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Impossible Desires

2022-07-01 00:00:03

I awoke on the God-forsaken day of the fourteenth February, twenty minutes late. Trying to find the source of the error, I looked at my alarm clock to see "12:00" flashing on and off. There must have been a power serge in the middle of the night. But I had no time to ponder why my alarm clock had malfunctioned as I had less than five minutes before the school bus would come to my stop. I stormed out the door in clothes that seemed clean on floor, and then I ran out my door to the bus stop. Luckily, I barley made it to the stop in time. I managed to find an empty seat towards the back of the bus. It was then that I realized that I forgot my backpack, and my lunch in my haste. I was only awake for ten minutes, and I knew it was going to be a terrible day.
After I was done sulking over forgetting all my homework and food, I decided to take a look around to see exactly who I was sitting near. Normally I sit in the front of the bus where it was pretty much just freshmen and sophomores, they usually didn't say anything to me which was okay because I'm a shy person myself. I usually just sat in my seat with my eyes closed trying to to listen in on the latest gossip, mostly because I didn't know most of the people they were talking about. I only knew some of the sophomores on the bus because they were in my class, I knew none of them personally though. But even though I didn't know these people, it didn't stop me from secretly checking out the girls around me. Looking at the the underclassmen wasn't any fun though because, for the most part, they were all average looking and dressed strictly according to the dress code (shorts and skirts at arms length, tops had to cover the entire stomach, there was a rule about how much cleavage could be shown but I'm not sure about the specifics.) However, I was sitting around the back of the bus, this is where all the juniors and senors sat. It only took about thirty seconds to find her.
Sitting on the other isle and a seat behind mine I could see a sexy teenage girl behind me. She had long black hair, and green eyes, her face had a light covering of freckles. Although she was sitting down I could tell she was about 5'10'', petite build, smallish breasts about a B cup, with a very full ass. This alone wouldn't normally be enough to keep me staring for more than a minute, but she was wearing a loose-fitting miniskirt that probably didn't even come down to mid-thigh, and it was easy to tell she wasn't wearing any underwear either because I was looking at her petite, beautiful, shaved vagina. This image alone gave me a hard-on. So I sat on my seat in the bus, trying my hardest not to get caught staring at her beautiful pussy. Then somehow I began to get lost in a fantasy.
I imagined getting off the bus, where she walked up to me and said, "Did you enjoy the show?" and before I had a chance she would grab my hand and start leading me through the school, giggling the whole way. Then, we would come to a door that I had never seen before. She would open it and inside would be an empty classroom. With white walls a large desk in the front of the room, (which would have been a teacher's desk had the room been in use, which was obvious it wasn't) and a few crummy desks lined up in rows. She would lead me to the big desk and tell me to sit against it. She would do a slow, but seductive strip tease. By this point my dick would be pressing against my pants so hard it felt like my pants could no longer contain it. Once naked, she would drop to her knees and slowly unzip my pants. Her face so close to my, now super-hard, cock That I could feel her breath. She would begin teasing my dick as she slowly circled the tip of my head with her tongue. Then after a while of that she would begin to take in my dick, at first only teasing it be only taking in a small portion before retreating back to the head. Each time she would suck a little more, until she decided to slowly take in my entire cock. Once she reached the base she would look up at me and say:
"Got a nice view, pervert?!"
I was jolted out of my fantasy when it finally registered that she was talking to me. Had I been staring at her pussy the entire time?
"S-Sorry" was all I could choke up. I could feel my face getting red as I snapped my head the other way.The bus got extremely quiet ,and by this time I could feel everyone's eyes on me as I slunk down in my seat wishing I could just disappear.
Throughout the day I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened on the bus, I wouldn't say that I was over it but I wasn't thinking about her catching me look, but I was entranced by the vivid fantasy I had. For 30 minutes I sat alone at lunch with no food so I sat there and replayed that fantasy in my head over and over. But suddenly I was noticing subtle changes in the fantasy. At first it was little things like changes in my clothing, but the more I thought about it the more aware I was that in this fantasy I was slowly becoming more and more like her, and she was starting to look more and more like me, until finally I was the one guiding a boy around the school, I was the one giggling, I was the one stripping, and I was the one on my knees.
At first, I was scared of this fantasy. I would push it away and try not to think about it. But it kept crawling back into my head like a stray dog. Soon I just embraced the my fantasy, it was all I could think about for the next few weeks. But to me, it didn't seem gay, it was still girl on guy right? Only in this fantasy I was the girl. Had it been a gay fantasy it would have been me with another dude, right?
Soon I became obsessed with the thought of becoming a woman. It became a nightly ritual to masturbate to some fantasy where I was a woman. But it wasn't always me as a woman with another man. Often It was me and another beautiful lady, or it was just me rubbing my clit, or my playing with a vibrator.
It was exactly a year since my incident on the bus. Although, not much has changed I was still socially awkward, I was still a virgin, I still had only a few friends, and I still fantasied about being a woman. I had come to find out that that girl I saw on the bus was a senior last year so she wouldn't be sitting on my bus anymore. Which was a relief because I was so embarrassed about what had happened that I always sat as far away as I could from her, and avoided eye-contact at all costs.
I was a junior now, so I could freely sit in the back of the bus and, extremely carefully, checked out the girls who's turn it is to develop tits and dress slutty.
One day, while on the bus home from school I decided to get off early in order to pick up some food before I got home, I knew my parents weren't going to be home until late. They, both had to stay late at work that day so I had to fend for myself as far as dinner went. I managed to find a some dive restaurant on my stroll through town. Although it must have been new because I'd never seen it. As I approached the door I felt a strange feeling about the place, but I ignored it.
Walking through the door didn't help the feeling though, the place didn't seem very new. In fact, the restaurant was empty besides a few old bald men missing a few teeth apiece yapping about some fishing trip or something behind the counter, the obviously work here. It was dirty covered in cobwebs and gave me goosebumps. I vaguely wondered how this restaurant was still even open. But one particular employee struck me as kind of odd. She seemed to be an attractive woman of maybe 40 or 50 years old. Average height, build, bust, and ass. She wasn't very pretty but she was far from ugly and very far from looking like she belongs her. But when she got up to seat me she seemed to move as if she were a very old woman, staggering (but not drunk), slowly moving towards me she had an odd step to her walk though, the only way I could describe it is slightly feline. There was defiantly something odd about this woman.
Against my better judgement I took a seat at an empty booth on the far side of the restaurant. Ordered a plain cheeseburger and some fries. When the strange woman handed my the check she just walked through to a different room. I looked at the check and aside from the $7.32 it said I owed, there was a note written on it just below the total. But it wasn't normal hand writing it looked liked calligraphy, the most beautiful hand writing I'd ever seen. The note simply read:

"Tyler, I can help you achieve your greatest fantasy, I can help you become a woman. Meet me in the room you saw me enter just now."

I was dumbfounded. First of all how could she have known my name, I didn't tell it to her I least I thought I didn't. But the part that made me shiver was that she had know my deepest secret that nobody knew. I knew there was something odd about that place. I knew there was something odd about that woman. I wanted to run, run as far away from that place and never look back. In fact, that was my plan, but as soon as I got up my legs turned to the opposite direction of the front door. I couldn't tell if it was some sort of black magic the strange woman had cast upon my legs, or if it was simply my desire, no my obsession with becoming a woman, but I walked straight through the door and straight up to this woman sitting in a chair facing the door. I found myself saying nothing just staring, as did she. Finally, after an eternity she spoke.
"Before you waste any more of my precious time staring at me, or asking dumb questions, I will begin. First, you can call my Zelda. Second, this isn't a joke, nor is it a hoax, nor am I crazy. I was born almost a thousand years ago and my time on this Earth is will be coming to an end rather quickly. I knew your name and greatest desire because I've know humans long enough to practically read their minds, so no, I am not psychic. Finally the reason I am doing this is to help one last person before I die. I am afraid that I have not done enough to help mankind in my long lifetime." There was a brief pause, "I am willing to help you at one cost that cannot be revealed until after the transformation is done."
I was shocked at her story, the more I let the words soak it, the more I believed her. I know it seems odd that I believed such an incredible story but the way she spoke made me forget any doubt I normally would have had in her story.
"Why help me? If your job is to help mankind why bother help just one man? You should be out solving world hunger, and ending wars!" I inquired.
" As I said I am old, my time on Earth is nearly up. My powers have dwindled over the last few centuries. However, if I still had the ability to end world hunger and end wars the world would be overpopulated, and eventually mass extinction among men would occur as resources dry up."
"If I said yes, what would I look like as a woman?" I asked.
"I would make you into a beautiful woman, attractive to almost all men, and many, many women. However the specifics I cannot describe because I have yet to see what you would look like. You would have to take my word on it."
Mesmerized by this deal I began to consider it. Although I could tell she was growing impatient, I kept contemplating weather I would take this deal of a lifetime. I had a feeling that if I left now I would never have this opportunity again. Then a thought crossed my mind. "Wouldn't it be strange if my parents wake me up in the morning to find me as a woman?"
"Ah, a very good question. If you were to become a woman, to everyone else you'd have been a woman for all your life, but to you, you'd have the experiences of both growing up as a male and a female."
"What about the catch you mentioned earlier?" I asked as I remember her mentioning it.
"It is not within my power to bestow a gift upon someone for free. There must always be a catch, however in this case the spell will not work if you know the catch. But upon undergoing the transformation you will learn what the cost of my power is."
"How bad is it?"
"I cannot tell you."
I had a feeling that when dealing with black magic, or whatever it was, I should be weary of the possible
horrible cost of a wonderful gift. So, I decided right then to not go through with it. I decided it probably wasn't worth the cost. But when I went to say that to Zelda I found myself saying something completely different, "Zelda," I said Sternly, "I'll do it."
"Very good child. Enjoy your last day as a man, because when you wake up in the morning you will be a gorgeous woman."
I had no idea why I said it but I had, and there was no going back. Perhaps I said yes because I knew that was my one true desire, and deep down I knew that I would be willing to put up with anything to live this desire.
By the time I got home it was already 8:30. I had spent the whole day wondering around wondering if I had made the right choice. I had a feeling there was no easily falling asleep tonight, and I prepared my self for a sleepless night. I wondered what would happen if I didn't sleep, Zelda said that when I wake up I would be a woman, but if I didn't fall asleep would I still be female in the morning? My mind was racing, Hell what if this was just a prank, she'd be laughing about this for years to come.
Surprisingly by the time I entered my house I was extremely drowsy, the work of Zelda I assume. I barely made it to my bed before I fell sound asleep.


I woke up very groggy, as I was trying to sort through my dreams. I started to remember one about my mother, I couldn't remember details. Then I started remembering another one where I was talking to a strange lady at a dirty restaurant. Wait, no that one really happened. I was curled up in a blanket thinking my dream through trying to remember what it was that we talked about until it hit me, at the same time that my alarm went off. I turned over to turn it off, all of the sudden I was in a different room than my old one, no it was the same one except it was a deep shade of yellow instead of blue. I had new furniture too. Well maybe not new, probably there my whole life. As I thought about it then I remembered I got it when I was a little girl!
That thought reminded me that I was a girl now! It worked! Everything did, I now remember my childhood as a girl and I boy. I knew now that my name was Taylor, I knew I was very popular, had no real boyfriend. I also remembered that I was still a virgin and that, that I hadn't even really explored my vagina. Although these memories didn't come naturally as they do when I'm remembering my memories as a boy.
A thought crossed my mind, I got up from my bed and immediately felt a weight on my chest that I wasn't used to. I looked down to see some enormous tits, that I immediately began to fondle with through my T-shirt. As I began to touch my nipples I felt what can only be described as an electric wave of pleasure radiate from my nipples, as I did this I could feel moisture in my crotch area, I knew this would have to wait. I walked over to my mom to tell her that I was feeling too sick to go to school and that I was staying in bed.
I waited for both of my parents to leave for work. As I watched my dad pull out of the driveway ten minutes after my mom did, I tore off my clothes and went straight to the floor to ceiling mirror in my closet.
All it took was one look and I knew that Zelda had kept her word, I was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen even in T.V. I was about 5'11'' with medium length blonde wavy hair down to about my shoulders, I had green eyes, the most gorgeous smile I'd ever seen. Looking down at my body I had a perfect athletic build but with huge tits that still managed to remain nice and perky they didn't sag at all I also had beautiful pink nipples. I had a small waist and nice hips, which brings me down to my ass. My ass perfectly shaped, nice and firm and was easily my favorite part of my new body. My pussy was so gorgeous, it was shaved except for a small blonde landing strip, it had perfect lips and just running my finger over my clit (which was swelling just by looking in the mirror) I could tell it very sensitive. My legs were long and well toned they came down to perfectly propositioned feet to the rest of my body.
Just looking in the mirror I was getting really horny, so I started rubbing my clit. Never in my male life had I experienced the wave of pleasure that over took my body the instant I started masturbating. With my right hand I continued massaging my clit and with my left I was caressing my right tit, slowly finding my way to my nipple. Once both of my sweat spots were being rubbed and massaged, I couldn't contain myself anymore. I felt my asshole, and my pussy tense up, and my back started to arch as I climaxed. The moment this happened I felt a serge of all the fluids, that were already coming out of my pussy profusely, shoot out onto the wooden floor on my carpet. I laid on the ground for a few minutes catching my breath as my orgasm finally subsided.
I wanted to put on some clothes and go for a walk through to and turn a few heads. So I went into my drawers, using my 'female-me's' memory. I found out that although I was a virgin I had some very slutty clothes. I decided on a white g-string that you could practically see my pussy through. A blue miniskirt that came to less than halfway down my thigh, a lacy bra (36 D) and an tight white blouse that showed perhaps a little too much cleavage. Put on some make-up to make my face that much sexier. Then I put on am pair of tennis shoes and was about to leave when I noticed a note on my night stand. I could tell it was from Zelda by the magnificent handwriting. It said:

Dear Taylor,
I hope you are enjoying your new life.As I saw you transform even I became sexually attracted to your new body, and that's coming from a person who only as these attractions for a very select few of humans throughout my time. Although I am pleased to know that you will be happy and proud of your new body Its now my duty, my last duty before I am gone, to inform you of the cost of this transformation. Save for those in your immediate family, you will become obsessed with sex, it is your greatest desire. You will always have a craving for both men and women, it only partially subsides after an orgasm. The only time you will be truly satisfied is during sex. You will not be able to discriminate between male and female partners.
Best of luck to you,

I read the note over and over again hoping I missed a loophole or something. I was mortified that even at that very moment all I could think about was sex, with anyone. Suddenly all the weird things I've seen on porn sites, all the things that used to turn me off, now turn me on. It scares me to think that thoughts of sex would be swimming around in my head, overpowering all the other thoughts I have for the rest of my life.
But at the same time I was excited, I was excited to have the body I always dreamed of, I was excited to have friends and I was most certainly excited about all the sex to come.

------------------------------------------------------------To be continued---------------------------------------------------------------