eyes across the room, it felt as if someone was here.
Going across a darkened corner again he thought he could see the outline of someone there. Looking around he didn't see the guards that had been on the door. Suddenly the darkened figure flew from the shadows toward him. Waiting as long as he could Bill was on the far side of the bed in an instant. Springing back he took his attacker with him to the floor.
Grasping the arms of his attacker with an almost blinding speed, he twisted hard to stop them. An almost inhuman scream came to his ears when they struggled further. Then the hissing and growling started.
"Release me you bastard! You, the false King of the realm! Release me that I may die while I kill you!" The voice spewed as the attacker continued to struggle. Wrenching an arm loose Bill's attacker slashed across his arm barely missing.
Roaring now pissed, Bill backhanded the attacker across the room into the nearest wall. Springing back at him Bill drew his sword slashing as his attacker closed the distance. "I suggest you stop before I kill you!" Bill growled.
"I am dead no matter what; I intend to take your worthless carcass with me to the next realm!" Slashing out Bill's attacker almost got his arm again. Blocking the downward thrust Bill lunged forward driving the attacker back.
Looking closer Bill finally saw that this was one of the Ocicat clan. Damn it! These were far tougher than the other clan. He wasn't in the mood to kill an assassin clan member starting a possible war. That plus unlike the first assassin clan these wouldn't stop 'til they were unconscious or dead. Truly Bill preferred the first choice rather than the second.
"I think you are going to be disappointed. I am far harder to kill than you think. Just ask the Jaguar clan!" Bill said stalling a moment.
"Jaguar clan!? Bah! Amateurs! They will never be at the level we are!" Bill's attacker spit.
"I was right! You are Ocicat clan!" Bill said.
"Enjoy that knowledge! You will be dead in a few moments!" Bill's attacker said as they lunged forward with an unexpected strength. Bill's eyes went wide when they almost tore the sword from his hands!
There was the sound of running clawed paws in the hallway approaching. With a mild curse Bill's attacker swung then shot a dart at him that barely scratched his arm. Crashing through the window the attacker vanished.
Dropping to the floor Bill took out his knife and cut his arm then tied a piece of cloth around his arm near to his shoulder. Even as he listen there was the sounds of fighting, then a few yells then nothing. All three of his mates entered the room with their swords drawn.
"MATE!" Niaco yelled as she took out her com. "I need the doctor here now! The king elect needs attending. I don't care get her here!"
Within moments the doctor appeared even as Bill started to have trouble breathing. Damn it! His attacker had barely nicked him. Dropping his sword he tried to smile as he saw that there was blood on it. 
Henna Glac almost went white when she saw that the king elect was having trouble breathing. That and the fact that he was becoming paler as she watched. Reaching into her bag she withdrew a vial along with a syringe.
"You have been poisoned, though you didn't get much you got enough." Looking up at her mate and Roth she stated. "Hold him down get more men; this is going to hurt like hell before it starts to help!"
Roth nodded as another twenty males entered the room. All of them started to pile on Bill right before Henna gave him the injection.
Backing away she look at her time piece praying that she had made it in time. A specton later Bill's eyes got huge as the medicine she'd injected started to make his body warm, then hot. Then the pain started in, it was far worse than he thought it would be. It was like every half metson of his body was on fire. Then all of those get even hotter. At one point Bill thought he was going to pass out though the pain only climbed higher when he did.
All the men that had piled on were almost flung off by the sheer amount of strength Bill had. As strong as they were Roth and Mikos were having an extremely hard time keeping down.
Looking at her time piece Henna started to nod good it had been 10 spectons, only two more he should be out of danger.
"Two more spectons hold him! If he gets loose he will die! The medication only works when they are in a prone position!" Henna shouted to get above the shouts, grunts, hissing and growling that was coming from all those involved.
Finally two spectons later Bill let out a growling grunt then was out of it. Henna leaned down checking Bill then smiled. "He should be fine now. Though this is about the only remedy, I am glad we made it in time."
Arising she started to treat all the troops that were there. Most were bruised, cut, with a few that were actually bleeding where Bill had thrown them against the wall. Finally she could tend to her mate and Roth, Mikos wasn't badly injured or so she thought 'til she saw that one of his arms was at an odd angle. Shaking her head she drew another vial and another syringe. As quickly as she could she injected Mikos then moved to Roth.
Roth saw her moving his way; he'd also seen the green liquid she'd given her mate. The same that she was moving toward him with. Holding up his hand he shook his head. "With him out and," here he watched as Mikos slid to the floor an angry look on his face for his mate. "With you mate out one of us has to be awake, so please dispense with the sleep."
Henna nodded and withdrew another vial injecting him from it. "I know that you had medical training Sir Roth. His mates are here, sleep." Roth's eyes went wide as he felt the medication. Watching as both Twitty and Glenna entered the room.
"Just like the King elect said, all of you are sneaky asses!" With that Roth sank into sleep.
Henna smiled, "only a little Sir Roth, only a little. With patients as stubborn as you three, we have to be."