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Backdoor Bestiality - Part 1: The Puppy

2022-10-20 00:49:54

The year was 2069. In late 2020, the world was almost destroyed when World War III broke out. Atomic bombs were dropped all across the globe and billions of people died. The survivors were forced to take refuge underground. Life was hard, but they managed to use technology to survive. Due to space restrictions, births were controlled and everyone served their purpose. Kids started working at a very young age, but were nothing more than assistants. It was not until their eighteenth birthday that they were allowed to take The Challenge.

The Challenge was a series of five trails that each individual was required to complete. Designed to test a person’s strength and weaknesses, the trails also helped them find a purpose in life. Almost everyone who survived The Challenge knew what they wanted to do with the rest of their lives.

The Challenge itself took place in a very unique building. Some people claimed it was haunted, but the simple truth was, the structure itself was controlled by the most advanced artificial intelligence in the world. Its creator had initially called it Candy and the name had stuck. She was tough, but fair in her testing. But that did not mean passing The Challenge was easy.

Youngsters began training at a very young age and only a few failed The Challenge. Those people were never heard from again.


Barbie Lez took a deep breath for courage and walked through the hole in the wall. She had just turned eighteen and the time had now come for her to take The Challenge. As per tradition, she was naked from head to toe as she entered the pre-challenge chamber. The wall sealed itself up behind her, leaving no trace of the hole that had only moments before stood there. The young woman had no idea how such a thing was possible, but she had heard wild stories about The Challenge and figured at least a few of them had to be true. Apparently, intelligent material that could be molded at will was one of them. Actually, the entire building was made out of the same material and it was how Candy was able to crate the environments required for a more personalized challenge.

Barbie’s heart raced in her chest as she glanced around the small room. The immaculate white walls formed a circle around her and the ceiling and floor were painted to match. As hard as she looked, she could not discern a single thing. But that all changed in a matter of seconds.

“Fuck!” she muttered in shock as a form suddenly took shape before her. It started off small, but quickly grew into something with four limbs. A human. The first thing Barbie saw were boobs. Firm, d-cup breasts just like the one she sported. The next thing to appear was a pussy. A tight, clean-shaven pussy that looked surprisingly similar to hers. Though she could not see it, Barbie somehow knew a tight, bouncy sss stood behind it. The rest of the body quickly took shape, forming long, platinum-blonde hair, sparkling blue eyes and fleshy lips. But it was not until a large birthmark appeared on the newcomer’s stomach that Barbie finally recognized her.

“Oh my god!” she gasped as she studied the bright-pink, lesbian symbol-shaped birthmark that seemed to hover between the young woman’s pussy and navel. But her shock had nothing to do with the fact the woman standing before her was nothing more than a hologram. Or that she was naked. Her stunned expression was caused by one fact and one fact alone. The breathtaking teen standing before her was none other than her. For a split second, she wondered if she was standing before a mirror. But that theory faded when her replica smiled.

“Welcome,” it said in a voice that was identical to hers.

Barbie remained frozen for a second before speaking.

“Who are you?” she finally asked.

The replica smiled again.

“I’m Candy,” it said. Barbie had to admit it made sense. Candy controlled the entire building and creating a three-dimensional representation of herself was a piece of cake. But one question still remained unanswered.

“Why does she look like me?” wondered Barbie.

“Most people are nervous about taking The Challenge and I have found that taking a familiar form helps calm them down,” explained Candy before Barbie could even voice her question.

Once again, it made sense. But that did not mean Barbie was not totally freaked out.

“Do you mind changing appearance?” she asked. “It’s kind of freaky.”

“Of course,” immediately agreed Candy. And with that, she started to change. “Better?” she asked once the transformation was complete. Unfortunately, her new form resembled Barbie’s mother in every way.

“No!” she almost yelled as she struggled to keep her eyes from making contact with the hologram’s new body. Having to complete The Challenge was stressful enough without having to see her mother naked.

Candy chuckled as she started transforming yet again. When she was done, she had reverted back to a young woman’s body. She resembled Barbie in many a way, yet the teen had never before seen her. At least not for real. Candy now looked like the big sister Barbie had often wished she had. It was still a little creepy, but it was far better than looking at herself or her mother.

“Satisfied?” asked Candy.

Barbie nodded, bringing a smile to the hologram’s lips.

“Great!” chirped Candy joyfully. “Shall we begin?”

Barbie nodded, but the truth was, she was far from ready. She had spent the last few weeks training. Physically, she was ready to take on any challenge, but her mental state was in shambles. She had spent so much time preparing for The Challenge that she had omitted to complete her daily masturbation sessions. For a normal person, that would not have been a big deal, but Barbie was a nymphomaniac and pleasuring herself on a daily basis was the only way she could keep her urges contained. Even worse, she was still a virgin, which meant she could not simply go to a bar and pick up some random guy.

Candy began by reciting a detailed explanation of the challenges she would have to face. But Barbie was too busy freaking out to listen. She had only just realized that the massive amounts of arousal that now coursed through her veins was a constant distraction. And the only way to survive The Challenge was to remain focused on the task at hand.

“Are you all right?” inquired Candy. Obviously, she had sensed the teen’s lack of confidence. But that was to be expected. Candy was part of the building and she could use the intelligent material that made it up to scan the young woman’s body.

“No,” answered Barbie honestly. She then went about explaining the situation.

Candy listened intently and nodded in understanding, though she knew every word Barbie would say before she did. Once the teen had fallen quiet, Candy took a few moments to ponder the situation. But due to her yottabytes of computer power, coming up with a solution took less than a second.

“Not many people know this, but there is more than one challenge,” she explained.

Barbie frowned. She had indeed never heard of multiple challenges.

“There is the main challenge,” continued Candy. “That is the one most people are required to take.” After a short pause, she added, “But there is also the backdoor challenge. As the name indicates, it is an alternate route out of this building and it was designed for those who are not quite ready for the main challenge.”

“I pick the backdoor challenge,” immediately said Barbie, relieved that her aroused state would not lead to her demise.

“Not so fast,” warned Candy. “There are hundreds of backdoor challenges and if you chose to take this route, then one will randomly be assigned to you. But be warned, some backdoor challenges are easier than the main one while others are harder. Before making a choice, you must first decide if the reward is worth the risks.”

Barbie took a few seconds to think things over. Although she had trained for years, her aroused state made it impossible for her to have confidence in her abilities. The backdoor challenge had its risks, but it was better to roll the dice than to insure her failure by choosing the main challenge. Plus, the sight of Candy’s naked body was driving her wild with desire, even though she had never before had a lesbian thought.

“I pick the backdoor challenge,” she finally said.

“Very well,” said Candy. She then used her limitless intelligence to randomly pick a challenge. “You have been assigned the Backdoor Bestiality Challenge.”

Barbie had never heard the word “bestiality” before and considered asking for its definition. Then again, she would find out soon enough.

“Let the challenge begin,” said Candy. And with that, the room came to life and started to change.

---Part 1: The Puppy---

Barbie watched in awe as everything around her changed. The walls came to life and began to expand. Color soon joined the party and textures were close behind. The ceiling grew higher and the shapes began emerging from the floor. The entire process took only a few seconds and by the time it was over, Barbie and Candy were standing inside a house.

Of course, Barbie’s brain knew they had not moved and still stood inside the challenge building, but the environment that now surrounded her gave her a headache. It was too much for her brain to handle, so she stopped trying to make sense of it and instead studied her surroundings.

“Wow!” she gasped as she glanced around. She now stood in the entrance hall of a luxurious mansion. Having spent her entire life underground, she had never before seen such a vast and luxurious residence. There was even a staircase, which was unheard of for an underground dwelling. Then again, maybe she was no longer underground.

Hurrying over to the front door, she tried pulling it open, but it refused to budge. Determined to figure out where she was, she turned her attention to the nearby window. Unfortunately, the drapes refused to move, even though they seemed to be made out of silk. It made no sense. Then again, nothing in this place did. Sighing, she returned her attention to the rest of the house.

Facing the door stood a heavy marble staircase that led to the second floor. To the right stood what appeared to be the living room. To the left was the leisure room. Whatever that was. Every piece of furniture looked new and appeared to have cost a fortune. Barbie suddenly felt like a little girl discovering the world all over again. She was about to run off and explore the mansion when Candy spoke.

“Are you ready to begin your first challenge?” asked the hologram.

Barbie sighed. So much for exploration. But seeing how her life was on the line, it was in her best interest to focus on the task at hand. She answered Candy’s question with a nod, but not before releasing a disappointed sigh.

“Very well,” said Candy. “Let us begin.” After a short pause, she gave her first command. “Please put on the blindfold.”

Barbie stared at her with a confused expression.

“What blind…” she began, but then noticed something. She was holding something in her right hand. Her eyes traveled down to it and found a silk blindfold clenched between her fingers. On their way there, her eyes came across her body and she realized she was no longer naked. Instead, she now wore a skimpy nightie. It was pink, see-through and barely long enough to cover her private parts. Her lack of underwear left her flawless body fully visible, making the teen wonder the need for the garment.

“How did…” she began, but once more stopped short. Nothing made sense here and attempting to find logic in it would drive her mad. Giving up, she shrugged and brought the blindfold to her eyes. In a few quick movements, it was tied in place.

“What now?” she asked as soon as her visibility had been restricted.

“There is a puppy hidden somewhere in this house,” explained Candy. Living underground with restricted food, water and space, Barbie had never before seen a dog. However, she had seen a few pictures and knew approximately what to look for. But then she remembered the blindfold.

“How am I supposed to do that?” she asked. “I’m blind.”

Candy chuckled in amusement.

“If it was as simple as searching the house, then it would not be much of a challenge,” she explained.

There was a moment of silence during which Barbie wondered if Candy had left. But then she heard her soft, sexy voice in her ear. “Trust me and everything will be fine,” she said.

Barbie felt a shiver run down her spine at the incredibly sultriness that laced the words and could not help but nod. There was just something about Candy that incited trust. Plus, Barbie did not have much of a choice. Either she survived The Challenge or failed and vanished like all others before her.

The busty virgin stood there for almost a full minute, waiting for Candy to guide her. Unfortunately, no command was forthcoming. Assuming it was all part of the test and hoping Candy would keep her from doing anything dangerous or painful, she took a step forward. Another quickly followed and she was soon walking around with her arms outstretched before her.

She wandered around for a few minutes and quickly lost all sense of direction. She had no idea where she was and began to wonder if Candy was even still there. But then she heard her voice. It sounded so close that it made her heart leap in her chest.

“Stop!” said Candy.

Barbie immediately froze. What had happened? Why had Candy asked her to stop? Little did she know, an open door stood less than a foot before her. Leading to the basement, only the first few steps were visible, the rest remaining invisible in the darkness that lay ahead.

“Turn around,” instructed Candy. Barbie did as told and started moving again when no other command was heard.

She wandered around for what felt like hours. Candy only intervened to keep the young woman from injuring herself. Eventually, Barbie was forced to face facts. She could not rely on Candy to guide her. If she wanted to find the puppy, she would have to use her other senses.

Coming to a stop, she took a seat on the floor and folded her legs into the lotus position. Since her eyes were closed, all she had to do was slow her breathing and calm her worried mind. The arousal that still coursed through her veins considerably lengthened this process, but she eventually relaxed enough to focus on nothing but the sounds that surrounded her. Her mind now a complete blank, she remained frozen in place, listening to the breathing of the house. The ticking of a nearby clock. The faint barking of a…

“…puppy!” almost yelled Barbie. A proud smile curled her lips as she realized she had finally done it. She had found the puppy. Well, almost. Calming herself, she listened until she heard another faint bark. This time, she was waiting for it and was able to determine its approximate source. Wherever the puppy was, he was upstairs.

Getting to her feet, Barbie wandered around until she found the staircase. Carefully making her way up, she soon reached the second floor. She then paused again until she heard another bark. Turning right, she took a dozen steps before coming to a stop. It took a few minutes, but she eventually heard another bark. This one was much closer.

“Almost there,” she thought as she took another dozen steps. When the next bark was herd, it came from her left. Turning to face the wall, she ran her hands along it until she hit a door. Fumbling around, she soon located the handle and pushed the door open. Stepping into the room, she was welcomed by the most beautiful sound.

Woof! Woof! Woof!

Barbie beamed proudly as she advanced, arms before her to keep from slamming into anything. She eventually reached a bed and fumbled around until her hands made contact with something soft and furry. A puppy.

“I made it!” said Barbie proudly.

“Indeed,” agreed Candy. “You may remove the blindfold.”

Barbie was all too happy to obey and opened her eyes. It had been so long since she had last seen light that it took a few seconds for her vision to adjust. When it finally did, she finally laid eyes on the puppy.

“Aw, he’s so cute!” was her first reaction as she studied the canine that lay atop the bed before her. Because of his large breed, the Great Dane resembled more a full-grown dog than a puppy. But given the teen’s total lack of canine knowledge, she remained oblivious to this. Still, she studied his cute floppy ears, beautiful black and grey fur and sad puppy eyes.

Once she was done studying the canine, she took a quick gander at her surroundings. She now stood in the master bedroom and, like the rest of the house, it was richly decorated. But all Barbie cared about was the puppy before her. It was the first animal she had ever seen and she could not get over how cute he was. From what she had heard about dogs, she knew they loved to be pet and decided to give it a try.

She reached out and started petting the furry animal. She seemed to be doing a good job, because he soon rolled onto his back and started barking joyfully as she scratched his stomach. They two played together for a bid before Candy intervened.

“You obeyed my every command without protest,” she said. “You have now passed the first challenge. Obedience.”

Immediately forgetting about the puppy, Barbie turned to the hologram with an eager smile on her lips.

“Does that mean I can move on to the second challenge?” she asked.

Candy shook her head.

“You have completed the challenge part, but the bestiality part still remains,” she explained. This reminded Barbie she still had no idea what the word “bestiality” meant. Unfortunately, she was about to find out.

“Bestiality,” explained Candy as soon as Barbie had voiced her confusion, “is the act of sex that takes place between a human and an animal.”

Barbie was stunned.

“So,” she finally said after a few seconds of shocked silence, “you’re saying that the only way for me to complete my first challenge is to…” She stopped, unable to finish.

“…have sex with the puppy,” concluded Candy, confirming the teen’s worst fears. She may have been horny from the past few climax-free few weeks, but the thought of losing her virginity to an animal quickly helped quench her sexual urges.

Anger washed over her. How could she be expected to have sex with a dog? It was just so wrong. And gross. She opened her mouth to say something along the lines of, “There is no fucking way I will fuck a dog,” but she stopped herself right before she could. She had just remembered something. Her first challenge was obedience. If she refused to have sex with the puppy, not only would it mean failure, but also death. As repulsed as she was at the thought of having her first sexual encounter with a dog, the thought of dying scared her more.

“Isn’t there another way?” she asked, but knew the answer before it was even given.

“No,” said Candy categorically.

Barbie sighed. She knew what she had to do, but it took her a while to muster the courage to nod.

A satisfied smile appeared on Candy’s lips.

“Don’t worry,” she said in a reassuring voice. “We will take things slow.”

Barbie nodded, but knew it did not matter her slow they went. She was still going to lose her virginity to a dog.

Candy gave the busty blonde a few minutes to wrap her head around what she would be required to do.

“Ready?” she finally asked.

Barbie was not, but she nodded nonetheless.

“Please remove your clothes,” she instructed.

Barbie hesitated. If she did, there would be no going back. But it was the only way, so she unfastened the knot that kept her skimpy nightie shut and let it slide off her shoulders. Now naked, she watched it float lazily to the floor.

“To ensure things go smoothly, I will format my commands as steps. Is that all right with you?” inquired Candy.

Barbie knew her answer was not required, but nodded nonetheless.

Candy smiled reassuringly before voicing her first command.

“Step one: Play with the puppy.”

Barbie sighed in relief. She had already played with him once and doing so again would not require any sacrifice on her part. Actually, she was looking forward to it. But that may have been because she would do anything to avoid thinking about what she would be asked to do next.

“Hey buddy,” she said as she took a seat next to the canine. Reaching over, she started petting him. Like before, he rolled onto his back and started barking joyfully as she rubbed his tummy. The sight of him rolling around on the bed made her forget about the future and a few chuckles even flowed past her lips. Totally engrossed in what she was doing, she almost did not hear Candy when she voiced the next command.

“Step two: Kiss the puppy.”

Barbie experienced a moment of shocked terror before realizing a simple peck on the lips was not so bad. At least she was not required to make out with him. Or so she thought.

Pulling away from the canine, she waited until he had returned to a seated position before making her move. Being a Great Dane meant his body was quite massive and his head was now level with Barbie’s. The two shared a quick look before Barbie leaned forward and pressed her ample lips against his.

They stayed that way for a second or so before something happened. Something Barbie had not been expecting.

“Mmm?!” she moaned in total and utter shock as she felt the puppy’s tongue slither across her lips. But the truly shocking part came when he forced it into her mouth. The long, slimy tongue barely even had time invading the teen’s oral cavity before it started exploring it.

Barbie was so stunned that she just sat there, frozen in shock. The puppy took advantage of this to explore every nook and cranny of her mouth, using his tongue to massage hers. By the time she figure out what was happening, Candy said something that made any retreat impossible.

“You stop, you fail.” Though simple, those words sent a shiver of fear rippling through her. Or was it arousal? Either way, she was trapped. Fully aware that sharing a kiss with a dog was far less permanent than death, she closed her eyes and let the horny canine play with her.

It took almost a minute, but she eventually felt arousal return to her body. It took another few seconds before she realized it was due to the puppy’s skillful tongue dance. Her first instinct was to freak out and break the kiss, but knew she could not. So instead of being angry at herself for getting turned on by something so perversely wrong, she gave in to her arousal. If she was going to kiss a dog, why not enjoy it?

“I can’t believe I’m about to do this,” she mentally gasped before letting go. Her tongue immediately came to life and started reciprocating the dog’s eager tongue strokes. Though she was still a virgin, she had kissed a few guys and knew how to handle herself. Nonetheless, the puppy was a much better kisser than her. But Barbie took advantage of the situation to learn a few new tricks. By the time the kiss finally ended, Barbie had become quite a skillful kisser.

There was a moment of silence during which Barbie felt regret wash over her. She had just made out with a dog and had loved it. Luckily, she was able to blame her nymphomania and current circumstances.

Candy watched Barbie with an amused smile before voicing the next command.

“Step three: Let the puppy lick your boobs.”

Barbie was shocked, but not as much as she would have thought. In fact, she actually felt a spark of arousal ignite deep in her pussy as the thought of her lover’s tongue on her breasts. Instead of freaking out at her perverse reaction, she focused on obeying the command.

All she had to do way lie down. As soon as her back made contact with the mattress, the puppy approached, tongue hanging out of his mouth. But as his head neared her chest, it came to life and started dancing across her left breast.

“Mmmmm!” moaned Barbie, unable to keep the moan contained. The feel of the canine’s long, slimy tongue flicking back and forth across her nipple was driving her wild. Her arousal level skyrocketed and she began to question her reasoning. Was it really so bad for her to have sex with a dog? After all, it was for a good cause. But that was as far as she got before her lover switched boobs.

“Mmmmm!” she moaned again as his tongue began massaging her other nipple. Within seconds, they were both as hard as rock and soft moans flowed past the teen’s lips. Her emotions were all jumbled up. Arousal. Guilt. Pleasure. Fear. She had no clue how she felt and honestly, she no longer cared.

Right when she was getting ready to give in to her arousal, the puppy pulled away. Barbie opened her eyes and peered at him in confusion. It was not until she glanced at Candy that it made sense.

“Step four: Let the puppy lick your pussy,” said the beautiful hologram.

This time, Barbie did not experience a single moment of hesitation. More arousal than ever before coursed through her veins and the thought of her lover’s long tongue sliding into her filled her with anticipation. Thrilled by her lack of guilt, she turned to the puppy and watched him approach. In anticipation of his arrival, she spread her legs, exposing her engorged labia.

By the time the Great Dane reached the teen’s crotch, it was soaking-wet. He sniffed the air, filling his nostrils with the sweet smell of the pre-cum that awaited him. Eager for a taste, he dove right in. He gave her labia a few licks, forcing a moan past her lips. But the smell of her cunt was too much for him to resist. Stiffening his tongue, he propelled it deep into her.

“FUCK!” moaned Barbie as it slid deeper and deeper into her. Knowing this was the first thing ever to penetrate her other than her fingers made the entire ordeal that much more exciting. And of course, that made her even hornier. The puppy barely had time to start sliding his tongue in and out of her that powerful moan after powerful moan flowed past her lips.

The hungry canine eagerly ingested every last drop of pre-cum from her pussy. Luckily, he still kept going when he ran out, knowing the real thing was on the way. Sure enough, Barbie could feel her arousal level rise with every passing second and knew it was only a matter of time before she climaxed. Now that she had accepted her fate, she was free to enjoy every single second of her first interspecies encounter. And enjoy it she did.

It was not long before a powerful orgasm grew within her and even less time before it exploded. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she opened her mouth and yelled at the top of her lungs.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” she shrieked as her pussy started convulsing. It took less than a second before she started squirting wave after wave of hot orgasmilk into her lover’s face. She had not climaxed in weeks and this was the most powerful orgasm of her life.

The hungry puppy continued propelling his tongue in and out of his tight-bodied lover as he tried to swallow every last drop of sweet nectar released. But the sheer forced of the orgasm made such a thing impossible. Luckily, he still managed to force quite a few gulps down his throat.

Moans and cum flew through the air for almost a minute before the virgin’s orgasm finally died down. With one final wave, it was all over and Barbie’s slumped back down onto the mattress. She lay there, panting for a few seconds before she heard a familiar voice.

“Step five: Have vaginal sex with the puppy,” said Candy.

Barbie took a few seconds to catch her breath.

“Can’t I have a few minutes to recover first?” she panted.

“No!” came Candy’s forceful reply.

Barbie considered refusing, but knew that was not an option. Still, why was Candy suddenly being so strict? Little did she know, the hologram knew the longer she waited, the more time Barbie would have to come down from her sexual high. And there was no telling what would happen if she realized how perverse her actions were. The sooner Barbie got to work, the better.

“Get on all fours,” ordered Candy. Her tone made it clear the command was not up for debate and Barbie grunted as she sat up. Her body was still recovering from the intense orgasm, but she still had enough strength to get into position.

Mere seconds after she had made it onto her hands and knees, the puppy joined the party. Ingesting all that cum had turned him on more than ever before and he now had a raging hard-on. Though he was quite large for a puppy, his cock was not so impressive. Still, the pointy, bright-red prick still measured a little over six inches.

Barbie looked back over her shoulder and watched the canine mount her. Within seconds, he had his two front legs squeezing her waist while his two hind ones forced his body forward. Before long, the tip of his manhood made contact with the teen’s labia. Only one small thrust was needed to achieve penetration.

Barbie suddenly had a doubt. Her arousal level had dropped considerably since she had climaxed and she could now think clearly. Having a puppy lick her to orgasm was one thing, but letting him fuck her was quite another. Was she ready to lose her virginity? Then again, did she have a choice?

Before she could make up her mind, the Great Dane made his move. His muscles tightened as he lurched forward. His spear flew past the virgin’s lower lips and shot deeper and deeper into her still cum-filled pussy. The orgasmilk made the penetration overly easy and every last inch of the schlong was quickly swallowed up.

“Fuck!” moaned Barbie is a mixture of shock and arousal. The two duked it out for a second before the puppy started rocking back and forth, forcing his spear in and out of her poon. Only a few thrusts were needed to tip the scales in favor of arousal.

Before long, the horny canine was pounding the living shit of his beautiful human lover. Her tight cunt felt so awesome wrapped around his cock that he started howling in appreciation. The howls echoed throughout the room, drowning out all other sounds.

By then, arousal had returned to the busty blonde’s body and soft moans had started flowing past her lips. As the interspecies pounding intensified, so did her cries. Before long, she was moaning at the top of her lungs.

“Faster!” she begged. “FASTER!”

And that was exactly what the puppy did. Within seconds, he was drilling her so hard that the teen had forgotten all about the perversity of the situation. All she cared about was the arousal coursing through her veins. And the orgasm growing within her.

“I’m gonna cum!” she soon announced. And no sooner had she said it that it happened.

“FUUCCCKKKK!!!!!” she cried out in sheer ecstasy as her pussy came to life. It continued stretching and contracting as her studly lover’s cock dove in and out of it, but it also began releasing wave after wave of cum. The sweet nectar shot out of her with such force that it flew high into the air before splitting into tiny drops and raining down upon the two lovers. Some of it also flew toward Candy, but because she was no more than a hologram, it shot right through her.

The puppy climaxed a mere few seconds after Barbie and his powerful squirts joined hers in the air. For the remainder of the orgasm, nothing but cum could be seen. As for sounds, only moans and howls could be heard.

Barbie’s virginity-losing orgasm was the most powerful of her life. Never before had her body shook so hard. Never before had she produced such powerful moans. Never before had she released so much cum. Everything about the orgasm had been amplified, making it a memory she would never forget.

By the time the final wave finally oozed out of her and her lover pulled away, she was completely exhausted. She did not bother with grace as she let herself fall onto the cum-covered bed. She barely had the strength to flip onto her back before she started panting heavily.

Recovery was a slow process and it gave her time to think. Unfortunately, the more she thought, the worse she felt. All arousal had now left her body, leaving only shame behind. But it had nothing to do with knowing that she had lost her virginity to a dog. It was due to how enjoyable the process had been. Not only had it been a pleasant procedure, but it was a memory she would carry with her for the rest of her life.

Her first reaction was denial. The only reason why she had enjoyed it so was because she had not climaxed in weeks. Plus, she had not been given a choice. Anyone in her position would have done the same thing. All of this may have been true, it did not help her feel any better. The choice had been hers and hers alone. It was now up to her to figure out if she regretted it or not. Luckily, only time would tell and she now had more important things to worry about.

“Your first challenge is now complete,” said Candy as soon as she saw Barbie’s eyes flutter open. “Congratulations.”

“Thanks,” said the busty blonde as she sat up and glanced around. A gasp escaped her as she studied her surroundings. Not because they were covered in cum, but because they had started to change. And that could only mean one thing. She was about to begin her second challenge.

To be continued in Part 2...


Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed.

Have a horny day,

Barbie Lez