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a straight heterosexual ?

2022-10-03 00:02:21

** WARNING** This story has racial slang, if these word both white slang and black slang make you mad and stupid don’t read this story. People they are just words, Remember sticks and stones may brake your bones but names can never hurt you…. Unless you’re weak minded, then don’t read this.

I am white male 45+ and have always been a straight heterosexual in my life. I have been divorced two times and it was after my last divorce I knew being with women was not working out and not in my future. I always knew my dick was small and not even average for a white male. When hard it only grows to 5 inches; my last wife Roen called it my Dicklit, she said your Penis is bigger then a Clit, but it’s to small to be a dick, and no way is it near being a Cock.

(Then she left me for a black man and at the time that hurt but am happy now find out why).

On the day Roen walked out she throw a picture at me on the way out the door, it was of her new man stepping out of a hot shower; his soft but long black cock dangled almost halfway down his thy. In the pic it looked to be
a good 7inch’s of soft black an uncut man COCK.

I could see why Roen left me for that I found myself thinking if I was her I would want to suck on that too; hell I thought I‘d even leave me for that breeding stick. That was my first thought ever about another guys appendage I knew I was small but I didn‘t know how much fun holding a big cock could be.

That night while sleeping I had a dream, my first gay dream, and it was of me down on my knees sucking a black mans cock. In my dream I heard the bedroom door open and looked to see who was entering, it was my ex-wife Roen. I looked up at the guy I was giving head to and it was her black boyfriend Ragu. The guy in the picture she had tossed at me just a few hours ago; she was mad as hell screaming at him and cursing me as she walked toward us, there I was with the large purple brown mushroom head of his black cock just inside my lips, the foreskin was snapped back making the head on his shaft even bigger, almost to big to fit in my mouth. I Knelt there holding his over sized African balls that where so big they spilled out of both sides of my right hand as he slow fucked my face.
Roen would not stop screaming at us; then Ragu started screaming back at her, “this white boy of yours wanted to suck my cock, and he is going to keep doing it bitch”. As he screamed at her he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his long cock down my throat….all the way down to his balls just as Roen reached us. He forcefully throat fucked me, holding my head tightly to his crotch, that’s when Roen kicked me hard in my tiny balls.

She kicked me hard and fast three times calling me a short dicked sissy whore, and said I was trying to steal her man.

What she didn’t know until I fell over in pain was that I had bit off Ragu’s huge cock. Every time she hit my balls it forced me to bite deeper, and now there I was crying on the floor, an I couldn’t breath. That thick black cock was way down my throat and I couldn’t get it out… so I had to swallow it; I felt that long dark meat sliding slowly into my gut as I took a deep breath.

When I awoke from my dream I had a hard-on, and at my age a hard-on does not happen every morning, not only was my tiny dicklit hard, so hard it hurt, and I had cum soaked underwear, I had an orgasm in my sleep…well that had never happened before.

Had I come because I had bit off and swallowed the cock that took my wife from me? Or had I cum soaked sheets because I was kicked in the ball by my ex-wife for sucking her black mans cock? “I have always been a bit of a pain slut.” Maybe it was because I was sucking that huge black cock, and liking it so much that turned me on? Was it that I liked the thought of sucking a big black cock so much that I had an orgasm without anyone touching my tiny white dicklit?

I wasn’t sure but I was still so honey, I got out of bed, I went to my computer and for the first time searched for white men sucking black cocks and up popped hundreds of web sites’ that’s when I knew this must be the new expectable thing for white males. White guys like me with short dicklits, that can’t please or keep a woman in bed.

I thought after all black guys have been stealing are white women right under our noses for over 40 years now, longer in secret. So it only makes sense to succumb to the bigger male….and in the jungle (concrete or treed) the bigger males get the bitch’s… Yes it’s about time this white boys wakes up, its 2012 and a lot of white males just like me are finding the joy of holding a bigger cock in their hands. Enjoying life and feeling good about pleasing someone, and not always being told we don’t measure up, and by what am viewing right now black men get off on fucking white guys and am going to try it self..

Why should the white girls be the only ones getting a big cock in their mouth, and ass? I can be a bottom pussy boy for black men. Yes am willing to try it; this might just work out who needs a woman that will just up and leaves because your dick is to small?

I started thinking about all those large cum filled African balls, and those long dark cocks, surly they must need to unload that nut juice somewhere. So why not fuck a white guys pussy? After all it is white ass, and most white boys are like their women, spellbound, mesmerized, and awestruck once they see a black mans cock first hand. So why shouldn’t a well hung black guy get off fucking white guys. I know one thing if I had equipment like theirs I‘d fuck me as many bottom boys as I could find.

I viewed the list of links and opened the first site that clamed they had over five hundred soft white boys to choose from, I was shocked at what I saw, it was the first time I had viewed man on man porn and the site had hundreds of free short Mpegs, I started viewing them as I beat my tiny meat to some white guy sucking, and being ass and mouth fucked by a gang of five black Thugs. I shot off seeing that short dicked white guy getting face fucked, as two more black men double fucked his ass pussy, the whole time they used him they where calling him their little cracker bitch, which they then covered with their black bull-stick cream.

They all started laughing at him, and there was this guys standing by his face with the biggest cock I had seen so far shot off on his face, he said… “cracker and head cheese go together white boy, now eat my cum bitch.” I was still Jerking off to what I was seeing and those words gave me the best feeling orgasm I had in months I only wished I was the lucky white boy in that flick.

A few hours later I signed back on, searching the internet for more white men servicing black cocks and found a cuckold castration site full of Pics and stories, most where of short dicked white boys with their balls banded by their wife’s or girlfriends as they sucked a black mans cock.

The One story I loved the most had a white women cutting off her husbands nuts as a black guy was fucking her from behind, at the end of the story, it read wife castrates husband while being breed by African bull…see the Mpeg for a dollar at www.http//

I read that store, and again this guy was just like me, he had lost his wife to a black men after she had cuckolded him, she wanted to fuck bigger cocks. She had first got her husband to suck off black men in Adult bookstore‘s, telling him if he wanted to keep her he would suck as any cock as she told him too. Then one day he found her fucking a black man in their bed and she made him suck that cock too. She forced him to lick her cum filled cunt clean of all his African seed. The last part of that story was what made me cum for the second time that day.

This white guy with my name was sucking that huge black cock as his wife watched. He was up on his knees sucking it as it grow hard again. His wife was tying his lower legs to the bed posts; once he had that dark cock rock hard again the black guy got up and got behind him, fucking him like any white bitch he had fucked before. The whole time his wife whispered in her husbands ear that her boyfriend wanted to fuck her ass but she told him no, and offered his pussy and his tiny ball to her new black lover.

I read on……

My balls what do you mean by that he asked his wife? Well honey she said he likes his white bitch’s without balls so I told him I could fix that, or should I say I would fix you. Steve wanted to get away but couldn’t as his legs where tied tight to the bed posts. The black guy was fucking him hard and he was holding Steve down so his wife could secure his hands to the headboard, her new lover was really putting that big black cock to her husbands sissy white ass, fucking him balls deep with all 11 inch‘s.

Roen was now between her husbands legs as she banded his balls with three green rubber castrating bands and then she cut them off.

OMG….. the wife in this story had the same name as my EX. I almost shot my load but was glad I held back, at the bottom of the story was the link to The Mpeg video for a buck, I opened the link and saw a white guy being ass fucked by a black guy as a woman, his wife Roen loaded three green banding rings to his tiny white sack, by the end of the movie Steve had sucked off two more dark guys, as four more black men had entered the bedroom and where waited their turn at the white boys pussy.

Steve was taking it up his ass by one of the men when Roen
( his wife) right there in my screen cut off his white balls… castrating him as she herself was getting fuck by her well hung boyfriend, it was the coolest and hottest, thing I had ever seen. The story was said to be a true story, and of a white South African white family.

Holly hell that was hot I thought as I short my load watching her castrating her husband as a large set of black balls bound off his white ass cheeks. I down loaded that Mpeg so I could watch it over and over again, and I did wishing it was me being castrated in that way. Wishing I to could find and suck, and be fucked by so many well hung black men.

Yes I have cock envy and want to hold a black mans long thick fucking
bull-stick and get it in every hole I got.

I also knew I too wanted to be castrated, to be a black mans boy bitch, to suck his cock, a cock much larger then my 5 incher; to hold as many African balls as I could in my hands and be used by them, breed by them, raped by them.

By black men with big balls and long thick cocks; I wanted my belly filled with their African cream, and my man pussy scratch, even fist fucked or gang banged if they wanted too. If only I could find me some black men that would fuck me all night it would be a dream come true.

As I beat my dicklit I came again, this time I call out… “fuck me harder nigger use this white crackers ass, castrate me Roen “CASTRATE ME NOW!” It was a dry orgasm this time as my tiny nuts where drained dry, when I came off my sex high I wanted to call my ex-wife to see if she would do it to me, but decided to first see if I could find any black men to service my pussy ass, it would be my first Ho=Mo expertise ever.

Well as some of you white guy may know, it turns out its a lot easier then I thought it would be; as I said it’s the new in thing for black men to be fucking white guys, and white guy to cheat on their wife and girlfriends with well hung black men. I soon found out that a lot of straight blacks dream about fucking us older white boys on the down low, making us their little dicklit ass bitch’s. I found out it turns on the straightest of black men; yes they love fucking a white guys ass pussy. I guess it’s a power thing, but I didn‘t really care what their reasons are, I just want me some big black stick in my white holes.. They get to degrade me and I get to call them nigger, I love that, the word nigger is such a negative thing these days, and black guys don’t like whites calling them by that name, but if they’re fucking a white guy in his pussy they know that word only degrades the white boy their fucking even more. It’s a win, win, I degrade myself and they get their rocks off in my white ass what a world. I can’t wait to get me a big black nigger, with a big black cock.

Am so glad I gave in to this as other white men before me have, I gave in to being dominated, and now am going to tell you all about how I got my first black bull to breed my white ass, and he did it bareback.

Dangerous yes?

But nothing is better then feeling big black cocks cumming deep inside my bottom boy pussy, its great and it makes my ass sing.

Now that you all know where am coming from Please read on.

After Roen had left me I moved out of town and live in a small town way out, 75 miles out of St Louis I only get to talk to black men online. I was told by everyone of them that wrote me back online that black men don’t fuck their white boys covered, and if I wanted some nigger stick on the down low they would not be covering it like in some regulated sex porno….

I didn’t want it that way anyhow, covered that is; I wanted the full nelson… to feel their big black ball loading that African breeding cream where it belongs, burning deep inside my white ass pussy, breeding me as a cum sucking ass bitch.

I soon made a trip to the city and went to a Adult bookstore hoping to get my first black cock, my first trip was a waste of time but on this trip I got what I needed, I had just stepped into a viewing booth and started watching a gay interracial porno with the volume turned way up, I was watching this white guy servicing four black men when a long soft black cock came thru the glory hole into my booth, I got on my knees and sucked it hard, it was what I needed, what I needed maybe all my life. There I was sucking my first large black cock as a straight heterosexual. Now a wanted to be his bitch, I sucked his cock for a long time as the purple brown head grew bigger in my mouth I knew what was next, his cum, and It filled my mouth, and I drank it down, then he pulled out and I thought it was over; when thru the hole came a note “MEET ME OUTSIDE WHITE BOY”. Scared, turn-on and with the taste of his cum in my mouth I went outside.

A car with dark windows pulled up, the window cracked open and a deep voice said get in sissy boy I got what you need. I opened the door and sat in his car, when I turned and looked at the drive I could not believe my eyes, it was Ragu my ex-wife’s black boy friend, did he know who I was or was this just a chance meeting? Then I knew, he knew, he said hi Steve, Roen told me she seen you coming to this place last week, I was driving by looking for you bitch when I saw you walking to the front door, so I thought I would see what you where up to; I can’t tell you how happy I was when you walk to the booths in back, I followed you and I got in the booth next to your, when I heard what you were viewing I knew you would suck my cock just like your ex-old-lady does, all you white boys like to suck black cocks, just like your women, and by the way boy you did a real good job too Steve better then Roen even.

I asked if Roen knew where he was or what I just did? No she’s at work for another 2 hours how about we go to my place and you can suck my cock some more Stevey boy, you‘d like that right white boy?. Then he grinned at me, before I knew it I was on my knees sucking Ragu’s big black cock again; I sucked him balls deep this time without that wall between us and in his and my ex-wife’s bedroom, I sucked his big black cock. As he held my head he was really ruff with me just like in my dream, his large black balls bounced off my Adams apples again and again, this time in real life and in Roan’s bedroom. His cock was a real big one, just like in the pic Roen left me with; and without the glory hole wall between us I could hold his large cock and lightly scratch at his huge black balls. Now what guy doesn’t love haven his balls scratched? I scratched and pulled at his nigga balls. Even tho he had just feed me my first load of African juice his balls still felt heavy, Ragu called me ever sissy name he could think of and I loved it all… the taste of his cock, the heat, the feel of those large heavy nuts in my left hand.

I sucked his cock for 10 more minutes, then he wanted to know if I wanted him to fuck me? I told him I had never been fucked, and that just made him smile as he bent me over the footboard of their bed. His cock was almost three times the size of mine, in length and girth and it hurt as the head popped into my virgin pussy ass. But Ohhhhh my pussy was oh so willing to be breed by this nigga.

I heard him saying……

“Now lay still white boy this is going to hurt but you need this bitch so lay still”, he grabbed my hips and pushed deep into me, I bit down on the bed sheets as Ragu pushed all of his long dark meat between my white cheeks and deep into my manhole.

Once in me he started fucking me pulling his cock way out, then ramming me full again, smacking my ass calling me his little honky cracker bitch, he moved faster and faster, he fucked me harder as he bet my ass with his large hand. I was not sure but as he called me his little cracker ass for the tenth time I felt something slipping around my ankles.

Then there she was, Roen tying my hands to the bedpost in front of me I just looked at her, she patted my head as she got up, then I felt my balls being pulled down. Ragu kept fucking me as he crawled higher up on to my back, his long black cock pushing even deeper into me, he was fucking me, and he was holding me down; Then I heard “go ahead Roen castrate this want-to-be faggot, castrate this short dick white cracker boy of yours; cut his worthless balls off baby, cut his sissy nuts off, just like that women did to her husband in South Africa in that movie.”

I past out as the pain shot thru me, Roen and Ragu used me for the next six month sucking his cock and licking her cunt clean right after Ragu filled it full; but they soon grew tired of having me around. That was a year ago, now am back at the book store being a bottom bitch for other black men and there are a lot of black men in St. Louis that like fucking a castrated white bitch boy. Ragu put the word out I was castrated by my ex old lady, Ragu still comes by now and again and has me suck him off, am so thankful to him that I even let him fist fuck my pussy, just for kicks.

By………………… [email protected]