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2022-05-14 00:00:03


I don’t know if you remember Pamela, she is taller than most with a very sexy persona and a very good figure. She always dresses in black and today she had very tight slacks with a low cut top and I could see her very sexy, thin black bra straps.

She has a lovely condo in an upmarket area of the city and I have my own room and en-suite.

She is a professional photographer with a home studio and does a wide range of work.

After dinner tonight she showed me some of her work. Interiors, corporate work, and even weddings.

Then she showed me some pics of her current man. Baby I thought you were thick, but his erect cock was absolutely awesome.

After that the pics became even sexier. Pamela stark naked in nothing but heels, she really does have a voluptuous body, good thighs, tits and ass and just a touch of pubic hair over her cunt lips.

She could see I was really enjoying her pics so she took out some more.

This lot is my current man with his cock in my mouth she told me. Baby, he was even thicker than I first thought.

Then more pics of them fucking together.

Very arousing for me.


I watched Pamela at work in the morning on some advertising pics. Over lunch Pamela asked if she could photograph me nude tomorrow afternoon.

Why not I thought, you like photographing me naked, so would be good to compare professional shots with yours. And the thought of posing naked for another woman was exciting, especially after the pics she showed me last night.

Over dinner tonight Pamela asked me lots of questions about my sex life and you. She asked if I was bisexual and I suspect she might be.

I told her before you left on the Sunday we fucked for an hour the day before. Also told her I was multi-orgasmic and that you were really well hung and thick. She seemed pleased when I told her not as thick as the man in her pics though.


Woke up this morning feeling excited about being photographed nude by a lady professional photographer later today. The exhibitionist in me will thrive on the challenge. Though perhaps it would be even more exciting if it was a male?

I will be thinking of you while I trim my pubic hair before the shoot, you usually do it for me as foreplay.

Pamela told me not to wear any underwear today as the tight bands will show in the pics.

Just before we started at two Pamela asked me to get naked for her so she could spray me all over with a tan. Love your naked body and so will the camera she told me.

She has a wardrobe full of props and clothing for her shoots and professional lighting from all angles. We started with me a thigh length mink and some really high-heeled shoes for the first shots. It felt really good and Pamela said I looked very sexy as she told me to smile and hold the coat open to reveal my naked body.

Then she asked me turn around and lift the coat up she could she could photograph my ass cheeks with a mink coat above it.

The coat came off but not the heels as she took lots of pics from many different positions with me standing against a white backdrop. I felt really good and she kept telling me, ‘the camera loves your naked body.’

Then she had me lay face down on a black satin sofa supported on my elbows so she could take full-length pics of my back, ass and legs.

‘Tease your nipples,’ then, ‘open your legs and put your knees up,’ she told me as she took pics of me lying on my back.

‘Are you feeling sexy?’ she asked a few times as she kept looking at her watch.

‘Would you like a man to watch me taking nude pics of you?’

Before I could answer in the affirmative there was knock on the door and a man I recognized as Pamela’s current beau from the pics she showed on Monday walked in.

Pamela then re-framed the question, ‘Would you like my man to watch me taking nude pics of you?’

‘Yes I would,’ I smiled at them, the exhibitionist in me rising to the challenge.

His eyes were almost popping out of his head as I walked past him, totally naked except for the high heels and put the mink coat on again.

I asked Pamela to start again, though I made him wait for a little while as I sat down with my legs crossed to tease him before I stood in front of him and flashed open the coat.

Pamela was taking photos of both of us without touching each other, and smiling very sexily as she did.

After a few shots, all with the mink on, though open, I told them that was enough for today. I felt good though a bit naughty while posing like that.

Pamela asked me to cook dinner for the three of us while she printed off the pics.

After dinner she passed them around the table for all three of us to study. I was pleased with the very professional nude pics Pamela took of me and she gave me copies to show you. The ones with her man were fun and he looked very excited as he ogled my body with the mink coat open.

After we all went to bed I could hear Pamela screaming and groaning as her man was obviously fucking her very hard. Perhaps by posing nude for them, I turned them both on?


Pamela told me her man would be back later that afternoon while I watched her photographing items for a marketing company.

She told me her man asked if she would take more pics of me nude while he watched.

As a tease I told her fine as long as he posed nude for some pics while I watched first.

Could be an exciting afternoon for us all Pamela told me after lunch as we waited for her man to arrive. She told me she phoned him to tell him I wanted to watch her take pics of him naked before he watched her take more pics of me nude. He likes the idea very much it seems.

And I must admit I really was looking forward to checking out his equipment in the flesh to compare with yours baby.

There was a degree of sexual tension while we waited for her man and Pamela explained the technical aspects of lens settings, focus lengths color temperatures and lighting,

Pamela told me before we started today she wanted me to apply spray tan to her man but to leave a thin white strip around his cock for contrast.

He came into the studio he wearing nothing but a very tiny black g-string with a huge bulge showing. I decided to spray his back first and he really did have an impressive ass for a man, though I was at a loss to understand what a series of welts and scars were on his ass cheeks. Then his front, he really is an impressive man in the flesh.

Pamela started taking some pics of him with his g-string on and I could see his huge bulging cock poking out of it, then she asked me to take it off so he was naked.

Very exciting moment for me, as I knew I was about to see a new and very thick cock in the flesh for the first time, and I would be telling you about it baby.

Very impressive baby, about your length, but thicker, much thicker. Pamela asked me to stroke it and tease it so that he had a full on erection for her camera. I heard him gasp as I felt the weight of it and he became fully erect. His cock was pointing upwards at forty-five degrees and I had trouble getting my hand around it.

Pamela told me to tease him for the camera, so I ran my hands all over him, teased his nipples, then scratched his balls with one hand with his cock in my other hand.

Pamela asked him if she liked her girlfriend playing with his cock, while she continued taking pics.

He said yes, very much as he reminded her he wanted to watch her take more nude pics of me while he watched naked.

All eyes were on me as I played the moment and undid the zip at the back of shift and let it fall to the floor, leaving me naked apart from my heels.

I knew exactly what I was going to do next, I had been planning it all day, as I lay face down on Pamela’s high day bed and she started taking pics in that position while I supported myself on my elbows.

‘Love your ass in that position, my camera loves it,’ she told me as her man stood right in front of me with his very thick cock so close to my mouth as Pamela took pics from side on.

The sexual tension at that moment was electric as all three of us felt the vibe and knew what was about happen. Without anyone saying a word his rock hard and very thick cock was in my mouth.

I know I promised you ‘no sex with anyone’, but that was days ago. You know I can resist anything except temptation baby, and his big thick cock was very tempting.

I was only vaguely aware of Pamela taking pics, lots of pics it turned out, of her mans cock in my mouth.

As you know I love a challenge and now I was this far it was hard not to go any further and I loved the idea of having a photographic record.

Should I blow him, while Pamela photographed us? Should I fuck him while Pamela photographed us?

Pamela made up my mind for me when told she me, ’Don’t stop, love taking pics of you two.’

I would have loved you to watch me sucking his very thick cock. Would you like to watch while his lady was taking pics and encouraging us?

Pamela asked me if I was going to fuck him. I thought that would not be fair to you – I did promise after all!

Instead I sat on the floor with my back supported by the day bed.

I know what you think happened then and you are correct.

He fucked my mouth like it was my cunt, just like you do.

I felt very much in control and it was very exciting as Pamela kept taking pics and offering lots of encouragement to both of us.

When she set the camera up on a tripod and set it to automatic I was at a loss to understand why.

Then when she picked up a long cane from her props shelf I understood as his eyes glinted.

All he could say as I knew I had him close to orgasm was, “Baby yes, baby yes, baby yes,” as Pamela belted his ass with the cane – and I mean really belted.

By the eighth time he was screaming and moaning with a mixture of pleasure and pain. Then I understood the welts and scars on his ass.

I have never seen a man shoot his load that far – ever.

Later over drinks Pamela asked me if I was bi-curious. I told her I was well past that stage and enjoyed bi-sexual experiences, which really piqued the interest of both of them.

She also asked if was into BDSM. I told her no, but after watching the pleasure and pain she gave her man with that cane today, and the massive orgasm he had, I told her I would like to try it.

“Good, tomorrow I want to have you, and he can take some pics of us, I think you worked out I am bi-sexual. And lets play the BDSM bit by ear.” Pamela told me.

Would you like me to do that baby? And would you like to watch? You know I would love you to watch. And belting you with a cane just before you orgasm might be fun for both of us – and very exciting.


Woke up feeling very horny and excited baby. Today Pamela wants me and her man is going to take pics. Another first for me, though I wish you could watch.

Her man was due at three, so Pamela suggested we have a spa together before he arrived.

We undressed each other, no underwear of course as the strap lines would show in the pics, so didn’t take long to be naked.

I had never seen her naked in the flesh before, only in her pics.

She really does have a sexy and voluptuous body, good thighs, tits and ass with just a touch of pubic hair over her cunt lips.

She told me today is about our sexual pleasure and her man is not to take his clothes off, even though we are going to pleasure each other naked, while he takes pics. That really appeals to the exhibitionist in me.

He arrived early while we were still in the spa tongue kissing. Pamela told him again in front of me, he is not to take his clothes off.

He smiled rather resignedly while he dried Pamela off and then me, a consolation prize she told him, and nice foreplay she added, though he took much longer to dry me off than he did Pamela.

We moved into the studio and there was a huge bed under lots of lights with very relaxing piano, saxophone jazz music, seduction music you would call it.

Pamela told me we had the rest of the day, and to relax and enjoy the moment as she confided she had wanted this moment all week.

‘Ignore the photographer, even though you blew him yesterday, today is my day with you,’ Pamela whispered. Then she asked what I would like. I told her I love being licked and teased and I was multi-orgasmic.

She laid me on my back and we tongue kissed, while she teased my cunt lips with the tip of one finger; I was very aroused by then with her man watching and taking pics.

The she kissed and licked my nipples until they were like bullets, still with her finger-tip on my by now very wet cunt lips. Her conversation and commentary was very exciting.

‘Now for my prize,’ she told me as she started licking my cunt lips.

It was very exciting having a woman licking me, especially with her man taking pics.

She told me to put my legs over her shoulders as she cupped my ass in her hands.

Baby I was so horny and turned on, lots of tempting naked flesh in the last few days, but I hadn’t had an orgasm for a week, and the way she was licking me was absolute heaven. Why can’t men lick like a bi-sexual woman?

I was on the brink and as I looked up at Pamela’s man taking pics I had to look twice. His huge, thick cock and balls were hanging out of his trousers – and he was masturbating!

Very exciting watching him masturbate, unbeknown to his lady, while she had me on the brink with her tongue on my cunt lips.

Never ever had a bi-sexual lady licking my cunt while her man masturbated for me, especially without her knowing. I had four consecutive orgasms in one minute.

So good baby, wish you were watching. Pamela is very good.

Then it was my turn to pleasure Pamela, would have loved you to watch me in action licking her. She put two pillows under her ass before she put her legs over my shoulders.

By now she was aware her man was masturbating with his cock hanging out of his trousers, though she said nothing.

Her clit felt like it was two inches long and I had her screaming with pleasure as I lost count of the number of times she came for me.

Pamela was very cross with her man for masturbating with his cock hanging out like that. She pointed out to him he was told to leave his clothes on while he took pics. Of course he protested that his clothes were on even though he was masturbating with his cock out.

When Pamela handed me the cane I was wondering if this was a set-up, though I was excited at what I was expected to do – and was going to do next – you know I love new experiences, especially when I am naked, and with two other naked and very sexy people watching.

Pamela told him to get naked for us, his cock was throbbing, despite masturbating while he watched us pleasuring each other, he had not orgasmed.

I felt some trepidation as I was to indulge in BDSM for the first time, though was I determined to enjoy and learn from the experience for our mutual pleasure and pain when I get back home baby.

Pamela went to her props shelf and fitted two things that looked like clothes pegs to his nipples. He winced but told us he liked it. Then she fitted a very tight cock ring over his erect cock and under his balls.

Next she put some silk gloves on and told him to lean with his hands on the wall as she sat on a low stool in front of him and started slowly stroking his very erect cock.

She looked at me and smiled, “Now, don’t hold back, punish him while I pleasure him.”

My first stroke was really just a practice one. By the fourth one I was really getting in the groove and enjoying the moment, as were the other two. And watching Pamela expertly milking him with silk gloves was something I will do for you when I get back.

By the sixth and seventh strokes both of them were very excited and groaning ‘harder, harder’. There were traces of blood in the new welt marks I had made on his ass cheeks.

So I did, really hard, then another even harder. I have never ever heard a man scream so loudly from sexual pleasure and pain as Pamela and I watched him shoot his load.

See you soon baby, as promised I have been good, haven’t had intercourse all week. Lots of new ideas for us to experience very soon!