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A Good Spanking Never Hurt Anyone

2022-05-27 00:00:03

Fbailey story number 547

A Good Spanking Never Hurt Anyone

There is an old saying, “Spare the rod, spoil the child.” Of course there is such a thing as child abuse but not to the extent that the ‘system’ carries it. I firmly believe that there is a difference between a spanking and child abuse. My father was beat with a hickory switch, I was beat with a belt, and my daughter gets beat with my bare hand. I believe that things are improving, at least in my family.

Then when Crystal turned thirteen she decided that she was too grown up to be spanked. I told her that if she acted like a child then she would be treated like one and if she acted like an adult then she would be treated as one.

Apparently when another girl suggested that they skip school and make out with her brother she thought she was acting as an adult. When the school told me that my daughter had not shown up for school that day, and who else was missing, I went to her house. I walked around the house and heard them laughing in the front room. I listened through the closed window and I also found a small opening in the drapes to peek through.

I watched as they each drank a beer and a marijuana joint was then passed around. When he started groping my daughter’s tits I almost lost it. However, his own sister stripped naked and started sucking his cock. She had nice titties and I could then imagine what my daughter’s tits would look like. Soon my daughter was naked and helping her girlfriend suck on the boy’s cock.

That was my cue. I knocked on the window and scared the hell out of them. They grabbed their clothes and they ran. I rang the doorbell for a good fifteen minutes before my daughter finally decided to face the music.

All I did was take her by her arm and lead her to my car. She got in and I drove off. At home I showed her a few pictures from my cell phone. Then I told her that she needed to be punished, that she needed to be spanked, and that she needed to be naked.

Crystal just looked at me. Then she told me that she wanted to be punished as an adult. I asked her why she thought that she was an adult. She told me that she had been naked in front of a boy, given part of a blowjob, and participated in a threesome. I told her that I had seen all of that and had pictures too. She then told me that she and her girlfriend had made out, tried oral sex, and shared her mother’s double-ended dildo last weekend when they had a sleepover. I though about it for a while and said that I wanted to have sex with her. That as an adult she should give me her virginity.

She thought it over and said, “Okay, but not because you would spank me, because I want you to be my first.”

I asked, “Then why were you naked and sucking that boy’s cock?”

Crystal smiled and said, “So that he could fuck his sister.”

I asked, “What?”

Crystal giggled and said, “You see, we really enjoyed that dildo last weekend and the subject of incest always makes us cum. Then since I don’t have a brother I picked you, but she picked her brother. I was to help her seduce him and she was going to help me seduce you. However, you interrupted us.”

I asked, “What’s so special about incest?”

Crystal looked at me as if I were crazy then she said, “Come on Dad, you’re the one with all those books, magazines, and movies hidden in the cellar.”

I asked, “What books, magazines, and movies.”

Suddenly my daughter looked shocked, she covered her mouth for a moment, and then she asked, “Are they Mom’s?”

She took me down into the cellar and there behind the washing machine was an old dresser that had always been turned around and used as a folding table. Crystal turned it around enough to pull out the top drawer. It was practically full of books, old paperback book, and the kind of books that guys used to read as they jerked off. In the next drawer was an assortment of dirty magazines. Then in the bottom drawer were old 8mm film reels, VHS tapes, and some newer DVDs too. It was a collection that had been passed down to my wife.

My daughter was reading off the titles on the book bindings. They were mostly of incest and being spanked.

Then there in the very bottom was a notebook. It started out with my wife’s grandfather, it was an accounting of him spanking and fucking his wife and three daughters. Then the entries were from my wife’s mother, it was an accounting of how she got her husband to spank and fuck her and her two daughters. Then the entries were from my wife on how she failed to get me to spank her and my daughter and force Crystal into a life of incest, ruining a three-generation tradition. In the bottom of the magazine drawer was an old photo album. In it were nude pictures of every girl in my wife’s family including nude pictures of my daughter.

I looked at my daughter and she said, “Mom said that she just wanted to have some of me as I grew into womanhood that’s all.”

Then I asked, “Is this where you girls got the idea that incest was good?”

Crystal said, “Yes. All of these books say how much it heightens their sexual arousal. The magazines are of fathers and brothers fucking the young girls. The movies are quite graphic but I couldn’t find anything for the old movies and our VHS machine broke a couple of years ago.”

I took Crystal up to the living room and we waited for my wife to come home. She was surprised to find me there but I told her that I had gotten a call about our daughter skipping school. Then I told her that Crystal had decided to become an adult and that instead of a spanking that she wanted me to fuck her and take her virginity. Then I asked my wife what she thought about it. I watched her hands shake, her face go flush, and then she sat down in such a way as to allow me a full view of her wet panties.

She looked at me and said, “Well it’s about time. I’ve been trying to get you more involved with our daughter. Go ahead, fuck her, and take her virginity. But I want to watch.”

The wet spot in the gusset of her panties got darker and larger.

Crystal said, “Mom instead of just watching will you take my punishment with me? Dad wants to spank me too.”

That wet spot just kept getting bigger and bigger.

Then I said, “Crystal found your stash in the cellar and she showed it to me. We also found your grandfathers diary and the family photo album.”

My wife said, “Then you know what I need, punish me.”

I pulled her out of her chair, swung her around, and sat down with her over my knee. Her skirt went up and her panties went down and then for the very first time I raised a hand to my wife. When it came down there was a resounding slap, the jiggle of her ass, and a sting running through my hand.

She let out a gasp and then said, “Oh God honey, you have no idea how badly I have need that. Don’t hurt your hand, use a wooden spoon, and make me so sore that I can’t sit down for a week. Please! Since my father died I haven’t had a good spanking and I’m in desperate need of one.”

Crystal handed me the big wooden spoon from the kitchen. I raised it up and lowered it with some force. My wife cried out but then stifled her screams. The harder I spanked her the more she liked it. I had lost count, not that I had actually tried to keep track, then Crystal said, “One hundred.”

I stopped and looked at the red welts on her bare ass, I also saw how wet her thighs were from the pleasure that I had given her. When she got up my pant leg was wet too.

Then my naked daughter lay across my lap and asked, “Can you just use your hand on me until I get used to it?”

I handed the spoon to my wife and spanked my daughter just twenty times. When I inserted a finger into her pussy it came out wet. I thought about fucking her right there in that chair with her on top, I thought about fucking her on the floor, and then I took her up to her own bedroom and had her get in her own bed. I undressed and got in position with my wife watching and smiling. I looked into Crystal’s face and entered her. She smiled. Then I penetrated her fully and started to make love to my little girl.

She looked me right in the eye after her first orgasm and said, “A good spanking never hurt anyone.”

My wife said, “Some of my best orgasms were during spankings. My father was good at it but your father isn’t bad. With a little more practice he could even become better than my father was. When that time comes I’ll invite my sister for a visit.”

That thought alone put me over the edge and I came in my daughter’s pussy. As my cum shot into her I saw the more recent pictures in that album of my wife and her sister, standing together naked, and her sister was absolutely beautiful. I had not seen my sister-in-law in ten years and never naked. Now I was going to get a chance to fuck her…even if I did have to spank her first.

I looked my daughter in the eyes as my cock slipped from within her and said, “I see what you meant about incest being exciting. You’re right.”

My wife said, “Oh I am so happy to finally hear you say that.”

I made my wife go to work the next day because it was Friday and we would have two full days to get better acquainted with spanking and incest.

The End
A Good Spanking Never Hurt Anyone