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My Parents Trying Out Their New Bi-Sexual Fantasy On Me!

2022-08-16 00:00:03

My parents and I used to have an incestuous relationship when I was younger. It is a long story which I will tell one day. For today, I will tell the story of my visit to my parents home last night. Unfortunately, my parents live hours away from my wife and kids so we haven't done anything together for almost a year with one another. I miss having sex with my Mom while my Dad used to watch.

So last night, I was greeted by my Dad who let me into their home. I said hi and went to the living room where I was greeted by my amazingly hot mom. She was wearing a pvc top, thigh high stockings and killer pvc boots; the most striking and erotic thing was that she was just walking about in only a pair of black lacy French knickers, very snugly fitted and exposing her ever so curvy butt cheeks! I instantly smiled and couldn't stop smiling at my mother; she introduced herself as Mistress and gave me a quick kiss.

After a short while, they gave me a drink to calm me down and asked me about my bi-sexual boundaries. I've always been bi curious but have never tried anything with my Dad. In my nervous response I told them I was up for anything so long as it didn't involve pain and scars! I was worried by me saying "up for anything" as it may severely push my boundaries! Anyway, it was too late, and now my heart was starting to race in anticipation.

My Mom (Mistress) then led me into the bedroom with my Dad following behind. She undressed me, discarded my clothes and then led me into the en suite where she assisted cleaning me in the shower. As soon as I was dry she blind-folded me, put my hands in cuffs then wrapped some kind of tourniquet around my balls and cock! She said I was to call her Mistress from now on and gave me a safe word to use! I was not allowed to speak anymore or refer to her chap at all. She said that she was not my mother.

Mistress then led me back into the bedroom and hung my cuffed hands above my head on to a hook that I believe was on the en suite door. The tourniquet was making my cock and balls pulsate, I was now starting to feel very vulnerable and my heart was racing even more than before. A feather type object was then used to caress my body focusing mainly on my genitals. The feeling of the soft feather moving over my constricted balls was now starting to make me ooze pre-cum uncontrollably, Mistress realized this and started to play with the end of my dripping cock. Scooping up some of my own juices, she then rubbed her fingers around my lips and then pushed them into my mouth, forcing me to taste my own pre-cum! She continued this routine for a while.

Then off came the tourniquet from around my heavy cock leaving the one around my balls and she proceeded to suck me, slowly deep-throating all the way to my balls which was a new experience for me, making me wither as I was still cuffed to the door. I then exploded deep into her throat and mouth and she quickly stood up and gave me an unexpected French kiss! Swirling her cum laden tongue deep inside my mouth! I could sense cum dripping down the sides of both our chins as she continued to kiss me. This was also a new experience for me and by now I was wondering what else was in store; also I was wondering what my Dad's participation will be in all of this!!

Mistress then un-hooked me from the door, which was a relief as my arms were drained of blood. She led me to the bed where she laid down and told me to lick her pussy clean. With the blind fold still on and still cuffed, I felt my way to the center of her spread legs. She had covered her pussy in whipped or fresh cream, and I understood now what she meant by "lick her pussy clean!" This was something I didn't rush, I savored every minute; I could still taste my own cum which was now mixing with cream. When this was complete to her satisfaction, she then turned over and I heard a bottle being squeezed. The blind- fold was keeping me in absolute suspense not knowing what was going to happen next! Then she thrust her arse into my face and told me to clean up her ass! She had poured honey over her cheeks and also deep into her arse hole! Oh my God I thought! I was experiencing the most memorable and horniest sex ever. So I did what I was told and could have carried on all night. My mouth was now full of flavors - yum; I remember licking my lips for ages afterwards.

Then I was forced onto the bed and this time I was cuffed with my hands behind me to the headboard, a restraint placed around my neck which felt very tight and my cock was extremely swollen again. Then she removed my blind-fold, my Mistress had removed her clothes to reveal her slim but very curvy features; I could see now that her helper was sitting on a chair opposite in his boxers slowly wanking. I felt utterly defenseless but amazingly turned on at the same time. Mistress lowered herself on top of me and I was expecting to penetrate her pussy but instead she grabbed hold of my cock and aimed straight for her sexy asshole! Oh my Lord! This time, without the blind-fold I could see everything and my instinct was to hold her and feel her while she was riding me; but no chance, she was facing away from me and in full control, allowing me to see everything but not touch. This was excruciatingly horny; she was lifting her arse cheeks up to the top of my cock and then slowly moving down again. The sight alone was enough to make me explode, so I closed my eyes as to hang on in there as the sensation was too amazing to end so soon. But I soon realized the sight off her arse cheeks slowly moving up and down on me could not be missed and after a few more up and down movements I was cumming hard. This was so intense as I could not control the sensation, as she was still riding me, I was almost shouting out in pain and ecstasy.

Mistress released my neck restraint and cuffs and lay next to me caressing my body with her finger tips as I was still panting hard from my orgasm. She stroked me for 5 minutes and then told me to roll over and continued to stroke and caress me. I was in heaven at this time, having been trussed up and restrained; her gentle touch was sending shivers down my spine and reduced my pounding heart rate back down. She then spread my legs apart while I was still lying on my front and focused her sensual stroking around my butt cheeks, anus and perineum. Mistress asked if I was feeling relaxed and I said "Oh yes".

She got me up and positioned me on all fours on the bed facing her man (Dad) who was still sitting playing with his cock. She raised my butt and rubbed lube over my ass hole and immediately pushed one finger deep inside and then two and gave my prostate a vigorous going over. This was taking my breath away and I could see the guy on the chair was getting really turned on watching my facial expressions and my moaning sounds, his cock and hands were soaking wet. Then my Mistress removed her fingers and slowly pushed a bubble shaped butt plug into me then turned me around for Dad to see.

Then she said she had a present for me! Reaching down she picked up a purple medium sized strap-on which she proceeded to wear. This was the last thing I saw as the blind-fold was put back on again and then she stretched my legs apart using a solid restraining device and then the same for my wrists keeping my arms far apart! I was vulnerable again and I could hear my heart pounding in my head. When she eventually removed the butt plug I lay in wait for something bigger!

Although I saw the size of the strap-on dildo, it wasn't massive, but boy did it take my breath away when it was inserted. Mistress slowly and carefully fucked my asshole, during which, my breathing became very deep. This was the first time I had been taken this way by a women wearing a dildo, (I had pointed this out in my initial correspondence, as it was something I wanted to experiment with) it was incredibly erotic, especially as I knew that Dad was watching me and was getting turned on watching his girl do their son.

Then for the first time I heard Dad get up and move forward and climb on the bed in front of me! My heart was now pounding through my whole body and my arse hole was pulsating! Without any warning, my Dad's cock was pushed into my mouth! A few thoughts instantly processed through my mind -- One, that my hands were away from the action, so I couldn't control or stop anything that was happening if I wanted too (I had forgotten all about the safe word!), the second thing was the taste, he was so creamy! This was due to fact that he had already worked himself up throughout the evening session with me and Mistress.

Finally the third thing was the size of his cock! I had only had a couple of brief encounters of MMF with bi-curiosity involvement before with friends, but he was big in SIZE and GIRTH and was filling my mouth completely; and I could only imagine that I had only accommodated a small section of his length! My jaw was aching just to stay open! Anyway, Dad was being gentle with me; I could sense that. He knew I could not move my hands etc. But he was slowly thrusting deeper towards my throat, testing my reactions each time, and each time he went deeper I started to gag. This was also equaled by Mistress thrusting deeper into my arse! I was well and truly being used as a spit roast!

After a while he removed his cock from my mouth and wiped the pre-cum from the tip of his helmet around my mouth leaving his taste for me to lick clean as I could not use my hands to wipe it away. He then disappeared from the action. Mistress then started to remove her dildo from my arse and after a short pause would penetrate again. I imagined that she was putting on a show for my Dad. She continued this routine for what seemed like ages, and I enjoyed the sensation of being empty then full again. Then a new sensation hit me!! I knew straight away that it wasn't Mistress's dildo going in this time, it was Dad's cock entering his son's ass! Wow, I lost my breath completely! He struggled to gain entry, even though I felt the treatment from Mistress had started to loosen me up! Eventually, my deep breathing turned into short shallow breathing as his large member finally sank its way in; and God did it feel like it had gone all the way in!!

It was an unbelievable feeling of being full combined with the feeling of pleasure and pain. Lots of pain and discomfort at this stage. Then Mistress reminded me that I have a safe word if I wish to use it. I was too breathless to say anything and he continued to rhythmically pump me. All was quite for a while, and then it became apparent that he had so far not given me his full length until, WHAM, I could feel his cock deep inside my stomach and I started to moan out loud with every thrust. I then felt a condom being placed on my cock and to muffle my cries Mistress had crept up in front of me and buried her arse into my face once again. Then she moved backwards into my body, reaching behind, she grabbed my cock and presented it into what must have been her arse just as she did earlier!

So there I am, getting fucked by Dad who has this massive tool, while I am fucking the arse of Mommy at the same time! My moaning had now turned to loud grunts and I came again (three times in what must have been less than 1.5 hours) Mistress removed herself and my soaked condom. Then I sensed that the Dad was about to shoot his load as his rhythm had started to change.

In an instant he withdrew and his hot spunk was shot all over my butt cheeks! My arse felt incredibly raw now that he was no longer inside and my bum was sticky and drenched. Now this next bit was interesting, I heard Mistress emptying my condom out onto my arse; she made a conscious effort to make sure I knew exactly what she was doing! Then using their fingers they both mixed my cum and his cum together on my arse cheeks, and to my astonishment both of them started to suck and lick my arse clean - what a sensation!! After having a shower, Mistress helped to dress me. My parents and I ate dinner talking with delight as their new-found fetish was now used. I really enjoyed the experience they had given me. After dinner, I left. My mom picked up her lacy knickers and put them on me! "A gift for you to remember," she said!

My wife knows nothing about all this. All she knows is that I fell on my ass when climbing down my parents stairs at their home which was causing me pain.