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The Fantasy Of Rape

2023-01-24 00:08:22

The Fantasy of Rape

This, is a rather interesting subject, and can be very different depending on ones point of view. That is, male or female. I have a friend that works at a Adult Video Arcade, and has also worked at a large adult theater. He has told me on numerous occasions, and even he was quite surprised by the number of women who have expressed to him, their fantasy about being raped, most of the women he talked with were young women however their were several that were not so young!

Any woman that has been involved in a case of real rape that was brutal, forceful and life threatening will tell you that it was not her idea of fun, great sex, or enjoyable.

But fantasy and the thought of this happening to some, seems to be quite erotic. So to really be raped is probably not at all what they want. When i had the use of Steve's basement, Over the years their were about a dozen couples and several single girls that wanted this sort of fantasy to happen. Now you have to remember this was in the early 80s long before aids turned out to be the problem it did.

Steve always turned the details of this kind of get together over to me, as he knew, that my girl and i were into ropes and knots as well as kinky sex. It was my thing to talk with each couple to see that what she, or they wanted would happen. Steve had a close circle of trusted male friends that he could always count on. Some i knew and others i did not. So every time i needed a half dozen or more guys, on a particular night i had this list to pick from. Several of these couples i knew quite well, and others i had met only several evenings before hand. Most liked the idea that Steve had this big old house, he was a nice guy and that they trusted him and i to come up with what ever they wanted. Most of these encounters were pretty much the same, in that i would usually pick the gal up at the couples place. She would dress accordingly, did she want her clothes ripped off did she want it rough, did she want to feel like she was being kidnapped. Did she want to be bound and blindfolded, did she want more than one guy to bring her down in the basement, Or did her husband want to bring her there.

All of these scenarios were accomplished at one time or another. I would get her in my car dressed to the nines or with something from good will that was easily ripped off. Normally about six guys would either be there or would show up when she first entered the basement. By the way it always took at least six guys to really satisfy one horny women!

One of the first couples i met, that were involved in sex games, after moving to the N/W was Butch and Cheryl. He, had been married before, and when i met them they were just living together, they later married. She was in her early 20s and he was in his middle 30s the first time i met her was when i was invited to their house so that we could talk about some of the things they did and wanted to do. I was setting on their sofa in the front room when Cheryl came out of the bed room totally nude and butch told her to start humping the arm of the sofa right next to me!. I was very impressed. Butch went on to explain that during their early dating and after they were living together, he would occasionally send her over to different friends houses so that Cheryl could make love to them!. If you were a single guy and your friend, sent his lovely young girl friend over to your house so that she could have sex with you..... How would you handle this? Apparently this happened on more than one occasion. Cheryl loved sex and almost any kind of sex.

She was a beautiful young woman, and during the time i knew her, struggled with weight and was up and down with diets and other things she had a great body 38"DD boobs a smile that was inviting and like my girl was one of the nicest people you would ever want to know.

She also loved Butch and would do anything he asked. Cheryl was the kind of gal that made any man, that was with her think, that she belonged to only him. Anyway i picked Cheryl up several times, she on this occasion dressed in a rather revealing black evening dress. I put a blindfold on her cuffed her wrists and put her in my Toyota with the passenger seat folded down. Once in the garage and then in the basement had her dress off leaving her in only a half bra and bikini panties, several of the guys were already there. She would usually go down on her Knees, and with her hands behind her back would easily and happily give blow jobs until everyone was hard or satisfied she really liked to suck guys off especially when they would cum, in that when they got off she would aggressively keep sucking on them, and on several occasions almost brought a couple of grown men to their knees!!!... I would then get her up off the floor chain her hands over her head, where she was easily fucked over a dozen times, once her husband Butch came by, and fucked her brains out and left. She did not know he was one of the guys that did her, and when i brought her home later that evening he asked, did you have a nice time hon?, Her answer was yes, best time ever....

Ken and Julie were another couple that wanted the rape fantasy, she was also another gal we did this to on more than several occasions, they were in their 40s and she was an attractive woman with a nice body 38C's 5' 8" tall and seemed to like almost any kind of sex. Like Cheryl she loved to give blow jobs. Ken liked to have her act like a dog, he would bring her over and have her strip then he would put a dog collar on her and make her get down on her hands and knees, and lead her around on a leash between giving blow jobs, and occasionally would have her set up and bark just like a dog. She seemed to enjoy being treated this way!.. She was the one that suggested going to good will for clothes that could be ripped off. I later used this idea on my girl with great success. Ken would bring her over, bound gagged and blindfolded we would get her down in the basement and usually cuff her hands over her head along with her ankles, from there each person would whisper or say quite loudly in her ear what they were going to do to her. Ken would usually be the first to to start ripping off her cloths. She would squeal wiggle and try to get loose as much as she could while being bound and gagged, trying to play up the part of a rape victim as much as possible. This was great fun and quite exciting and enjoyable to all parties, but certainly not real rape!.

Jan and John were another couple that used this scenario and Steve's basement several times. He answered Steve's ad and had told him, what Jan and he had talked about doing. I then met him, at the local topless and bottomless bar to discuss the details. We had quite a conversation about what i did to my girl and what Jan wanted done to her!. One of the patrons setting next to us became quite interested in our conversation, much to our amusement and i think we could easily have had another guy to help out!. John was a big handsome guy they, he and Jan had been married right out of high school and had never really dated anyone else. Jan thought she was a frumpy house wife that time had passed by and that most men would not give her even a second look especially now with three kids and in her late 20s, this i can assure you was not the case. She was dark haired about 5'6" tall a little on the slim side, had soft 36" breasts that sagged a little a bottom that was equally soft, and had well over 2" of what i call gap, that is the distance between her inner thighs. I think a lot of women are either born this way or maybe it has something to do with giving birth, where their pelvic bone naturally spreads, but in my opinion it really enhances how their bottom is shaped and is what i think quite erotic. John was trying to prove to her that she was still an attractive woman, and that other men would not only be interested in her, but would also want to sexually use her. He told her that under the right circumstances and if she was in the right place, would easily be kidnapped and repeatedly raped, she was having a hard time believing anyone would be interested in her as a rape victim or a sex object. I had taken John over to Steve's and showed him the basement and all the toys and props we had, and set up a time a date and gave him directions on how to get there. When the time came for our first session he got lost on the way over, could not find the place and had to take the blindfold off Jan so that she could show him how to get there!!!.., Pretty good when your rape victim wants to help, in being raped!. Once in the basement and bound, usually we would start with hands over her head and legs secured she was wearing only a red and black nighty, John had brought her to Steve's wearing only a coat over it, much like the way i did my girl. She also was blindfolded and gagged as each guy started first playing with her and with one in the front and another in the back really started pounding her. She responded and with such aggressive force, i thought she was going to hurt herself!!!.. as her wrists started to turn blue she was pulling so hard and trying to thrust herself and impale herself on whoever was in her, she easily took on six guys plus her husband, was looking for more and could have easily taken on another six. Several days later when i talked to her on the phone she told me it was one of the best sexual experiences she had ever had! and was getting turned on just thinking and talking about it and that she wanted to do it again but next time with more guys at least a dozen!!!..

These three women, and the others that spent time in Steve's basement all did so willingly for the most part, and is what i think most women would allow themselves to indulge in, as it was certainly not real, by the definition of rape.

One other couple of some interest i had the pleasure of their company in Steve,s basement was John and Pam this couple was the only one of all that wanted something close to real rape. We always referred to John as Dr John. He was a big guy probably in his 40s, I never asked, but i think Pam was in her early 30s. My contact with them was always through Pam, i do not know, maybe he was a real Doctor? He belonged to a group of guys that had very large cock's, and was white, he along with Oliver, Leon, Willie, and Monroe who were all black helped out on a number of occasions, when the girl involved wanted hard sex with some really big cock.

Both Pam and john came to Steve's one evening to discuss just what he wanted done to her, he also insisted that he would supply at least half of the guys that were going to rape her, she set on the couch next to him and never said a word, and only nodded yes each time i asked questions. First, i asked how many guys, John said a dozen, did you want her tied and blindfolded, did you want her clothes ripped off, did you want really rough and abusive treatment, John said yes to everything, and added that he wanted her whipped with our belts especially her pussy!!!... He wanted us to use what ever toys we had and the bigger the better. He said he would bring a bunch of metal clamps and that we were to clamp as many as we could, and to the most sensitive parts of her body, which meant her breasts, nipples, bottom, and pussy. He also said he wanted to see plenty of black and blue marks all over her when we were done!!!.... I asked Pam is this what you want?, thinking that John had over exaggerated to a large extent exactly what he wanted and that Pam would say no to most of what he said. To my surprise this was one of the few times when she not only nodded her head up and down. She also said yes and could we please do it soon!!!!...

Late the following Saturday evening, Dr John showed up at Steve's front door with Pam. His house had tall hedges along both sides of the house that afforded privacy to the front door. They had been accompanied by Oliver, Leon, Willie, and Monroe, the others that had been waiting for them to arrive, had just gone down into the basement to get ready. It was obvious that Pam had already been severely manhandled as she was only wearing what was left of her blouse that had mostly been ripped off, her breasts were exposed and were quite red and on her nipples were metal clamps. Pam was an attractive woman she had a shapely figure black hair and full 36" breasts and her pussy was shaved leaving only a small black patch of hair just above her clit. She was wearing a black leather head harness attached to a wide slave collar that had a removable ball gag. The collar and ball were fastened very tight. She was totally nude from the waist down and had a number of metal clamps up and down the lips of her pussy and one clamped directly to her clit. Her bottom and thighs were also dark red, apparently on the way over in the car she had really been paddled, clamped and abused. Her breathing was ragged and although she was not crying, had what looked like very painful tears in her eyes. Her hands had been tied very tight behind her back and two of the guys had hold of her arms, she was wearing black heels and having a hard time standing. The two guys holding her arms bent her over and Leon pulled out an enormous black hard on and placed the head between the clamps and then pulled her lips apart by using several of them while John put his hands on her shoulders and was pushing Pam back against Leon's gigantic cock as hard as he could forcing it all the way in. Her pussy really stretched as the mound and lips puffed out she groaned as it went in with saliva dripped out around the gag. This was followed by him really ramming and fucking her hard for several minutes.

After which she was pulled along stumbling a bit through the living room and down the stairs into the basement. Once in the smaller room her hands were untied and the rest of her blouse was quickly ripped off. Along with this the clamps were also removed, she squealed an jerked as they were unclamped and she was then lifted up and laid on her back back on a small padded table, of the six guys that came with John, four had her arms and legs and were holding her apart she was struggling some, but they were having no trouble holding her wide. At first one of Johns helpers had removed his belt and with her legs apart started whipping her inner thighs first, followed by her pussy she was sobbing some as the gag was removed, she was barely able to speak and was trying to say not my pussy, as John took his belt and smacked her pussy at least a dozen times more mostly on her clit.

One of the two guys with the large cocks was holding her head with the harness while the other was opening her mouth and started forcing his, enormous cock in her mouth and down her throat. At first it almost gagged her but with her head hanging down and being held that way, she was able to take about half of his gigantic cock.., he was telling her to suck on it harder while holding her head up!

Of the other six guys each one was taking his turn at pounding her wide open muff until all six had gotten off. The guys holding her were trading places with those that had already used her, and the big dicked ones were now starting to really fuck her, it is truly amazing how big of a cock one girls pussy can accept along with how many.

I had never seen a woman fucked this hard, for so long and as many times and this was one of the roughest and abusive sexual encounters i had seen. We have all heard about such things and have seen videos of similar gang bangs that are more theatrical than real, but you can usually tell the ones where the girl involved has taken on more than she can handle.

Most of us at one time or another males, have seen a drunk woman leave a bar by herself she is dressed to the nines and can hardly walk and think to ourselves wow she could easily be a rape victim, and on the other hand many young females have taken a short cut at night through a field on your way home knowing you shouldn't but you did it anyway with the thrill, excitement and uncertainty?. Its just like with my girl, when she was in her 20s and still so naively innocent in some ways. Could not get the car started and had to walk home from the store. A man in the parking lot offered her a ride, he was a nice looking older man and it wasn't that far so she got in, and she was relived, disappointed when he actually took her home!. I have of course on numerous occasions, especially when she was in a very uncompromising position, threatened her with the comment the mad rapest is out there he knows your in here and is just waiting for his chance to do you! Her retort has always been , I am so scared!!!...

Not very often does one get to see some really hard sex. This session with John and Pam was the hardest and brutal pounding of a woman i had witnessed. But even it was consensual, and was still a far cry from real Rape.