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Paper Boy vs The Hot Latina

2022-10-21 00:41:01

It had been a month since I got home from college. I did not want to get a serious job just after graduating. I still wanted to party and enjoy the summer. My parents had other ideas. I went on a few interviews and filled out a ton of applications. But not many people were hiring. I had worked when I was younger as a paper boy. But I had grown out of the job. Not many 6ft 4 athletic college guys riding up and down the streets throwing news papers. Plus my friends would make fun of me. Some of them were working at Law Offices in town. I rolled out of bed around 11am.

About an hour later I was out back in the pool. I had a nice tan going on a week now. I drank a few cold ones while I waited for some job calls. Nothing happen the rest of the day. I went online after dinner. I watched some porn, then headed to bed. It was close to 7am when the door to my room burst open. I rolled over to see my Dad with a note. He placed it on my forehead as he walked out of my room. It read: "Get a job. Your mother and I will no longer give you money. Plus you need to pay us 100 dollars a month for rent. Have a nice day." I rolled it into a ball and threw on the floor next to my bed. I guess my parents were serious. I rolled out of bed to try to catch them before they left. I heard the garage door open. I headed for the front door.

"Whack!" What the fuck. I looked down to see a news paper. Some kid just hit me as I opened the door. My Dad honked the horn as he backed out the driveway. I bent over to pick up the news paper. There was a card on the outside of the paper. "Earn big money over the summer. Start a new career. Work small hours. Delivery. Collection and more. Call today." I walked inside the house. I closed the door. I went to make some breakfast. My parents left another note on the fridge. "Move it slacker." I had some toast and some juice.

You probable guess by now. I called the number. I talked to my old boss 5 years ago. He hooked me up with a nice delivery route. He was going to give me some hours inside the office. He drop off the news papers in my garage. Then I was to start my route. I was to deliver all the papers before 8am. It was up to me on how they got delivered. I was going to have to deliver papers all week, even on Sunday which was the biggest delivery day. I waited for my parents to get home. We had only one car. I went out in the shed in the back yard. I pulled out my old bike. It was small on me but it would have to do.

I spent the next two weeks getting up early. I delivered all the papers. I had the rest of the day off. I had some money. I gave some to my parents. I even got some cool shades to wear to keep the sun out of my eyes. I worked inside the office two days. I got to use some of the computers to line up some new clients on my route. My boss thought I was doing a great job. My parents stopped bugging me. I made a few collection calls for the paper. Monday was my first day to start collecting money from my route. Most people are good natured and pay right up. But there are always a few that need some time. Probably the worst part of the job.

I knocked on a few doors on Monday. I got half of my customers to pay. By Wednesday I had collected from all but one. It was a big house on the end of a dead end street. It was a little out of the way. The house was very nice. There was only one car parked in the driveway all the time. I did see a few people come and go but never the owner. I was always early when I knocked. I decided to leave a note on the front door. I reached into my pocket to pull out a piece of scratch paper. I wrote on it and stuck it on the door. I came back the next day to find no note. I did not find any money or anybody home. I shook my head as I rode my bike home.

I got up early on Saturday. I wanted to get my paper route done quickly. I took a long shower. I shaved some hair on my body. I'm not a big fan of body hair. I shaved around my cock leaving a small patch. I then put on some cologne and some body spray. I brushed my teeth as I comb my short blonde hair. I put on some tan cargo shorts over my black Calvin Klein boxer briefs. I slipped on some dark sandals. I put on my black Kiss shirt. I looked outside to see the news papers in front of the garage. It was close to 530am when I started. I was done at 7am. I had one more paper to deliver. It was from the house that still needed to pay. I went to knock on the door. After a few minutes I rang the door bell. There was still no answer. I decided to ride home to get something to eat.

It was close to 11am when I rode my bike back toward the house. I just turned right on the dead end street. "Honk! Honk!" I slowed down. "Hey! Dude! You on the bike." said a guys voice. I stopped. I put my right foot down. "What's up?" I said. There was an older guy hanging out his window. He had a green mini van. I guessed he was lost. "Do you know where 1564 Elm Street is?" said the old guy. That was the house that owed me money. "Ummm let me think." I said. I looked around. I was trying to figure out what to say. I got off my bike and walked toward his mini van. I was standing near the side of the mini van. I looked in the back seat. There was some photography equipment. Some lights and lots of cameras. "Geez! I think that is...." I was about to say. "Fuck man! Come on! Time is money. I got this model waiting for me. I'm going broke talking to you man." said the old guy. "Oh! It's actually across town. Near the high school. You can't miss it. Just hang a left pass the school. There used to be a Elm Street over here but they moved it." I said with a big smile.

He rolled up his window as he spun the tires. I laughed as he rode out of sight. I was still smiling when I got off my bike at the end of the street. I saw some lights in the house as I walked toward the front door. I had my small receipt and a pen as I knocked on the door. I waited a few seconds. I saw the door knob turn. Damn it was about time I got paid from this house. This was going to be my last customer to pay. Then on Monday I could take the money in and get paid for the next two weeks.

The door swung open. I almost fainted. Standing in the door way was one very hot Latina girl. She was about 5 ft 4inches tall with long dark hair down to her shoulders. She had on a yellow bathrobe. She had on some big gold hoop earrings. Her finger nails matched her juicy red lips. She had dark sexy eyes under her sexy black frame glasses. She was looking me up and down as I looked her up and down. I stopped at her feet. My mouth fell open. She had 6inch open toe yellow wooden Wedge heels. They had a red bow on top of the yellow strap over her sexy toes. Her toenails match her red finger nails. There was a small white star on each of her nails. I gulped as my eyes followed up her long curvy legs. They moved around her thick thigh as she moved slightly to show off her ample cleavage. The front of the bathrobe was open as the knot on her robe relaxed.

She stuck out her hand. "I'm Mone! You must be the photographer. I heard allot about you Bill. It's very nice to meet you. I will tell you that I am very nervous this morning." she curled her finger near her mouth. What the fuck was I going to say. I was so nervous about asking her for money. Was I suppose to say. Hi! You owe $10.00 for your news paper delivery. My mouth got dry. I just told the old guy in the mini van to drive across town. Now she was expecting him. I held my breath. She waved her hand in my face. "Sorry. I lost my train of thought. The agency did not say how beautiful you were. I have some good news and bad news. Bad news is that Bill could not make it this morning. The good news is I am here in his place. My name Buck! It's a pleasure to meet you." I said. Mone smiled as she looked at me again. "Come on in. You can leave your sandals there if you like." she said.

I smiled as I closed the door. I did not know where there was going. It did not matter if she paid, I was going to pay the ten dollars for her news papers anyway. I did not have the heart to ask. It also helped of course, that my cock was hard as a rock inside my boxers briefs. I figured maybe to get my money worth. I faked my way through Chemistry. Maybe I could fake my way through being a photographer. I followed her through her house to her back yard. There was a big wooden deck with a big pool in the middle. There was a small diving board on one end. There was a yellow beach towel and a paper back book on the wooden deck. There was a bottle of sun tan lotion near the paper back. I looked around some more as she looked at me.

"This looks like a great place to shoot. The lightening is perfect." I said. "OK! Where should I stand? Ummm not to be rude. Did you bring a camera with you?" said Mone. "I do things a little different then most photographer. I love a good challenge. I like to use what's on hand. No lights. No professional cameras or lens. Like just totally off the wall. Makes the shoots more fun." I said with a smile. "OK! I'll be right back." she said. I was not sure she was buying, that I was a photographer but I did not care. She was so hot. Even if I got one picture with her robe off I was going to be in heaven. I waited a few minutes as she came back outside with a small digital camera. "Here you go." she said.

I looked at the small camera. It had been awhile since I used one like this before. I picked the camera up. I placed over my right eye. I took a quick photo. Damn was she hot. I adore bodacious women. She was making me drool as I looked though the small camera. "OK! Let's get started. Why don't you take off the robe. Then roll out the towel on the ground. Then sit on it and look up at me. Oh that is perfect." I said. She untied her bathrobe. She placed it on a chair near the pool. She had on small two piece yellow bikini. The small spaghetti straps strained to keep up her perfect breast. Her ass almost popped out the small back. The small bottoms sat high on her hips. There was a nice small yellow triangle hiding her front.

She then walked back to her towel. "Before we start. I only want pictures of my front. I like my butt. I just don't want any pics of it. I mean it Buck. No butt shots." Mone smile. I shook my head "Yes!" As soon as she bend over to grab the towel I almost dropped the camera. Her ass was amazing. So nice and round. I wanted to rip of my clothes and fuck her.

She sat on the big yellow beach towel. She then look up into the camera. I was inches from her. My cargo shorts were sticking out from my hard cock. I was trying to hide it while I took a few shots. She looked amazing with her dark eyes peeking over her short black frame glasses. She smiled and batted her eye lashes at me. Her dark skin was so smooth. It sent shivers down my spine. I then took a few pics with her reading her trashy romance novel. It was erotic short story with this big muscular guy on the front cover holding up a voluptuous woman in his arms. I smiled as I saw she had high lighted a few lines in the book. I saw one sentence. "His hard cock brought tears to my eyes." I almost dropped the camera again when she sat on her knees. She arched her back sticking her large breast into view. She had a great hour glass figure as I took a few more shots. I made sure not to take any pics of her ass. Even know it was driving me crazy not to take one.

"How do I look?" said Mone. "You are very beautiful. The camera loves you. I can see your going to go far doing this. Let's go down to the diving board. I will have you pose down there." I said. She smiled as I helped her off the ground. I could hear her Wedge heels as she walked behind me. This way I was not checking out her ass. I could only imagine. I turned when I got to the diving board. "Go stand on the diving board. Put your hands on your hips. Put them over your head. Your doing great. Reach up. Oh that is nice. Turn your head. Give me a mean face. Happy face. Oh that is nice." I said. I spent the next thirty minutes shooting Mone on the diving board.

I looked back toward the house. "Here! Let's go back toward the house. Can we use that small wicker chair over there? The love seat near the side of the house." I said. "Sure!" said Mone. I helped her off the diving board. She was standing next to my left side. I peeked my eye back to see her ass. She turned just as I looked. She placed her two hands covering it. "Buck!! You naughty boy. I said no taking a picture." said Mone. "The camera right here. Sorry! It's so nice I had to take a peek. It was just a small one. I love to take just one picture of it." I said. "No! I told you the rules." said Mone with a smile. "How about you hold the camera and let me take a bigger peek." I said. "Stop being silly. MMMMmmm well maybe. I know! I'm out here in this small bikini. You got all your clothes on. How fair is that. Maybe take off your shirt for me." she said.

I smiled as I pulled my Kiss shirt over my head. I held it in my right hand. My skin was hot as my both my nipples were hard from being turned on by her. She smiled as she checked out my hard abs and chest. "Can I take a peek now?" I said. She smiled as she looked at my lips. "MMmmm OK! Just a quick peek." Mone said with a smile. I leaned back to take a better look. Damn her ass was fine. Her suit bottoms had moved showing off more of her hot Latina ass. "What would it take to see you walk in front of me?" I said as I curled my lips. "Buck! Your just being naughty now. I'm so innocent. You don't want to corrupt me. Plus guys just whistle at my ass all the time. I like being in control for once. I do like your sexy baby blue eyes. How about I walk half way and then you walk in front of me." said Mone.

I smiled as she walked in front of me. Her ass shook from side to side as she kept her hands on her hips. She still had the camera. So I did not get to take a picture. I immediately followed close behind trying not to make it to obvious I was staring at her amazing ass. She turned to move her eye glass back up her nose. "OK! Your turn. Take a walk on the cat walk. Yeah the cat walk!" Mone giggled. I walked in front of her. My tan cargo shorts were falling of my small ass. I could feel my belt buckle move on the front. My cock was rock hard inside. If she only knew what she was doing to me. I stopped near the big white wicker chair.

"Sit here. Then I will take some pics from the ground. Oh that is nice. Put your big Wedges in my face. Wiggle your toes. Oh that is nice. Arch your legs at the camera. Lean forward. Push your chest together." I said. Mone moved in front of the camera. I took some pics between her thighs and long sexy legs. I took some pics of the bottom of her ass as she moved around. I then got up and took some pics down on her amazing body. She smiled as the camera clicked away. After twenty minutes she looked in the sky. "Looks like a cloud blocking our light." I said. "We better go inside. We can use my couch for the next scene." she said.

I helped her up off the chair. I opened the back door to her house. I walked in front of her as she directed me into the living room. She had moved a coffee table and some chairs around to give me better access to the couch. It was a long black sectional with a a few black pillows on the end. I looked at Mone as she stood near the middle. "How do I look?" she said. "You look amazing." I said. I had taken more photos then her memory cartridge could handle. I then looked around the room. She smiled as she looked at me.

"Do you like the room? How about the couch?" said Mone. "Yes! The room is nice. The couch is very nice." I said. She looked me up and down one more time. She paid more attention to the front of my shorts this time. I did not want to look down. I was sure I was creating a big tent in the front of my shorts. I walked over to Mone near the couch. I was standing a few inches from her. Her eyes had followed the front of my shorts the whole time. "I feel really warm all of sudden. You know I am still half naked in this tiny suit. Whoa! You better watch your belt. It's almost poking me. Take a look." she pointed. I looked down to see the front of my belt open. It was just a inch from her front.

I opened my mouth. "Maybe you should take off your belt. Here let me help." said Mone. I watched as she pulled my big black leather 28inch size belt around my waist. "That is better." she said. She dropped my belt on the carpet below her feet. I watched as she peeked around to look at my ass. Her eyes got big. "Are those black Calvin Klein your wearing?" she said. "I'm not sure. I dressed in the dark this morning." I said. I reached down to hold one loop on my shorts near my right hip. "Your silly. How are you going to shoot more pics of me. Just let them go. Now you can feel how I feel. I was right. Those are black Calvin's." she said. I felt my shorts around my ankles. I kicked them to the side of the couch. Mone looked down to see the front of my boxer briefs expanding. My cock had moved and now my big naked balls had shifted. My cock was down my right thigh.

"Very nice." she smiled. She was now in front of me. I wanted so much to touch her hot dark skin. Her hair smelled great as she moved from side to side. I then looked down to see her nipples had become erect under her yellow bathing suit top. She shifted on her heels as she looked up into my eyes. "Something else just poked me." she giggled. I felt her hand move over my hard cock on top of the thin material. "You should just take off your Calvin's. I don't want anything to interfere with the shoot. I hate if anything went wrong. I hate to see you knock over something with that big tent inside there." said Mone.

I stepped back a foot to pull down my boxer briefs. I felt my 9 3/4 inch cock flop out then back up against my belly button. There was a drop of pre-cum on the tip. I could feel my naked balls move side to side. I saw her face blush. Her eyes followed my hard cock. "Wow! The photographer is packing. That a big cock Buck. Damn that is nice. Mmmmm that is nice and round. Damn you shaved all around him. You really have some big balls." said Mone. Her eyes never left my cock. I jiggled my cock as she kept watching. "Thanks! You did this to him. He gets very excited around beautiful models. I try to control him." I said. "Wow! I really mean this. I never seen anything that big before. My ex boyfriend never had that much. I can't stop looking.

I inched closer. "Here give me your hand. You should touch it. It feels better in your hand. You might want to gauge it for the next guy." I said. I moved her right hand to my cock. She started to run her long red finger nails down my shaft. She cupped my big balls with her free hand. She then started to jack my cock as she got closer to me. I could really smell her sexy perfume as she stroked my cock. I followed her as she got on her knees in front of my cock. "Close your eyes. Stick out your tongue." I said. "No! I can't." she said. "OK! I guess I will have to see your ass again. Turn around." I said. I watched as she closed her eyes and stuck out her tongue. I placed my cock at the tip of her mouth. I rubbed the pre-cum on her sexy red lips. She licked my cock head as I let go of my cock. She took a quarter of my cock in her mouth. The side of her cheeks expanded as I fucked her mouth.

She used her long nails to fondle my balls. I looked down to see her red juicy lips move up and down on my cock. I put my hand on her dark hair as her head moved. I arch back when I felt her hand on my ass. She looked up as her glasses fell down her nose. She pulled out my cock to lick the tip again. She then licked all the way down under my cock to my balls. She put my big hairless balls in her mouth as she slapped my hard cock on her forehead. I could feel her glasses on the underside of my shaft. She licked my my big purple vein down the top and jammed half of my cock in her hot mouth. She gagged as she looked into my eyes. I smiled when I felt her hands massage my ass. She stuck almost all my cock in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. I leaned over her looking down her back to her amazing ass. I wanted to see it next but I felt her left breast on my thigh.

I reached down to pinch her left nipple. She moved her hand to let my move my hand under her top. I could feel her hot skin against mine. Her light chocolate skin against my white tan hand. It looked amazing. Her hot big nipples pierced my skin as I moved my hand under her breast. She pulled my cock out of her mouth. "Mmmm you like my breast?" she moaned. I pulled on the knot on the back of her suit near her neck. I then felt the knot loosen as her bikini top fell open. I then watched her breast cascaded down on to my leg. She moaned again when the cold air hit her nipples. I felt her hand touch my nipple. She pinched my nipples as hard as I pinched hers. She let go as I twisted them and let her breast fall on her chest. She let go of my cock from her hungry mouth. She was now moaning from my hands on her breast.

She looked into my eyes as I slapped my cock on her tongue. "MMMm stand up. Let me feel you in my arms." I said. I helped Mone to her heels. She arched her neck to kiss my lips as I brought them down to touch hers. I moved my hands to cup her ass. She wiggled causing her nipples to bounce on my chest. I felt her erect nipples rub on my skin. She let go of our embrace. She then untied her bathing suit bottoms. She pulled it off to the side. She dropped it on the floor. "Sit on the edge of the couch. Bring that closer to me." I said.

Mone sat on the edge of the couch. She brought her right hand to touch her bald pussy. She traced her long red nail on the front of her pussy. I smiled. I just wanted to eat her pussy. Usually I tease a girl before licking her pussy. But this time I just fell face first into her pussy. I put my nose on her skin as I stuck my tongue inside her pussy. "Yes! Yes! Yes! O god that feels nice. Your tongue is so wide." she moaned. I inched deeper inside her very wet pussy. I held her thighs open with my two big hands. She moved her heels wider to let my tongue go deeper. I wet my two fingers on my right hand. I gently put them on her cunt lips spreading her apart. Mone rocked her pussy into my mouth. She slammed her head back on the couch. I was eating this hot Latin women like no pussy I had eaten before. She was close to having her first orgasm. I licked on her labia as I moved my wet fingers inside her. I turned them to gently rub under her hood. She screamed as I felt her pussy muscles contract. She held my mouth on her open pussy. I could taste her as she caught her breath.

"Fuck baby! That was nice. Get on you knees. Bring that monster closer." she moaned. I watched as she moved her ass over the edge of the cushion. She circled her small fingers around my cock. She inched her pussy closer. She then pushed my cock into her tight pussy. Her cunt lips moved around my purple cock head. I felt her juices go up the side of my shaft. She started to fuck my cock faster. She brought her pussy up to meet my cock going down. She did that for a few minutes before I pushed her back on the couch. She grabbed around my waist. She pulled my tan body closer. I plunged my cock in deeper as she screamed. "Yes! Yes!" she said. Her eyes followed mine as I watched her whole body shake under mine. I slammed my cock in her pussy. I started to lick her carmal colored breast as she pushed them together. I brought both her big nipples together as I sucked on them.

My cock was buried deep inside her. My balls bounced on her skin under her pussy. They were wet now from her pussy juices. I put my hands on the back of the couch as I fucked her harder. After a few minutes we switched. I was on my back with my cock on the edge. She lowered her pussy on my cock. She put her hands on my chest. I watched her big breast flop on her chest. I pinched her big nipples again causing her to fall on my chest. I held her ass and forced my cock in deeper. She screamed as she orgasm from my cock. "Fuck! Fuck! Wait! Wait! God I never cum like this. Your cock is so big. Wait!!!!!" she moaned. I stopped to let her catch her breath. I grabbed her breast letting them stop on her chest. She looked down on me as her pussy exploded around my cock.

I had her turn around. She put my wet cock back in her tight pussy. She moved her hands on the side of my chest. I then slap her ass for the first time. She moved faster on my cock. I pulled her hair causing her to moan. "God I love your cock baby. Faster! Faster! Don't you fucking stop! Fuck me!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed. I pounded her pussy faster. I could feel my balls slap up and down inside her thick thighs. Her ass felt and looked amazing against my skin. I pulled her ass apart watching her skin turn white then back to its fine dark tan. Mone smiled. She moaned then she fell back. I held her around her waist. I picked her up and down on my cock. She screamed as I kept fucking her faster.

She orgasm one more time before I tapped on her ass. She looked over her shoulder down at me. I smiled as she climbed off my cock. I watched as my cock fell out her tight pussy. It was covered from her pussy juices. She was dripping as she put her finger in her pussy. She curled her finger to have me get on the floor. "I know what you want. I never let anybody fucking my like this. Your the first in awhile. I can tell you love my ass. So here!!!!" said Mone. She turned around shoving her ass back at me. I got on my knees. I put my cock near her pussy. She put her hands in front of her face. She was reaching to grab the bottom of the couch. She arched her back letting her large breast rest on the floor. Her thighs expanded. Her legs moved. I moved her Wedges together as I moved them between my legs. I leaned down then up sticking my wet cock into her pussy.

I started to fuck her doggy style. I started to fuck her faster. I looked down to see her ass move from me fucking her. My cock disappeared under her ass as I fucked her pussy. I move my hands spreading her ass open. She rocks her ass back. I stop fucking Mone. "Fuck me! Slam that ass back. Use my cock. That it! Fuck me....MMMmmmm god your hot." I screamed. I reached forward to grab her long hair. I whirl her hair around in my left hand. I have my cock deep inside her. I begin to pull her hair and slap her ass again. I use my finger nails to scratch down her back. I then scratch her ass causing her to bounce on my cock. I move my body on her back. I push her hair from her neck. I begin to bite her neck as she fucks me faster. I try to bite her ear but she has a big orgasm on my cock again. "God! That was so hot." I yell as I pull out of her wet pussy. Mone moved on her back. I move my cock between her breast. I start to fuck her warm breast. I pinch then together around my cock. "Fuck! Shoot your big load. YES!~~~~~~~~~" she screams. I can feel my cock erupt. Big jets of white goo pour out onto her hot skin. She licks her breast. She then cleans of my cock as I fall on the floor next to her.

"I'll be right back." said Mone. I was still on the floor trying not to smile. I watched her ass move as she went into the kitchen. A few minutes later I saw her walk back inside. She had a note in one hand and something else her left hand. "Here ten dollars. I got your note off my door the other day. Did you forget you wrote it on the back of your bank deposit slip. I saw your name. Buck Kelly. How much do I owe the paper boy?" she said with a big smile. "Ummmm..." I mouthed. "Maybe you get off that floor and fuck me in my room. Will call it even. Plus what ever good photos you got. We can send them to the agency. I want one of that big cock of yours. We need to see you get a bigger paper route. I have some sexy big Latina friends who could use your skills. Let go! Move it." Mone said.

"Knock! Knock!" I looked at the front door. "Don't answer it. It's the land lord. She needs to get her money for this month's rent. By the way. How much do you get paid. I could use a pool boy to go along with my paper boy. Tomorrow after you bring me my paper. Come around the the back of the house. I'll leave the door unlocked. I better feel your mouth on my pussy before 7:30. I need to get off before going to school. God your cock already hard paper boy. Come fuck me paper boy!!!" said Mone.