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The Man of Sin: Chapter 10

2023-01-23 00:01:55

Chapter 10

“Oh God! Please! No more!”

Sister Olivia was sobbing on the floor, having woken up in the church for another night of torture. She still believed this to just be a recurring nightmare. Xavier strode towards her, a hungry gleam to his eyes. He gave her a hard kick, knocking her onto her back and then setting his foot on her throat.

“That’s right, keep begging. Beg for mercy.”

She tried to push him off her, struggling to breathe. “Please, I just want this to stop! I don’t want to suffer anymore!”

“The suffering will never stop, not as long as I can laugh at your screams and lick up your tears. Now, let’s see how long it will take for you to beg for death.”

He took a few steps back and snapped his fingers. Her nightgown and underwear was burned off her body, and from the ceiling and walls, hooked threads lunged for her like the tongues of frogs. The hooks all dug into her skin like sutures, each one an inch apart, making her cry out in full-body agony. The ones going through her nipples and labia hurt the most. Heightening the volume of her screams, the threads all became taut, and as one, lifted her into the air. She hung above the pews, blood streaming from her wounds. Every drop caught the light of the surrounding candles like a molten ruby, while the web of threads almost looked like the wings of a demented angel. Her eyes were rolled back into her head, her mind struggling to retain its sanity. Xavier stood under her, opening his mouth and catching the drops of her blood on his tongue like they were snowflakes.

Reaching into his coat pockets, he pulled out two metal dildos, connected by a wire. He inserted them into her ass and pussy, and by holding the wire, channeled a violent electric current into the sex toys. Sister Olivia screamed and thrashed as a near flesh-melting charge was driven into her rectum and her cervix. The shock to her genitals invoked something that could not be called an orgasm, but made her give a similar cry, regardless of how agonizing it was. Electrocution was one of Xavier’s favorite methods of torture, especially to the erogenous zones.

The charges dropped and jumped like a heartbeat, pulsing through her muscles and making her jerk. Every time she moved, she inadvertently pulled against the hooks in her skin, widening the injuries. It didn’t take long for her to rip free of one, and like an opening zipper, it caused a domino effect in which her weight overpowered the hooks’ hold on her. In a vast splatter of blood, over a hundred deep cuts were opened across her body from the hooks ripping free. She fell to the floor with the entire front of her body as a shredded mess. Only her face remained recognizable.

Xavier snapped his fingers and her body was fully healed, leaving her in utter shock from the indescribable pain she had just suffered. “Don’t tell me you’re tired already? You know we still have hours left before you need to wake up.”

The next night, Sister Olivia was on all fours, crawling with bibles from the pews stacked on her back. She was wearing horse blinders with a gag in her mouth, and weights were hanging from her pierced nipples and pussy lips. She was sobbing as the metal spheres pulled on her, struggling to maintain her balance. Every “step” she took was agony, but she couldn’t let her balance falter. She reached out with her hand, but went out too far. The swinging of the weights on her nipples made her flinch, causing one of the bibles to fall off.

‘Oh no! Oh God, no!’

It hit the ground, and with it, the end of Xavier’s cattle prod was pressed to her rear end. She collapsed as the shock ravaged her, screaming in agony. He ground it deep into her soft flesh like he was putting out a cigarette, laughing as he did so. “Bad girl, you let them fall. Your posture is a disgrace.”

He gave a twirl of his finger and she was pulled back up onto all fours and the bibles returned to her back. “Now, again.”

Trying not to shake her body, she gave a tearful nod and continued crawling. A new burn wound was forming on her ass, one of countless others from the hour spent in this horrible exercise.

The night after, Sister Olivia was hovering in the church, her limbs outstretched and unmoving. She was rotating as if in a gyroscope, while above her, a hundred candles burned. A glob of liquid wax fell from one of the candles and splattered on her hip, making her whine. It felt like a drop of burning gasoline. Another one fell, this one hitting her face. For every one that made its mark, dozens missed her by mere centimeters and fell down to the floor.

Xavier was below her, watching with a grin. “Tell me, which is worse? The pain?” A red blot splattered on her areola, just barely missing her nipple. She cried and tried to pull at her invisible bonds, feeling the wax searing the tender skin. “Or the anticipation? At any moment, one drop could fall and land right in your eye.”

She continued to turn, and above her, the top of one of the candles gave way like a mudslide, and a tablespoon of molten wax splashed across her ass.

“That’s how your students felt, wondering when you would snap and take out your irrational rage on them. You see, that’s the difference between us. Your sadism goes hand in hand with your temper and thin skin. Speaking of thin skin…” Olivia whimpered as several drops hit her face, peppering her like freckles. One had hit her eyelid and she was blinking to try and cool it. “Oh, yeah, the face hurts the most. The skin is really thin and filled with nerve endings. It’s why face tattoos are so rare, even amongst the most devoted ink enthusiasts.”

She screamed as drop hit her left labia lip, hurting her even more than the ones across her face.

“While me, I’m always in control. People aren’t my victims; they are my toys. But you…” He swirled his fingers, causing all of the candles to overturn. A sheet of melted wax poured on her, scalding the front of her body. Her breasts and pussy felt like they were being burned off and her clitoris felt like it was being jabbed with a car lighter. “You’re my punching bag.”

Blood was pouring onto the floor, with Olivia wondering how much she would have to lose before she died. She was hanging from the ceiling with shackles around her wrists. Xavier was using his powers to restore her blood reserves, keeping her alive and conscious. Dangling from his fingertips were wires, formed from his own body. He swung one hand and whiplashed her with the wires, controlling their movements and increasing their weight. She cried out as five cuts opened across her breasts, as if he had just slashed her with box cutters.

“A strange feeling, isn’t it? The feel of a blade cutting your flesh? It stings, like when you drag your fingernail across a sunburn.” He slashed her again, this time across the thighs. Her legs were completely painted with blood. “Can you feel the weight of your skin pulling at the cuts? Spreading them apart?”

He delivered several deep cuts on her wrists, severing every vein. Grinning, he used his powers to not only restore her blood as it was lost, but produce more and raise her blood pressure. The crimson fluid was spraying from her wrists, drenching her in a shower. She tried to see through it all, feeling it turning her hair into sticky rope. She could feel the pressure in her veins, in her brain. Her heart didn’t know what to do with all the blood, whether to slow down or speed up.

“Then there is the next layer of pain. It comes from your own body, the sting of the salt in your blood and sweat. Ironic, isn’t it?”

Letting himself become drenched, Xavier leaned in and began slurping up the blood off her tits like it was melted ice cream, indulging his demonic thirst. He then crouched down, letting the blood run down his throat as he licked her pussy. “Ah, delicious. The taste of a virgin woman.”

In his hand appeared a wineglass, which his used to collect the blood pouring from her wounds. He took a few steps away, drinking from the glass gluttonously and then pouring it on his face. “To people like you, blood is repulsive. That salty, iron taste. But to people like me… well, I don’t think “people” is the right word… blood is delicious. It’s sweet as sugar, like tea almost.”

Turning back around, he threw the glass at the statue of Jesus at the back of the church and struck it in the face. Once he had had his fill, he stood back up and swung both of his arms. Obeying his will, the wires wrapped around Sister Olivia’s body in the tortoiseshell formation.

“Watch out, folks! Rows 1 through 4 are a splash zone!”

He pulled on the wires in a sudden, violent jerk. The binds sheered through her skin and the walls of the church became splattered with gore.

Sister Olivia wandered back and forth in her bedroom, muttering prayers to herself to try and stay awake. It was three in the morning but she refused to let herself fall asleep. If she didn’t sleep, she couldn’t dream, and if she couldn’t dream, that man couldn’t get her. She didn’t care how long she had to stay awake; she couldn’t handle another night of torture. She rubbed her eyes, trying to ease the stinging dryness. She pulled her hands away and found herself no longer in her room. She had been transported into the church. She immediately screamed and fell to her knees, beating herself to try and wake up from this “dream”.

Xavier stood over, chuckling in amusement at her fear. “Oh, don’t tell me you still think this is a dream.” Her sobbing stopped and she looked up at him with wide eyes. “That’s right, you heard me. All this time, you thought that it was your conscience torturing you, projecting my image as the one who defied you and punished you in ways that you never thought possible. But I am real, this is all happening. It’s time for you to learn who your master is.”

Leaning down, he pressed his tongue to her neck, making her scream as she was branded. He pulled away, leaving her flesh smoldering. She covered the wound with her hand and gasped as she felt the three sixes. “No… it can’t be… the mark of the Beast… Then that means you are…”

“The one and only. The bible says that in Armageddon, I will be defeated and Christ shall bring about a thousand years of peace, but is that true? I stand unopposed, with no God above me, no nemesis before me, and all of mankind below me. It is time for humanity to learn its place. It is time for a new world order. Soon, you and every other human will bow before me and the earth will become mine.” He then reached into his pants and pulled out his cock. “But until then, I think I’ll settle with raping you until you bleed.”

Helena sat in Father Hauser’s hospital room, clutching his hand and listening to the sound of his heart monitor. She visited him every day, every time she had the chance. She needed him to wake up, but a part of her hoped he wouldn’t, because then it would mean Xavier had done something kind and had kept his word. But why did she feel that way? What was it that was twisting her emotions this way?

She opened her mouth, feeling the need to say something, but unsure of what. “Everyone misses you at the school. Especially me.” The comatose priest did not reply. A minute passed by. She did not know why she said it, but she uttered the words. “Xavier is the Antichrist and he’s holding me captive.”

For once, her collar didn’t act up and her throat didn’t close. It seemed that since she was confessing to someone who couldn’t actually hear her, it didn’t count as revealing his secret. Either way, she shuddered in relief, as if a neck massager was pressed right to a knot in her back. Words failed to describe how good it felt to at last say what the problem was, even if Father Hauser couldn’t help her.

“He’s a horrible, deceitful man. He says he wants to take over the world and make me his queen.” She let out a bitter laugh, feeling the fermented tension melting from her soul. “He thinks that he can win me over. Again and again, I’ve watched him rape my roommate while I was paralyzed in my bed. Once or twice, he even molested me. He would do this thing with his fingers and… ugh, you don’t want to hear about that.”

From there, it all erupted into a slurry of words, as everything Helena had bottled up came flooding out. Strange, though, that she was smiling while she spoke, even when she described some of the most terrible moments of her situation. There were times when she began to cry while telling the story, but still, she smiled and even laughed.

“Please, Father, I need your advice. I hate him. I hate him so much that I can’t even describe it. So why? Why is that the longer he’s around, the easier it is from him to make me smile and laugh? I’ll think back to all the times he raped Sophie and I’ll remember the sound of her screams of pain, I’ll remember all those humiliating trials he put me through, but then in my mind, I’ll see him with that dog in the park. I’ll remember when he protected me from Sister Olivia and helped me with those muggers. I imagine myself back in the pool.

He keeps saying that he’ll win my heart, but I don’t want him to. I don’t want to fall in love with him. I just want to hate him and feel nothing but that. Every day, my will weakens and it becomes harder and harder for me to fight back against him. If I at least knew what I was supposed to do, it would be different. I’m all alone and I have no clue how to beat him. Please, tell me how I can put a stop to this. How I can make everything go back to the way it was before?” At last the room was silent, and after some deep breaths, she smiled, gave a sad sigh, and stood up. “I didn’t think so, but thank you… for listening.”

Feeling like her soul was a fraction of its former weight, she left the hospital and began the walk back to her school. It was a beautiful day, and for that brief reprieve, it felt like nothing could go wrong and everything was as it should be. Then, of course…


Helena was knocked to the ground as she turned a corner and bumped into someone. Looking up, she muttered a very unchristian swear. Xavier was looking down at her, a quizzical expression on his face. “Huh. You may not believe me, but I actually had no plans to bother you today, so this is quite interesting.”

He offered to help her up but she smacked his hand aside and got to her feet. “Yeah, right. Why else would you bump into me like this?”

“I actually had business in town and was making my way back to the school. I’m guessing you’re doing the same. Let’s walk together.”

“You’re just going to follow me if I go an alternate route, aren’t you?”


Helena gave a loud groan and strode past him. “You’re not allowed to hold my hand or do anything like that.”

Xavier chuckled. “Yes dear.”

For the first few minutes, the walking was silent. Helena almost forgot that Xavier was there. Soon enough though, it broke.

“You were visiting Father Hauser, weren’t you?”

Helen straightened her posture and deepened her voice. “Yes, I was.”

“You said before that he was like an actual father to you, what did you mean?” Helena didn’t respond, not wanting him anywhere near her memories or personal secrets. “You know, I reversed his brain damage and I removed a really nasty tumor on his pancreas. You could at least talk to me.”

‘Goddammit, now he’s guilt-tripping me.’

She took a deep breath, working up the courage to speak. “When I came here, to Rosewood University… I hated men. I absolutely despised them and thought I could never trust them. Hell, it wasn’t even men, I was just afraid of everybody. I would attack anyone who came close to me. I was like a wild animal, nothing more than a feral creature in a schoolgirl outfit. Soon after I arrived, I found myself in the corner of the cafeteria. I had taken a knife from the kitchen and was swinging it at the teachers trying to approach. I was high on adrenaline and terror, and thought that they would do something terrible to me if they got me.”

She glanced up at Xavier and saw a peculiar look on his face. He was stoic… almost somber.

“Then Father Hauser came. He was smiling, but I didn’t trust him. A lot of men smiled before doing something cruel. He reached out to me and I stabbed at his hand. The blade went through his palm like the stigmata, but with little more than a wince of pain, he clutched my hand and said, “God will forgive you if you are sorry, but don’t do something that you can’t forgive”. I just fell apart and burst into tears and he held me with his hand still bleeding. From then on, he was like an actual father to me. He taught me to trust people, how to not live in fear and anger, and to accept the love of God. He’s been my oldest friend, as well as my dearest.”

She came to a stop, lost in thought, feeling like her emotions were going to pour out of her like tears. She then turned as Xavier gently interlaced his fingers with hers, raised her hand, and kissed the back of it. It took her a moment to react to the gentle action, but she quickly pulled her hand away with her face flushed. “W-what the hell was that?!”

He gave a small smile. “I just felt like giving you some affection. Tell you what, if you’d like, we can split up here. You can walk back to the school alone.”

She looked away from him, pouting. “We’re already so close to the campus, there is no point. But don’t touch me again.”

“Sorry, just one more time…”

She closed her eyes as his fingers approached her face. Oh God, was he going to stick them in her mouth like he had done the other night? No, he simply brushed back a lock of her hair and tucked it behind her ear, then cupped her cheek. At that moment, Helena had never felt so small. She felt like a tiny bird cradled in his palm, but his hand… it felt so… gentle. After a couple seconds, he released her and continued walking, leaving her with her heart racing.

She took a deep breath and then followed. “By the way, what were you doing here in town?”

He looked at her with an evil grin. “Are you sure you want to know?”

She shuddered. “No, scratch that.”

An hour earlier:

“Welcome to our new home.”

Lily gazed in amazement at the small flat, unable to believe what was going on. Out of nowhere, Xavier had just told her that he had gotten a part-time job and was using his money to get an apartment for them. Her mind had been spinning the whole time as he led her across Rome to this one bed/one bath.

“So we’re really going to be living here?”

He pulled her in close and kissed her on the top of the head. “Like husband and wife.”

“Oh, this is what I’ve always dreamed of having! But what about school?”

“Well I’ll need to keep attending so that I can graduate and get a better job for us. But you don’t need to worry about going back. You didn’t have friends and I doubt the teachers cared. No one there will miss you.”

Her slender shoulders slunk and she clutched his arm, needing him with her. ‘That’s right, nobody cares about me but Xavier. Without him, I’m all alone. I have to do whatever I can to keep our life like this.’

“But as you know, life isn’t fair. There is a catch to all of this. The job I have doesn’t pay enough for us to stay here. It only covered the security deposit. For this to be our home, you need to make money as well.”

“But… I’m too young. Nobody will hire me.”

“Well, I suppose you could always… use your body. You were able to clear my debt with that loan shark, so there’s nothing stopping you from doing it again to bring in some income.”

Lily’s heart stopped. Do that… again? That awful experience with that disgusting man? And others?!

Xavier looked at her and sighed. “You’re right, I’m sorry, I can’t ask you to do that. I guess we’ll just have to enjoy this place while we have it. Maybe someday we have a home of our own, but not today.”

“No! No! I’ll do it! I’ll do whatever you need to do!”

He smiled and rubbed her head. “Good girl, I’m so proud of you. I already know a few people who will pay good money for you. I’ll call them and tell them to come over.”

Sophie was standing in her room in her underwear, looking in the mirror over her dresser. Helena had yet to return from dinner, so she had some time to reflect. She ran her hand around her throat, trying to feel for the collar. Every day, Xavier would attack her somewhere in the school, drag her to some corner or closet, and rape her. It could last either a few minutes or a few hours. Every time he violated her, he would pull on her leash and her collar would appear. He claimed he liked the face she made when she choked her with it. She knew that Xavier was no ordinary human, that he had powers like that of a demon. What in God’s name was he? With all the stress she was under, it was a miracle that her grades hadn’t plummeted. She had taken to obsessive studying to keep her thoughts occupied. How long was this going to last? How long was he going to torture her like this?

Down the hall, Helena was in the bathroom, brushing her teeth. Staring into the mirror at her reflection, her arm slowed. She reached up and touched her throat. She could feel the collar, always there. That bind, that link between her and Xavier… How could she break it? How could she free herself? If she could keep her will strong and resist him, would he keep his word and leave her unharmed? Or would his patience run out and eventually he take her violently as he had seen him do with Sophie so many times?

But… what would happen if she did give in? Was this all just a big mind game? If she gave in to him, would he just laugh at her feelings, say it was a joke, and enslave her even worse than he had already? Or would he really make her his queen? If he did take over the world, where and what would she be? Would she be some piece of meat in a dungeon, a slave for him to torment and abuse when he got bored? Would she rule the world at his side and share his throne… and his bed? It used to be so easy and simple before. When this started, she saw him as pure evil, a heartless monster holding her captive, the subject of her most intense hatred. Now things were so complicated. She had seen a side of him that she didn’t want to see, a human side that extinguished her hatred.

Sister Olivia sat in her shower, trying to scrub herself clean of the filth that caked her soul. He would come for her as he had every night. He would come and make her life Hell. What would he do to her tonight? Would he torture her like a prisoner of war? Or would he rape every hole in her body until she was drenched in her blood and his seed? She felt like she was losing her mind. She could barely eat, teach, or even think. And sleep? She didn’t want to sleep; she’d rather die than sleep. She wanted to tell someone what was going on, but Xavier had forbidden her, and when she even thought of doing it, she could feel that cursed collar activate. Maybe it would be best for her to kill herself. God would understand, right?

Summer had arrived, and with it came summer vacation. For two weeks, students from abroad could go home and spend time with their families. For those with no home to go back to, all the schoolwork was optional for extra credit, but the school did everything possible to keep the students busy. Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop. Sophie was standing in the train station with several other students, all boarding trains for different points across Europe. With her was Helena, saying goodbye.

“Are you sure I can’t talk you into coming home with me? My parents would love to have you and my little sister really wants to see you again.”

Helena sighed with a sad smile and shook her head. “Thank you, but I can’t. Trust me, I’d give my right arm for a real vacation, but I need to do a lot extra credit work and get my grades up. But do give everyone my regards.”

The call was given that the train to Paris was boarding, meaning it was time for Sophie to go. Giving her friend a tight hug, she picked up her bag and made her way onto the train. She slumped into her seat, sighing in bliss. Finally, she was away from this school, away from him.

Marian jumped from the car and tackled her older sister, sending the two girls tumbling to the ground in the parking lot of the Paris train station. At fourteen years of age, Marian was the spitting image of her older sister, with the same blonde hair and blue eyes, though of course, she was shorter and her breasts weren’t as large. The two girls hugged each other while their parents laughed, glad that the whole family was back together.

Having returned home, Sophie’s pain vanished and she was happier than she had been in months. The drive to the countryside was beautiful, with Sophie and Marian chattering in French in the backseat. Once home, they had a delicious dinner and Sophie told her family about everything going on at Rosewood University, laughing as she talked about Helena and her fight with Sister Olivia. That night, she collapsed on her bed, smiling and exhausted. It felt so good to be in her own home, her own room, her own bed, and to be able to sleep without a roommate nearby. At last, she could relax.


The sound made her body tense up and her heart struggle to beat. Trembling from head to toe, she sat up and looked around. She saw him, Xavier, hovering outside her window, with his eyes glowing red and his sharp teeth gleaming.

Tears began to run from her eyes as she worked to pull in a single breath of air. “No! No! No, please! This can’t be happening! Not here!”

Without moving his body, Xavier floated forward. The bedroom window and the wall around it dissolved from his touch, the edges glowing with lit embers as he burned his way through.

He entered her bedroom, a deep laugh echoing from his throat. “Did you really think you could escape from me? Did you really think you could run away? That there was any place in this world that I wouldn’t follow? No, you are mine. You are my slave, my toy, my property. I will torment you until the day I grow bored and then I will eat you like a steak dinner. Your life belongs to me. Now get up and undress.”

Trying to hold in her tears, Sophie got to her feet and pulled off her nightgown, then did the same with her bra and panties. She got on all fours on the bed, her ass pointed to Xavier. She was used to this routine.

“Ok, I’m ready.”

“Oh, not yet. I didn’t come here so that I could have my way with just you.”

His words pierced her chest like bullets of ice.

“No… no, you can’t mean…”

Laughing, Xavier strode to her door. Screaming in fear, Sophie tried to stop him, but he snapped his fingers and activated her collar. She fell to her knees, the demonic restraint draining her strength and weighing down on her.

“Please, I’m begging you! Not my sister! Not Marian! I’ll do whatever you want! Just please don’t hurt her!”

“Oh, don’t worry, at least now you won’t have to go through this alone.”

He left her bedroom and made his way down the dark hall. He was using his powers to put Sophie’s parents in a deep coma, and without any neighbors nearby, no help would come. He arrived at Marian’s room and opened the door.

Having yet to fall asleep, she rolled over to see who it was. “Huh? Sophie?”

Her eyes fell on Xavier and her blood ran cold with terror. She sat up and scrambled against the wall, knowing that this man was evil. “Who are you?! What do you want?!”

“I’m your new master. As for what I want, I want you.”

He moved across the room, engulfed in a fog-like shadow. Marian screamed and tried to get away, but he grabbed her arm and used his other hand to rip off her nightgown and underwear. She writhed in his grip, completely naked and with tears running down her face.

“My, my, what a beautiful body you have. I’m going to enjoy sampling it.”

He then loosened his grip and allowed her to slip free. She rushed into the hall and began banging on her parents’ door, but nothing she could do would ever wake them. She then ran to Sophie’s room and saw her on the floor, naked like herself and with the collar glowing.

“Run, Marian!”

More terrified than ever in her life, she sprinted downstairs and outside, not even bothering to put her shoes on. Xavier stepped out the front door and watched her run, the moonlight shining on her pale skin. Gasping for air and struggling to fight the weight of the collar, Sophie collapsed beside him, having dragged herself from her room.

“Watch this.” Xavier held up his hand, and out in the fields surrounding Sophie’s home, Marian tripped as if caught in a trap. She screamed, feeling an invisible force dragging her back towards the house. “Now, go out there and bring her to me.”

Sophie looked at him, mortified by this command. “No! I won’t let you hurt her!”

“You know neither of you can escape. As you can see, I don’t even need you to bring her back. But if you don’t, I will punish the two of you. Everything you’ve suffered until now will be nothing. I will spend the entire night torturing you, taking turns so that both sisters can watch the other one be pushed to the brink of madness and death. I will make you endure more pain than you ever thought possible, and within minutes, you will beg me to brutalize her instead and let you rest. And then, I will kill you and your entire family.”

He then released Marian, letting her get back on her feet and continue running, as well as took the weight of Sophie’s collar and give her back her strength. “You can either chase her down and drag her back so that I can rape you both, or you can stand aside and seal your fates. Your choice.”

Crying, Sophie slowly stood up and staggered off the porch. She began to run, feeling the night air kissing her naked body and trying to ignore the pain in her feet from the uneven ground. She could see Marian, sprinting for dear life through the field. She wanted to run away with her with every fiber of her being, to escape from that house and Xavier, but she knew that she could not escape, neither of them could. Xavier would have his way with them, and all she could do was try to save Marian from the worst, even if it meant carrying her to him.

With her longer legs and desperation giving her speed, she at last tackled her younger sister, knocking the two of them to the ground. Their naked bodies entangled, Marian struggled to get out from under Sophie. “Sophie, what are you doing?!”

“I’m sorry, but we have to go back.”

“No! He’s evil! He’ll hurt us!”

“I know, but he’ll do worse if we don’t obey! I’m sorry! I’m so sorry! We have to do what he says!”

She got to her feet, pulling Marian with her. Her younger sister struggled with everything she had, slapping and kicking Sophie, but she would not release her. She began dragging her back to the house, knowing exactly what Xavier was going to do. How had her life become so horrible? Here she was, betraying her sister, the person she loved more than anyone else in the world. Now she was forcefully dragging her to this monster so that he could violate them. The whole time, Marian struggled against her, even when she picked her up and carried her on her shoulder. By the time they had returned to Xavier, she had calmed down, petrified with fear and helplessness. The two sisters stood before him, able to see his maniacal grin even in the dark.

“Well aren’t you a cute little thing? This is going to be a fun night.” He turned to Sophie. “You two got dirty out there. Take her to the bathroom and clean yourselves up.” He then reached between Marian’s legs and felt her vagina. The young girl whimpered and clung to her sister. “Also, shave her. I like my girls to be smooth.”

Still crying, Sophie nodded and led Marian upstairs, where they locked themselves in the bathroom. Marian broke down in tears, while Sophie, trying to maintain some form of her composure, got a damp washcloth and began rubbing her down.

“Why? Why are you doing this? Why do we have to do this?”

“He’s forcing me to. Listen, I know what he’s going to do, and I would normally die rather than let him touch you. If we don’t do this, he’ll do so much worse. Please, just remember that I’m doing this so that we’ll stay alive. I need you to be strong.”

“Can’t Mom and Dad help us?”

“No, he won’t let them. It’s just you and me.”

Once they had prepared themselves, they stepped out of the bathroom and returned to Sophie’s room. Xavier was there, looking out at the countryside through the hole he had burned in the wall. He had already taken off his clothes.

He turned to them and smiled. “You both look terrified. Sophie, to help ease your little sister’s fear, how about we show her what I’m going to do with her. Let her warm up to it. Start by giving me some love with your mouth.” Reluctantly forsaking her sister’s side, Sophie took a step forward, but Xavier stopped her. “No, crawl like the bitch you are.”

Accustomed to his cruelty, she got down onto her hands and knees and crawled over to Xavier. She was trembling in embarrassment, feeling her little sister’s eyes on her naked body as she degraded herself for this monster.

“Good, now beg for it.”

She spoke in a whisper, not wanting Marian to hear her. “Please, Master, let me suck your cock.”

“Sorry, I couldn’t quite hear you. Speak up.”

She looked up at him and took a trembling breath. “Please, Master! Let me suck your cock!”

“Good girl, go ahead.”

As she had been forced to time and time again, she began rolling his erect manhood around in her mouth, lathering it with her tongue and then sucking it clean of her saliva. Xavier put his hand on the top of her head, smirking as she labored to pleasure him. He looked at Marian, staring into her fearful eyes. Her whole body was trembling, feeling him size her up, anticipating when he would use her as his new toy.

He pointed to her. “You, get on the bed.”

She nervously obeyed, continuing to watch as her sister dirtied her mouth with this man’s penis. Xavier grabbed Sophie by the neck and threw her onto the bed. With her on her back, he forced her legs apart and made her cry out as he entered her. From there, a continuous whine escaped from Sophie’s as he thrust into her like a machine. She didn’t know what hurt more, the cruelty of his cock slamming the entrance to her womb or the gaze of her sister as she was raped. She was holding onto the bed tightly, wishing her breasts would stop bouncing with every thrust. Marian was staring at her, knowing that it had to be really painful by the sounds her sister was making.

“It feels good, doesn’t it? We’ve done this so many times, you must be used to it by now. The horror has dulled and now there is only the pleasure of the act. Come on, cum, you know you want to.”

As miserable as she was, Sophie could not deny his words. Her heart had hardened to the abuse, and with the psychological pain disappearing over time, she was left with pure physical sensation. She hated it, it made her want to die, she was in aguish beyond words, and yet… it still felt good. She turned to Marian, staring back at her, waiting for her older sister to do something courageous, something to show that she was fighting back or resisting in some way. Maybe she could still save her. But no, she was powerless, both against Xavier and her own body.

She could feel it, an orgasm welling. She would give anything for it not to happen, but it was boiling inside her. Sensing it, Xavier suddenly changed position, going from standing perpendicular over her body, to lying down and embracing her in the missionary position. She knew exactly what he was doing, what he was trying to make her do, but she couldn’t stop. With the waves of pleasure building in intensity, she was forced to hold onto him, less like her rapist and more like her lover. At last, she screamed, feeling euphoria flood her body in a sensual explosion.

Xavier stood up, leaving Sophie limp and panting. He turned to Marian. “Look at her, look at the pathetic animal your sister has become. She’s nothing but a piece of meat for me to wrap around my cock. I’ve completely broken her, and I’ll break you the same way.”

He looked down at Sophie and gave her a smack to wake her up. “Get on top of your sister the same way I was on top of you. I want her to see the look on your face when fuck you in the ass.”

Rubbing her cheek to ease the stinging from her smack, she crawled to her sister. “M-Marian, I-I need you to lie down.”

Her voice was so low that even Xavier struggled to hear her. Trembling, Marian lied down on her back and Sophie got on top of her. The two sisters were unable to look at each other and were shuddering from the feel of their naked bodies pressed together. They truly loved each other, but even sibling love could not fully compete with the incestuous awkwardness of full nipple-on-nipple contact. Sophie lifted herself up a little, just enough so that at least their stomachs weren’t touching, but that just reminded them out how their breasts were rubbing together.

Sophie winced as she felt Xavier squeeze her ass.

“Girl, I am going to use your ass until the day you die.”

Sophie looked down at Marian, pressing her forehead against her sister’s. “Please, remember that I love you.”


The moment was broken when Sophie cried out in pain from Xavier forcing himself into her asshole. He had been wet with the juice from her pussy, but it was not enough to ease the burning friction. Continuing to make her cry, he began thrusting into her at full strength and speed. Marian clung to her, wishing there was some way to help her sister and ease the pain, but as her voice began to change, she realized that she wasn’t moaning in agony. Almost immediately, “oh no” and “no, please” became “oh God!” and “oh yes!” with her eyes rolling back into her head and her tongue hanging out. She had never seen this look on Sophie’s face, her sister, who had planned to be a nun, now wearing the mask of pure depravity.

Xavier grabbed her wrists and pulled them back like reins, using that hold to slam her onto his cock. “Say it, say how much you love it.”

Sophie didn’t respond, wanting to retain one shred of dignity. Xavier answered her silence with a hard smack on her ass, making her whole lower body tremble.

“I love it! I love getting my ass raped!”

He let go of her wrists and she collapsed on top of Marian. She wasn’t bothering to hold herself up, and with each slam Xavier made against her, she was pushed forward, leaving Marian to be smothered by her sister’s breasts. It didn’t take long for her to cum, at which point he allowed himself to release himself inside her. Sophie collapsed on her side and Xavier moved over to Marian, hovering his cock over her face.

“Go on, suck it. It’s your turn.”

“No! Get away from me! I won’t do it!”

A twitch of anger crossed his face, and like a striking snaked, he reached out and grabbed Sophie’s right breast, squeezing brutally hard. Sophie gave a bloodcurdling scream of agony and tried to pull away, but Xavier’s hold on her was like iron. With tears in her eyes, Marian tried to free her sister but Xavier smacked her across the face.

“There is only one way to stop this. I suggest you make up your mind, because I may just rip her tit off and eat it in front of you.”

Crying, Marian opened her mouth and let Xavier insert himself into her. The taste of her sister’s asshole was bitter, and the moment his cock touched her tongue, his cum started leaking down her throat and made her gag. Sophie watched helplessly as her sister was violated, Marian’s mouth being used as a fleshlight after Xavier had fucked her asshole. Xavier soon increased his cruelty, forcing his cock all the way into her throat and holding it there. Marian struggled against him, choking on his manhood. She grabbed Sophie’s arm, nonverbally begging her sister to help her.

“Stop it, you’ll kill her!”

“Don’t worry, I know when to stop.”

He waited for a minute until finally pulling out, with Marian immediately vomiting onto the floor and desperately filling her lungs with air.

“Your sister did the same thing when I first enslaved her. Since I didn’t cum, I won’t make you lick it up. Now for the next part. Time for me to pop that cherry of yours.”

At his words, Sophie grabbed her sister and pulled her to the far corner of the bed, trying to shield her. “Please, I’m begging you! Let her go! Let her keep her innocence! I’ll do anything, whatever you want me to do, but please don’t take her virginity! Not like this!”

Xavier gave a booming laugh. “Well, well, what do you know? Your love for your little sister has touched my heart. I’ll be lenient and give you a choice. First, reach under the bed and grab the first thing you feel.”

Her hand shaking, Sophie reached under the bed and the blood drained from her face. She pulled out a double-ended dildo with a wearable harness.

“Here’s your choice: either I can take her virginity or you can.”

Her shoulders shaking, she began to cry while wringing the leather straps of the harness. Marian looked back and forth at Sophie and Xavier, unsure of which was worse.

“Ok… I’ll do it.”

Marian grasped her arm, terrified. “Please! Please don’t do this to me!”

“Damn it, would you rather he do it?!”

Marian shied away from her, feeling like she was all alone in this. She watched as Sophie inserted one end of the dildo in her pussy and secured herself in the harness.

Sophie stared at the strap-on, watched the way it bobbed when she moved. ‘Oh God, this is so wrong…’

Xavier turned to Marian with a grin. “Lie back, spread your legs, and get ready to feel your sister’s love DEEP inside you.”

Marian did as she was told and assumed the position, with Sophie leaning over her. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry for all of this. I never should have come home. Please, forgive me for this.”

“Oh, hold on. That dildo will have a hard time entering her when she’s dry. How about you put your mouth to work and get her nice and wet?”

She looked to Xavier, wanting to flash him a gaze of pure hatred, but her will was too broken. She quietly whispered an apology to her sister and moved down.

“No, wait… what are you doing?”

“I’m so sorry.”

Knowing she would be punished if she hesitated, she began licking her sister’s pussy as if she had done it a thousand times before.

“Don’t! That place is dirty!”

She tried to push Sophie back but she held on, working her tongue in Marian’s pussy. The ethical revulsion was almost too much for her to handle. She wanted to die, the taste of her sister’s pussy filling her mouth like poison. No one should ever do something so sinful. While she licked her sister out, Xavier put his cock back in her mouth. She gave in easier this time, and tried to put in more enthusiasm so that he wouldn’t choke her with it again. All three of them could hear the small squeaks and whines coming from Marian as the feel of Sophie’s tongue in her pussy became more and more intense. As horrible as the situation was, her body was reacting to it.

“Ok, that’ll do. Sophie, fuck her.”

Sitting up, Sophie wiped the pussy juice off her lips, needing a moment to regain her mental bearings. She then moved forward and leaned over, again whispering an apology to her sister. “Marian, I need you to be strong. Please bear with this.”

She inserted the dildo into Marian’s pussy, and immediately she began to writhe and cry from the size of it. Saying she was sorry over and over again, Sophie slowly pushed it in another inch while cupping her sister’s cheek to try and comfort her. She stopped at that point, not sure whether or not she had deflowered Marian yet, but not wanting to go any further.

She looked at Xavier. “Please, please don’t make me do this.”

“How about I help you work up the nerve?”

He climbed onto the bed and got behind her. Before she could ask what he was going to do, he inserted himself into her asshole. Sophie gagged, unable to describe the sensation of being double-teamed by Xavier and the dildo. She felt like she could barely breath, like there was a balloon of some sort expanding in her pelvis. Xavier pulled out just over halfway and then slammed himself back in, turning the three of them into a Newton’s Cradle and forcing Sophie deep into her sister.

Marian screamed at the top of her lungs as the blood of her hymen trickled out and stained the bed sheets. “Oh, it hurts! It hurts so much!”

Sophie embraced her, crying with her sister. “Marian, I’m so sorry. I’m so, so sorry.”

Xavier laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, it’ll feel better soon.”

He pulled out almost all the way and did the same with Sophie, revealing the bloody dildo. He then slammed back into Sophie, and by extension, slammed Sophie into her little sister. They continued on from there, following Xavier’s pace as he not only fucked Sophie in the ass, but used her as a prosthesis to fuck Marian in the pussy. He was essentially wearing Sophie as a condom to fuck her sister. She tried to keep up with him, often feeling like she was pulling out of Marian by pushing herself against Xavier’s cock and pulling herself off him by pushing into Marian. How did it all come to this, being forced to rape her sister while she herself was being sodomized?

But then something happened, something that chilled Sophie’s blood and made her want to throw up. Marian’s whimpers of pain and anguish were turning into moans of pleasure, and instead of crying, she had a drunken smile on her face.

“Oh yes, harder! Deeper!”

She even began slurring in French, begging her sister to work the dildo in her pussy.

“No! Marian! You don’t know what you’re saying!”

“Oh Sophie, look at how grown up she has become. To think it would be so easy to turn her. It seems that your sweet and innocent little sister has been hiding something from you. Do you like it, Marian? Do you like getting fucked?”

“Yes! I like getting fucked!”

Smirking, Xavier pulled his cock out of Sophie, then moved over to Marian and forced it into her mouth. “Do a good job cleaning it and I’ll fuck you as hard as you want.”

She did as she was told, eager to feel a real cock in her deflowered slit. She sucked on his manhood with more enthusiasm that her sister had ever shown with Sophie watching her with disappointment. ‘Marian, what has he done to you?’

He then shoved Sophie aside and took her place, forcing herself into Marian’s pussy. Grabbing her hips, it took him only a second to work up to a rapid pounding, making her moan in happiness as he violated her small body. Sophie watched them, having lost the strength to move. Over and over again, Marian would beg him to be even rougher, to fuck her harder. She had spent her whole life protecting her little sister, both her body and her innocence, and in a single night, Xavier had turned her into a hysterical slut.

“I love young girls, their voices are so pure when they scream. You can feel the actual crime of defiling them, turning their beautiful little bodies into cum dumpsters. Say it, say what you are.”

He didn’t have to do anything to force her to speak, she was already wrapped around his finger.

“I’m your cum dumpster!”

“Good girl, now let’s show your sister that beautiful look on your face.”

They changed places, getting into the doggy-style and both faced Marian. Reinserting himself into her, Xavier pulled back on her wrists like he had done with Sophie and increased the brutality of his thrusts, using his cock as a weapon to indulge her almost masochistic euphoria. Her body was not ready to be fucked this hard, but her mind had broken under the pressure and she could not tell the difference between pleasure and pain. Sophie watched them, petrified and ashamed. The look on Marian’s face, the way she grinned with her tongue hanging out and her eyes rolled back, it made her feel sick. Was that the look she had worn when Xavier was sodomizing her?

Xavier snapped his fingers and invisible hands grabbed Sophie, pulling away the strap-on and dragging her across the bed with her legs spread. Before Sophie could stop him, he grabbed the back of Marian’s head and pushed her face into her sister’s snatch. Acting on instinct, she began licking like her life depended on it, replicating was Sophie had done to her.

“No, Marian! Don’t! That’s sinful, that’s¬—”

Marian looked up at her, their eyes locking while she used her tongue to drink in her older sister’s essence. Sophie could see it, the loss of all sense of reason. Did Marian even recognize her? Her baby sister was gone, having been replaced with this mindless whore.

The thrusting stopped as Xavier came, filling Marian with his seed. “Now, let’s see if you’re as much of an anal whore as Sophie.”

He again switched positions, this time lying on his back with Marian on top of him, still facing Sophie with her feet on his knees. Regaining his erection, he jammed himself into her virgin asshole and began bucking his hips like a jackhammer, increasing the volume of her moans of ecstasy. This was her first time doing anal, but to her it was heaven.

“Sophie, look at her. Look at what your sister has become, what I turned her into. Aren’t you glad you led me here? Aren’t you glad that you chased her down and dragged her to me, no matter how much she fought and screamed and begged you to help her? Aren’t you glad you delivered her to me on a silver platter so that I could turn her into my new slave?” Sophie didn’t respond, having no idea what she was supposed to say. “Oh, look, my seed is dribbling out of her. Be a good slave and lick it up.”

Her will broken, Sophie leaned forward and began drinking Xavier’s cum out her little sister’s deflowered pussy, still able to taste the blood from her broken hymen. He soon had another orgasm, shooting his load deep into Marian’s anus. He turned her over and spread her ass cheeks, letting Sophie see the white slime slowly running out of her puckered asshole.

“And lick her clean here too.”

Clutching herself, Sophie worked up the courage to speak. “Why? Why are you doing this to us?”

His demeanor changing, Xavier threw Marian down onto the floor. He lunged for Sophie and grabbed her by the throat with a strangling grip. As she gasped for breath, his stern expression turned back into a sadistic grin. He took a moment to lick the tears off her face and then answered her. “Ask Helena.”

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