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Dirty Little Boys, Filthy Big Girls

2022-10-04 00:16:32

"This is pointless," grumbled Aaron as he stood with his twin brother, Mark, outside the newsagents.

"We should keep trying," Mark insisted.

"Yeah, but we've asked three people already. It 'aint gonna work," insisted Aaron.

"It will. Eventually."

"I dunno. Maybe we're wasting our time."

Aaron and Mark were both eleven-years-old. They were identical twins, both charming little boys, barely five-foot tall in height, slender and with cute freckled faces and bright, attentative blue eyes that sparkled with promises of childish mischief. They had short blonde hair, but Mark's was spikey whilst Aaron's was combed neatly with a side-parting. That was pretty much the only way the could be told apart, physically. They differed in personality a little though. Mark was the slightly more dominant one and Aaron was content to be lead.

Right now they stood outside the general store. To try and avoid anyone they knew they had come all the way here, half-way across town. It was mid-morning at the start of the summer holidays, a dazzlingly bright July day.

"Shall we ask him?" Aaron whispered to Mark a moment later, referring to a middle-aged man who was approaching the shop.

"Shit, no, don't," Mark whispered back, urgently, "That's our old Geography teacher."

"Is it? Oh yeah."

The man strolled up and saw the boys. He recognized them from school.

"Hi Aaron, hi Mark," he said, "Staying out of mischief?"

"Yes sir," the twins replied, wide-eyed with innocence.

Their teacher smiled and stepped into the shop.

"No-one will buy us a porn mag, face it," grumbled Aaron.

"I suppose so," Mark sighed, defeated.

They had been eager to buy a porno magazine for a few weeks and had finally summoned up the courage to put Mark's plan into operation, which involved offering a five-pound note to adults at random and asking them buy them a porn mag on their behalf. They had asked three people so far and but had been refused by all of them. The last person they had asked, a middle-aged woman, had even threatened to bop them on the head with a rolled-up newspaper whilst denouncing them as "dirty little boys."

"I know who we can ask," Mark suddenly said, "Karen!"

"Oh yeah," Aaron grinned.

"Karen's pretty cool," Mark continued, "for an adult anyway. Let's go ask her. Our sis will be at work today."

"Okay, let's go!"


Aaron and Mark's big sister, Judith, was a law student who attended the local University, and she lived just down the road from the campus. Judith was a headstrong woman, very forthright and career orientated, her sights set firmly on her ambition to become a solicitor.

Judith's housemate, Karen, was laid-back and relaxed, her behaviour often just as silly as her big frizzy blonde hairstyle. Karen was studying Sociology, having recently completed a degree in Philosophy. She accepted that neither degree was all that useful but she didn't care, she just wanted to be a lay-about student with no responsibilities for a few more years before she bothered to get out into the real world. In fact, unlike Judith, Karen did not even plan on having a career; motherhood was the only occupation she wanted. Ignoring the rants of the annoying feminists she met on campus, who whined that marriage and motherhood were the equivalent to enslavement, Karen was looking forward to finding and marrying Mr Right and then producing a nice brood of children to pamper and fuss over. Right now, though, her primary occupation was laying about, smoking pot and having a laugh, with the occasional lecture attended to keep herself from being booted off the course.

Despite the contrasts in their attitudes, the headstrong, career orientated Judith and the lazy, care-free Karen both got on perfectly and were best friends as well as housemates.


That Saturday morning, Karen was lazing around the house, slumped on the sofa and flicking through a woman's magazine whilst smoking a cigarette and idly blowing smoke-rings.

Twenty-three-year-old Karen was average in height and build, with her most notable assets being the 38DD breasts that currently sat snugly in a tight, low-cut white top. Karen had long since accepted that the heavy jugs she lugged around in her bra would be a magnet to any man with the power of sight. Not just men either, but some boys too! Last month, on a holiday to Wales, Karen had been strolling topless along a beach when she had noticed a boy - no older than ten - gazing at her big wobbly tits with big beautiful blue eyes. Karen had flashed a grin at the child, who had blushed and waved at her. The boy's mother spotted her son, and more specifically the two big jiggling things to which his eyes were fixed upon, and had clipped him round the ear. "Stop looking at that lady's boobs,"

"But dad is," the boy had grumbled.

Karen never understood those women who bitched about men ogling them. Each pair of eyes that focused upon a woman's body, Karen thought, was a stamp of approval.

Karen had a pleasing face, with narrow, enigmatic dark eyes and a ready smile. Her hair was blonde, so bright it almost shone, and it was very frizzy and was splayed out all over the place, refusing to be controlled.

Meanwhile, Judith was working on her suntan outside, lying on a towel in the middle of the small neat garden behind the terraced house. Judith was twenty-one, very tall at five-foot-nine and slender with long brown hair. She had a classically pretty face whose sharp cheekbones and narrow nose emphasised her slender build. She had average sized breasts, a nice handful each but obviously paling in comparison next to Karen's impressive assets. Judith was wearing a skimpy, two-piece yellow bikini and a pair of sunglasses as she lightly dozed in the sun.

The doorbell rang just before eleven.

"I'll get it," Karen called as she got of the sofa, stubbing her cigarette out in the ashtray on the coffee-table.

"Okay," replied Judith from outside. The doors leading from the living room to the garden were wide open, letting a gentle breeze circulate through the house. Overall the little home was very tidy, bearing in mind it was occupied by two students, although that was only becasue Judith tended to stalk through it with a duster and polish, cleaning up after Karen. In fact, Karen sometimes worried that Judith would try to polish her if she sat still for long enough.

Karen opened the door and saw Judith's two little brothers standing there, side-by-side, both in identical jeans and a T-shirt.

"Hi Karen," Aaron and Mark said, simultaneously.

"Hi boys, come in," Karen said. The two youngsters entered the house. Karen closed the door and lead the boys into the living room. The top Karen wore was low-cut and showed off plenty of her cleavage, and she also had on a pair of low-slung jeans, the sort that exposed her mid-rift at the front and, at the back, revealed the base of her spine and just a slight glimpse of the top of her creamy-white bum-cheeks. The top of her pink thong peeked over the hem of her jeans at the back and just bending over would reveal a good few inches of her arse-crack. In terms of ogling material, Aaron and Mark couldn't lose with Karen; from the front they had tit-cleavage, from the back they had arse-cleavage.

Karen enjoyed her housemate's little brothers coming over. Karen had been a tomboy when she was little, always happiest running around with her older brothers and joining in their adventures and mishief, and Mark and Aaron and their adorable pre-pubescent boyish charm reminded her of those times. She also had a less innocent reason for enjoying the twin's company. Although Karen didn't mind men ogling her impressive tits, she didn't like the way most tried to do it sneakily, stealing glances at her cleavage through the corners of their eyes. She much preferred the way Aaron and Mark unashamedly gazed at her boobs, not even embarrassed when they were caught doing so.

Mark and Aaron sat down on the sofa.

"What can I do for you two scamps then?" Karen asked, squeezing herself between the boys so that Mark sat to her left, Aaron to her right. Her heavy tits wobbled in her tight top, as they did with virtually every slight movement she made.

"Just a favour," Mark began.

"Yeah, a favour," Aaron confirmed.

"Ooh, sounds interesting," Karen grinned.

"We need you to buy something for us," Mark began.

"Hey, I'm a student," Karen declared, "I'm not made of money."

"No, no, we'll give you the money," Aaron said, "You use our money but just have to buy it for us."

"Sounds...suspicious," Karen mused.

"Hey boys," Judith greeted her kid brothers as she strolled into the living room. The skimpy bikini meant a lot of the slender brunette's lightly bronzed flesh was on display, shiny and glistening with sun-tan lotion.

"I thought you were at your Saturday job today," Mark said. That was what he had hoped anyway, given that he did not want his sister to know what they were up to.

"I pulled a sickie," Judith shrugged, "It was too nice to be working behind a bar all day."

Judith took off her sunglasses and put them on the mantlepiece. As she did so she faced away from her brothers. The bottom piece of her bikini was a thong, the bright yellow material at the back not much thicker than dental-floss. It ran right up the crack of her shapely arse, her whole sparkling, mouthwatering buttocks on display. Mark and Aaron's eyes flicked down, instinctively, to that portion of Judith's body. Big sister or not, the eleven-year-old boys could not resist a glance at Judith's pert tanned cheeks.

Judith turned round and sat on the armchair. She enjoyed having her brothers over to visit. Growing up, she had not always got on well with the pair. Aaron and Mark were not bad kids, but they were cheeky, energetic and often naughty, like any normal healthy boys. Being ten-years their senior meant Judith was often a back-up-mum to her brothers, and to her annoyance, when she was a teenager, she had frequently been obliged to cancel a night out to babysit for them. When she had moved out last year, Judith had thought it would be nice to be away from her pesky little brothers, but she quickly found that she missed the two little rascals.

Judith did not plan on having kids until she was well into her thirties, if at all, but the way Mark and Aaron - beneath their cheeky attitudes - looked up to their dear big sister bought out her latent maternal instincts. Judith was grateful that she lived within walking distance of the family home and therefore the two boys were able to visit quite often, even if it was invariably for nefarious purposes, such as asking her to write them notes to excuse them for Physical Education. Last week the twins had come round to ask Judith to "help" them with their homework, which eventually involved Judith doing their entire homework assignment for them whilst they busied themselves playing with Karen's X-Box.

"So," Judith began, "what brings you two here?"

Aaron and Mark glanced at each other, then at their sister.

"Nothing," they replied, in unison.

"You were after something, weren't you?" Karen insisted, clapping her hands to each boy's thigh and giving them a playful squeeze.

"We weren't," declared Mark.

"What are you up to?" asked Judith.

"They wanted me to by them something," Karen told her housemate, "Your little brothers wanted me to go and purchase something that they're too young to buy. Tut tut. Such naughty little scamps!"

"Shut up," whined Aaron, giving Karen a gentle punch on the shoulder.

"What did you want Karen to buy?" Judith asked her brothers, "Seriously, tell me."

"Nothing," both boys replied in stereo.

"Tell us," Karen insisted, "or you will never leave this house...alive."

"Shut up, silly woman," Aaron tutted, receiving a playful punch on the shoulder from Karen in response.

"What is it, tell me," Judith insisted, her voice full of authority, "It's not cigarettes is it? Don't tell me you've started smoking."

"No, it's not that," Aaron tutted.

"Booze?" asked Karen.

"No," Mark replied.

"Well, what did you want Karen to buy then?" Judith asked her brothers, successfully injecting into her voice the same authority that her mother used to wring information from these two rascals.

"A porn mag," Aaron responded, blushing.

"Yeah, a porn mag," Mark admitted, "We're too young to buy them y'see."

"Yes, that's because you're eleven-years-old," Judith pointed out, "and eleven is too young to be buying magazines with pictures of naked women in them."

Judith's attempt at sounding stern and authorative to her brothers was slightly undermined when Karen suddenly started giggling.

"What?" Judith asked her whacky housemate.

"Sorry," snorted Karen, sniggering, "it's just...the idea of these two horny little brats being so desperate to buy a porn magazine...it's just funny." She also found it amusing that Judith was trying to inform Mark and Aaron about the sinfulness of wanting to look at naked women when she, Judith, was wearing a two-piece bikini so skimpy that you could swallow the whole garmant without needing so much as a glass of water to wash it down with. Judith's firm, pert tits were all but on display with just a triangle of yellow material covering the nipples. The crotch of Judith's thong was so narrow that her pubes would have peeked out from the sides, were it not for the fact that Judith shaved herself completely down there.

Mark and Aaron giggled too. They liked Karen. She was funny, at least for an adult.

Judith was a little puzzled. She still thought of Mark and Aaron as her baby brothers, eternally pre-pubescent. It was hard for her to imagine them being interested in girls (and their associated 'bits'), especially at the tender age of eleven-and-a-half.

She was about to ask her brothers why they wanted a porn magazine, before realising that it was obviously so they could jack off over it.

Karen had come to the same conclusion, but she had the wicked idea that it would be fun to cajole the two rascals into admitting they masturbated.

"So, what porn magazine would you like?" Karen asked the boys. She squeezed their thighs again, neither the boys or Judith noting the less-than-innocent undertones to the gesture.

"Karen!" tutted Judith, "You're not going to buy my brothers a porno mag."

"I didn't say I would," insisted Karen, "I'm just curious what literature they're, ahem, interested in reading."

"Any magazine would do," Mark said, taking the lead as usual, "Just as long as it's got naked birds in it."

"Mark, don't be so sexist," sighed Judith.

"Sorry," Mark said, "I meant, so long as it's got naked chicks in it."

Judith rolled her eyes.

"What would you do with such a magazine then?" Karen interrogated the boys, "Sit and read it, quietly? Take in the thought-provoking articles? Muse on the existential implications of the text that accompanies the close-up beaver shots?"

"Eh?" frowned Mark.

"Huh?" frowned Aaron.

Judith's serious look broke for a moment as she sniggered slightly.

"Or," Karen continued, "did you want to wank off over the mag?"

"Karen!" Judith gasped, before giggling.

"We don't wank," Aaron insisted, "Well I don't anyway."

"Me neither," Mark added.

"I bet you do," Karen said.

Judith covered her mouth with her hand and she tried not to laugh, despite her objection to Karen uttering such lewdness.

"We don't," Mark and Aaron responded in unison.

"Then why would you want to see naked ladies?" asked Karen, "I mean, if you don't masturbate, you would, I presume, have no interest in seeing my boobs."

Karen then hooked her fingers into the hem of her tight white top and proceeded to pull it up. The soft white flesh of her belly was revealed, and then her cute naval. Mark and Aaron's eyes widened with awe as the top was rapidly pulled up and up, revealing Karen's upper belly. Her enormous tits - albeit still held in a bra - were only seconds away from being revealed.

"Karen!" Judith gasped, yet again, "Don't!"

"I was joking!" Karen lied. She dropped her top down again.

"Aw," moaned Mark and Aaron, their chance at seeing Karen's boobs snatched so unfairly from them by their prudish big sister.

"Judith," whined Mark, "Why did you have to tell Karen off?"

"Yeah, she was gonna show her boobs," Aaron added.

Judith was about to try and articulate why she didn't think her housemate should be showing her eleven-year-old brother's her tits, but she didn't think there would be much point. It was hard enough to stay serious and commanding with her cheeky little brothers, but it was virtually impossible when Karen was encouraging them. Karen may have been twenty-three, but she had the same irresponsible, care-free and wholly silly attitude as eleven-year-olds Mark and Aaron did. In some ways, Judith was jealous. She wished she could act that immature. However, she felt somehow obliged to cast her net of authority across the trio sitting on the sofa opposite her.

"We want to see boobs," Mark declared.

"Boobs, boobs, boobs," Aaron sang, tapping his thigh in tune with his spontatanous song dedicated to boobs and his ambition to view such parts of lady's bodies."

"You're too young," Judith insisted, "You can't go getting porno mags, no matter who you get to buy them. And Karen can't show you her boobs either. You're too young."

"Well, when I was eleven," Karen said, her attitude making it quite clear she was taking the side of the two boys flanking her on the sofa, "I saw a pair of tits."

"Wow, whose?" Aaron asked her.

"Mine," giggled Karen, "They started growing when I was only nine. I was wearing a bra by ten."

"Have they stopped growing?" Mark asked.

"I think so," Karen replied, "I hope so anyway." She squeezed her tits through her cotton T-shirt a couple of times. "If they got any bigger I'd need planning permission for them."

Mark and Aaron giggled. Karen squeezed her boobs once more then took her hands from her tits. The boys were fascinated at the way those big globes in Karen's top continue to wobble for a few seconds after being squeezed.

"If your boobs were any bigger Karen, they'd block out the sun," sniggered Mark.

"If your boobs were any bigger," added Aaron, "then...er..." He struggled for an amusing quip. Then he found one. "If they were any bigger, your landlord would charge them their own rent."

Karen giggled along with the boys. Despite herself, Judith sniggered as well.

"Let us see 'em," implored Mark, to Judith rather than to Karen, "Go on Judith, let us see Karen's boobs."

"Please!" whined Aaron.

Before Judith could respond, Karen chipped in.

"Tell you what," that frizzy-haired blonde lady began, "if you both admit to spanking your monkeys then I shall reveal my breasts."

"I wank off," Aaron quickly admitted.

"Me too," Mark added, "All the time. More than Aaron. Ten times more in fact. Show us your boobs now Karen."

"Show us," Aaron insisted.

"Before Judith beats you up for being naughty!" added Mark.

Judith giggled before she could even bring herself to object to both her little brother's demands on Karen and their implication that she, Judith, was some sort of scary authority figure.

"Show us," Mark and Aaron begged of Karen.

"Two boobs," grinned Karen, grabbing the bottom of her top, "comin' up!"

She whipped off her top, swiftly and completely, and flung it to the floor. She leaned forwards, reached behind herself and unclipped her bra. That soon was flung to the floor.

Proud of her sun-eclipsing assets, Karen sat back, grinning. Her 38DD breasts hung, heavy and firm and demanding to be looked at. Mark and Aaron both knelt up, either side of Karen, their eyes fixed on Karen's breasts.

There was a moment of silence in the room. Karen enjoyed the boy's attention. The boys enjoyed Karen's tits. And Judith enjoyed the curious feeling of excitement that she got from witnessing the whole event. Her firm tanned thighs quivered. She rubbed them together a little and licked her lips.

Judith had seen Karen's tits before. Whilst men rarely exposed much of themselves to each other, women were different. Female friends and housemates like Judith and Karen thought little of strolling naked and dripping wet from the bathroom to the bedroom despite another woman possibly seeing them, and happily barged into each other's rooms to exhange some fantastic gossip just heard over the phone, oblivious to the fact that either one of them may have been stark naked throughout the entire conversation. Judith and Karen were pretty familiar with one another's bodies.

However, it was not so much the sight of Karen's big juicy tits that made Judith's shaved cunt begin to moisten in her bikini bottoms, it was the eager look of pre-teen lust in her brother's eyes that turned her on.

"Wow, cool," was Aaron's summary of what he was seeing.

"Those are so...cool," Mark added.

"Your boobs," Aaron told Karen, "Are...cool."

Judith made a mental note to buy her brothers a thesaurus.

"You don't have implants do you?" Mark asked Karen, showing the complete lack of tact one would expect from an eleven-year-old boy.

"No, they're all natural," Karen replied, "Feel 'em."

Mark reached out and placed his small hand over Karen's left breast. Aaron, who sat to Karen's right, glanced at his big sister, but seeing no objection in Judith's slightly shocked face, he turned back to Karen and clamped his hand to her right tit. Both boys squeezed and groped at Karen's breasts.

"These are great," Mark declared, "Wow!"

The boys continued to gently kneed, mash, grope and fondle Karen's breasts. Then they kneeded, mashed, groped and fondled them some more. Then, just for variety, they began to squeeze them.

Remembering how Karen's tits had jiggled after she'd squeezed them earlier, Mark tried to clench the whole of Karen's left tit - his hand barely able to half of it - and squeezed it, then let go. The boob wobbled for a few seconds. The boy giggled then did it again. Aaron giggled then did the same to Karen's right tit.

"These are dead wobbly," Mark concluded. He then took Karen's stiff, stubby nipple in between his little forefinger and thumb. "Wow, this nipple is well stiff." He pinched the nipple. Karen stifled a groan of pleasure.

"This one too," said Aaron, pinching Karen's other nipple, "How come they're stiff Karen?"

"Yeah, why are your nipple stiff," asked Mark, "Are you cold?"

"No," Karen replied. She was about to tell the boys why her nipples were erect but first she glanced at Judith to see if she would object. However, Mark and Aaron's big sister just sat their, watching intently. Karen could tell, with her female intutition, that Judith was horny. That made Karen horny. Even hornier than she was already.

"I'm not cold," Karen told the twins as they merrily twiddled her nipples as if they were trying to tune a radio, "my nipples are stiff 'cos I'm horny."

Aaron giggled.

"Horny?" asked Mark, "You mean, like, aroused and stuff?"

"Mmmm," nodded Karen, "Girl's nipples get stiff when they're aroused, just like boy's willies get stiff."

Mark and Aaron did not giggle at what was normally a giggle-provoking word, willie. They were both conscious that their own willies were getting very, very stiff in their jeans.

"And," Karen added, glancing at Judith, whose nipples were stiff under her bikini top, "our cunts get wet too." She cast a glance at Judith's crotch. Her bikini thong was damp with snatch-sauce. Judith blushed and crossed her legs. Karen smiled at her housemate then looked at Mark and Aaron, who were still playing with her nipples with such enthusiasm that they'd not even batted an eyelid at Karen's lewd use of the word 'cunt', let alone the curious exchange of glances between Karen and their sister.

"You must be dead horny and stuff," Aaron told Karen as he pinched her stiff nipple. Neither he nor his twin brother had fully taken into account what Karen was admitting. The innocent darlings still thought Karen was letting them play with her tits for their pleasure. They'd not detected, by her deep breathing and flushed face, that Karen was getting off on their attentions too.

Judith felt a sudden pang of jealousy. She was not a virgin, but she'd had only a couple of serious boyfriends. Since starting University last year she had been pretty much celibate. She'd sworn off men on the basis that relationships were a distraction to her studies. Karen was the opposite. Karen would always have a boyfriend, and when one relationship ended - the average length of them being about two-months - she would start another one. Right now Karen was seeing a guy who lived across the road, who often popped over to fuck Karen's brains out, their orgasmic yelping all but shaking the house. It didn't bother Karen one bit that the guy had just gotten married. She knew it wouldn't last. Karen, at least for the time being, didn't want relationships. She just wanted fucking. Judith really envied her. Judith's sexual desires were as high as Karen's, but she didn't quite have the knack of flinging herself into casual relationships. With the exception of a one-night-stand a few months ago, Judith's outlet for her sky-high sexual drive since beginning University had been the well-used vibrator she kept tucked under her mattress.

Right now, Judith's hot pussy was slick with juices. Her nipples were stiff under her red bikini top. Her face was flushed and she had to keep swallowing as her mouth watered. All thanks to the curious sight of her eleven-year-old brothers merrily fondling Karen's tits. It was the juxtaposition of her sweet little baby brothers and the slutty fuck-happy tit-displaying Karen that turned Judith on.

"I bet you've got nice stiffies," Karen said to Aaron and Mark as the continued to twiddle with her nipples.

"I haven't," Aaron replied.

"I have," Mark boasted.

"Me too," Aaron corrected himself, following his twin.

"My willie is well hard," Mark declared.

"My cock is about to fall off it's so hard," Aaron bragged.

"Show me," Karen said, her voice quivering with lust, "Show me those hard willies."

Judith was about to protest, but easily decided that not only would it be futile, but it would be against her own desires. She suddenly felt a shiver run down her spine at the idea of her beautiful little brothers showing their erections off to Karen. Judith wasn't even sure that the boy's could have hard-ons!

"Show me your hard-ons," Karen told the twins.

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other, not sure what to do.

"Show me your hard-ons," Karen repeated, "and if you do I'll show you my cunt."

That was all the incentive the little rascals required. Mark and Aaron let go of Karen's tits and hopped off the sofa. They swiftly removed their jeans, socks and underpants. Karen gave a sly wink at Judith, the latter responding with a wonky grin that wasn't sure whether to express amusument or despair at Karen's activities.

Mark and Aaron soon stood in just their T-shirts, naked from the waist down. Their pricks stuck up straight. Judith was mesmirised at the sight. Her little brothers were indeed little boys - small, slender, no pubic hair whatsoever, tight little nutsacs - but their pricks were clearly capable of more than just pissing. Though no longer or thicker than an adult's forefinger, Mark and Aaron's cocks stuck upright and visibly pulsed.

"You boys," Karen smiled, eyes flicking back and forth from each of the identical twin's beautiful pre-teen cocks, "have very nice erections."


Mark and Aaron weren't sure what to do next.

The eleven-year-old twins were standing there in just their T-shirts with their erections jutting from their hairless groins, and before them sat Karen, the topless blonde who had made it gradually clear that she was enjoying showing off her tits as much as Mark and Aaron enjoyed seeing them. Karen's dark eyes smouldered with hunger as she eyed up the pre-teen erections that saluted the beauty of her mammoth melons.

Across the room, Mark and Aaron's big sister Judith sat in curious silence, dressed in just her skimpy yellow two-piece bikini, her skin glistening with sun-tan lotion, idly rubbing her toned thighs together as she struggled to figure out why, exactly, she was so fucking horny at seeing her two little brother's erections.

"Aren't our hard-ons cool?" smirked Mark to Karen.

"They are very cool," breathed Karen, "Can I touch them?"

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other. They were hardly likely to turn down an offer of a lady touching their cocks, but this was still a little unusual. They needed each other for guidence.

"Sure," Mark said, taking the plunge.

"Touch mine first," Aaron butted in.

Karen smiled and reached out with both her hands. She encircled Mark's cock with her left forefinger and thumb, and Aaron's in her right forefinger and thumb.

The eleven-year-old twins let out a gasp. They had touched one another's dicks before and even jacked each other off during some mutual masturbation session, but it was a whole new experience to have a woman touching their willies.

"Uuh," gasped Mark.

"Oh wow," Aaron spluttered.

Sitting on the sofa, her huge tits still hanging on display, Karen smiled cheekily as she gently masturbated the boy's pricks. She pumped them in her hands.

"Is that good?" she asked them.

Mark and Aaron nodded, dumbly.

"Uuuuh," Mark stammered.

"Do you wank like this?" Karen asked the boys. She increased her pace, masturbating the twins with her forefingers and thumbs wrapped around their slender yet iron-hard rods.

The boys looked as if they were high. Their eyes rolled up a little, their eyelids flickered. Their bright young cheeks flushed.

"Uuh, mmm," Judith stammered from across the room. The slender brunette rubbed her thighs together again. Her nipples were visibly sticking out under the material of her bikini top. Her flesh glistened, not just with sun-tan lotion, but with sweat. Her mouth and her cunt were practically drooling.

"Your brothers appreciate a lady's touch," Karen told Judith as she wanked Mark and Aaron's cocks. The boys were seemingly under her control. They each stood their, in just their T-shirts, whilst Karen's pumped their pricks.

"Mmmm, yeah," Mark whispered. His pale little bottom-cheeks quivered. Judith looked at the cheeks in question and licked her lips.

"I wanna...see your cunt...Karen," stammered Aaron. He was normally the quiet one of the twins, but he felt confident in the current circumstances. Also, he didn't want to blow his nuts before Karen fulfilled the promise earlier, that if she got see the boy's cocks she'd show them her cunt. Aaron, and Mark for that matter, were eager to see a cunt. Tits were fantastic, especially Karen's massive ones, that currently jiggled sexily as she wanked off her two pre-teen admirers, but the twins wanted to see a cunt.

"Show us your cunt Karen," Mark asked, "Please."

"You boys wanna see my cunt?" Karen asked with a smirk, letting go of the boy's erections and sitting back.

The twins nodded.

"Okay," Karen said, slyly, "but first you have to prove you're ready. You see boys, you can only see a cunt if you're old enough to kiss."

Mark and Aaron glanced at each other, unaware of this rule, and unware that Karen had obviously just made it up on the spot. Judith watched intently, merely a spectator to all of this, albeit one whose snatch was leaking cunt-sauce at an increasing rate.

"If you can show me you can kiss a girl properly," Karen told the twins, "then I shall show you my cunt." She was getting off on saying the word 'cunt' to the two little boys.

"I can kiss," Mark boasted.

"Me too," Aaron added.

The boys were not actually lying because they had 'snogged' girls at school in the playground, although it was not much more than just childish games. However, with their willies standing upright, they felt confident enough to proclaim their kissing abilities to be unparalleled. Furthermore, they wanted the reward for being a good kisser; sight of a cunt. A real life cunt.

They knew that Karen had a cunt, no doubt a nice hairy one. Karen had revealed her beautiful tits so she would no doubt reveal her beautiful cunt.

"We can snog girls, easily," boasted Aaron.

"So, natural born kissers are we?" Karen giggled, "Come here my little darlings." She patted the sofa either side of her. "Get up here and show me how good you are at kissing, and then I shall take off the rest of my clothes."

Mark and Aaron hopped onto the sofa, kneeling either side of Karen. Their pricks were pulsing, erectly, and the nipples atop Karen's enormous breasts stuck out, stiffly.

Judith sucked her tongue, stifling a moan. She didn't know why she found it so arousing to think of the prospect of her little brothers kissing a woman, but she did nonetheless. Judith's hand crept towards her crotch, eager to slip into her bikini bottoms and frig her slit, but she stopped herself. Instead she gripped her knees in her hands as she perched on the edge of the armchair.

"You want to see my cunt, don't you?" Karen asked the sweet blonde eleven-year-old twins that knelt either side of her with their slender, hairless pricks erect.

"Yes," Mark panted.

"I wanna see it," Aaron pleaded, gripping his prick in his fist and lightly pumping it, "Let us see your cunt Karen. Please."

"My cunt is beautiful," Karen boasted, her voice taking on an almost dreamy tone, "You boys will love my cunt. You want to see it, don't you my darlings?"

The twin's heads nodded up and down.

"I'll show you my hot fucking cunt," grinned Karen, "just as soon as you've proved you're good kissers. What do you think Judith? Should I let your darling brothers see my cunt?"

Karen, Mark and Aaron's eyes turned to Judith as the quiet brunette sat on the armchair across the room. Judith wasn't sure what to say after being so abruptly dragged into this lewdness.

"Show...my little baby brothers...your cunt," Judith stammered, finding her body shivering with sexual desire as she uttered those obscene intructions, "Show them." Judith cleared her throat then felt herself imbibed with her usual confidence. "Let my naughty little brothers kiss you then show them your juicy wet cunt Karen."

"You heard your big sister," Karen told the twins, "you gotta know how to kiss a girl before she'll get her knickers off. Kiss me you horny scamps! Who's first?"

"Me," Mark declared, but in doing so, he lost valuable nanoseconds. Aaron quickly plunged on in, clamping his little lips to Karen's. His efforts were amateurish but delightful to Karen. The boy mashed his lips to her's. She slipped her tongue into his mouth, causing him to retreat.

"What was that?" Aaron asked.

"My tongue, silly," Karen replied.

"That's weird," Aaron concluded.

"You whuss," tutted Mark. He then leaned down and sealed his lips to Karen's. The boy merrily pushed his tongue into Karen's mouth. They moaned together with lust, eleven-year-old Mark eagerly pushing his tongue into the mouth of twenty-three-year-old Karen. The big-titted blonde slut reached down and gently masturbated Mark's erection, drinking in his subsequent sighs of pleasure.

Aaron instantly regretted his earlier retreat. His held his cock in his hand and stifled a moan of envy as he saw how his twin-brother was enthusastically swapping spit with Karen.

"Cool," Mark grinned when he came up for breath a moment later, "I could feel your tongue in my gob Karen. Shall we do it again?"

"No, my turn," whined Aaron.

"Yes, it's your turn Aaron," Karen confirmed to the boy, "C'mere. Give me a kiss honey."

Aaron leaned in and snogged Karen. This time, when he felt Karen's tongue slip into his mouth he did not retreat. He soon found it felt great. Karen's tongue probed around his mouth and he soon responded by slipping his tongue into Karen's mouth.

After thirty-seconds, Aaron detached himself from Karen's mouth, grinning and panting.

"That's well cool," he said.

Mark swiftly took his twin's place and snogged Karen with great enthusiasm. Karen broke off after a moment.

"Stick your tongue out my sweet," she told the horny young boy.

Mark did so, sticking his tongue right out. Karen slipped her lips over the boy's tongue and began to suck on it, like it was a cock, sliding her lips up and down. It felt nice for Mark, but he also found it inexplicably funny and he started giggling a moment later, breaking the activity.

"Suck my tongue now," Karen ordered him, and she stuck her tongue out at Mark. The boy did so, sliding his lips down Karen's tongue and sucking on it.

"Mmmmm, yeah," Judith whispered to herself from across the room. She was urgently trying to find a way to insert herself into this sordid fun.

"Cool," Mark grinned after he had spent a minute sucking Karen's tongue.

"My turn," Aaron quickly said, and he leaned down and slid his lips down Karen's still-outstretched tongue. He began to suck on it, placing his left hand over one of her mammoth tits as he did so and gently groping it. Then Karen put her hand on the back of the boy's head and sealed her lips to his and slid her tongue far into his throat. Aaron let out a muffled moan of surprise, followed by a long moan of delight.

Mark got off the sofa, idly stroking his erection as he watched Aaron and Karen snog.

Judith could take it no more. She was fucking horny and was damned if she was just going to be merely a spectator.

"Mark," Judith said to her brother, "Come over here sweetie."

Mark turned and smiled. His prick was sticking up straight. He obediently strolled up to the armchair on which his sister sat.

"Sit on my lap," Judith said, patting her slender thighs as she sat up straight in the armchair.

Mark obediently did so, sitting sideways on his sister's lap. His pale little bum-cheeks felt cool against the hot flesh of her legs. Mark twisted round slightly to face his sister, placing one of his hands on her shoulder, detecting that his lovely big sister wanted to get in on the fun too.

Judith placed one of her hands on Mark's right thigh and slid her other hand up the back of his T-shirt, gently massaging the boy's lower back.

"Give us a nice kiss," she instructed him.

Mark giggled. He thought his sister was joking, but she wasn't.

"Kiss me Mark," she urged the blonde pre-teen boy, "Come on, give your big sister a nice big kiss. Then I'll show you my cunt as well."

Mark swallowed, a little nervously. Then he leaned in, slowly, and his lips soon touched his sister's. Judith reacted quickly, moaning inwardly with lust as she slid her tongue into Mark's mouth. The boy squirmed a little in Judith's lap, a little taken aback by this expression of wanton desire from Judith, but he did not try to escape. After a few seconds he got used to Judith's tongue in his mouth and let it wander around, exploring his gums and teeth and tickling the roof of his mouth.

Judith pulled back a moment later.

"Stick your tongue in my mouth too," she instructed Mark.

The boy nodded and grinned. Then he and his sister sealed their lips to one another once again, and this time Mark pushed his tongue into Judith's mouth.

Over on the sofa, Aaron briefly parted from Karen to get his breath back. He glanced over and saw his twin brother sitting in Judith's lap and the pair kissing deeply. It didn't occur to him it was in anyway strange. In fact, Aaron was glad he now had Karen all to himself.

He licked his lips as Karen extended her wriggling red tongue at him and then he opened his mouth and sucked on Karen's tongue, his head bobbing back and forth. Karen gripped Aaron's cock lightly in her first and masturbated the horny boy as he sucked on her tongue.

"Shall we do that tongue thing?" Mark asked his sister a moment later.

Judith nodded then stuck her tongue out. Mark greedily sucked on it. Whilst her brother fellated her tongue, the hand that Judith was resting on her little brother's thigh crept up and up, approaching his groin. Gently, she slipped her thumb and forefinger around the child's cock, almost as if she were hoping he wouldn't notice. Mark did notice of course, but he just leaned back and grinned.

"My turn," Judith told the boy as she began to masturbated him, "I'll suck yours now."

Mark stuck his little tongue out at his sister and Judith soon began to suck on it, wanking Mark off a little faster. She couldn't believe how hard his cock was. It may have been only about three-inches in length but it felt as stiff as iron.

"These boys sure are good kissers," concluded Karen a moment later with a grin.

"They certainly are," Judith agreed, her voice shaky with lust.

"Can we swap?" Aaron asked, "You're a cool kisser Karen but I wanna try snogging my sister."

"Sure honey," Karen told him, "Let's switch partners."

Mark and Aaron got up and swapped places. Mark went over to the sofa and knelt next to Karen, who he immediately began to french-kiss.

Judith sat back on the armchair.

"Kneel over my lap honey," she urged Aaron, "Facing me. Oh, and take your T-shirt off darling."

Aaron did so, removing his top so that he was stark naked. He had a pale and slender torso. The boy then got astride his sister, kneeling up on the armchair, his knees placed on the seat between his sister's thighs and the armrests. He was facing his sister, his bum-cheeks on her thighs, his erection wobbling just inches over the crotch of her red bikini-bottoms, the fiery purple tip pointing at her naval. He placed his small hands on her shoulders.

"Give your big sister a big kiss sweetie," Judith purred.

She tilted her head up, parting her lips and flicking her tongue out seductively. Aaron leaned in and placed his lips to her's and their tongues were soon squirming into one another's mouths.

"Mmmmph, mmph," Judith moaned, pleasurably, snogging her little brother and feeling his hard little cock poke her in the belly.

Over on the sofa, Mark was kneeling up next to Karen, who was slumped back, enjoying having her pre-teen toyboy tongue her mouth. When Mark moved back a moment later, Karen had an idea.

"Spit in my mouth darling," she told him.

"Ew, isn't that a bit gross?" asked Mark, although he was more amused than anything.

"We've swallowed one another's spit whilst snogging," explained Karen, "It's no different. Come on, hawk and dribble some nice boy-spit onto my tongue."

She stuck her tongue out and, despite his initial concerns, Mark did not hesitate to summon up a nice glob of phlegm which he obscenely dribbled onto it. Karen slipped her tongue into her mouth and swallowed.

"Now sit back," she told the boy, "It's your turn."

Mark did so, sitting back on the sofa. Without needing to be instructed, he opened his mouth. Karen knelt next to him and leaned over, hawking up some saliva and swishing it around in her mouth before she let it dribble from her wide wet lips onto Mark's tongue. Grinning, the child gulped it down.

"More," he begged.

Karen smiled and soon enough oozed some more saliva into Mark's mouth. They then giggled and resumed the more traditional activity of french-kissing.

On the armchair, Aaron had come up for breath, leaning back as he knelt astride his sister. He glanced over at the sofa. Karen was kneeling up and leaning over Mark as she snogged him, and Aaron was able to see how the topless Karen's jeans were slipping low down her arse, revealing a good few inches of arse-cleavage and her sexy pink thong. Aaron turned back to his sister. He was loving all this snogging business but he was eager to see some female flesh.

Judith, at that moment, reached down and gently grasped Aaron's cock, wrapping her forefinger and tumbg around that little three-inch shaft of steel-hard boy-flesh. Aaron gasped a little, then grinned as Judith began to gently masturbated him.

"Do you like that?" Judith asked.

Aaron just nodded, dumbly. His prick felt like it was buzzing as his sister frigged it expertly.

"Do you want to see your big sister's tits?" Judith enquired.

Again, Aaron just nodded, speechless at the sensations and thrills he was being subjected to.

"Lift up my bikini," his sister told him.

Aaron did so, hooking his hands under the cups of her skimpy red bikini-top. He easily slipped it up and over her breasts, revealing those firm tanned tits to his wide-eyes.

"They're beautiful," he gasped, admiring them. They were nowhere near as big as Karen's, but Judith's breasts were still nice, round and firm and topped with dark red nipples that were quite visibly erect.

Judith continued to jack off Aaron's cock in her right hand whilst she reached round and clapped her left hand to the boy's tight little boy-bum.

"Uuh, mmmm," stammered Aaron. His pretty face was flushed and Judith could tell the little darling was going to cum soon. She was well aware that the boy's cock was all but stabbing her in the stomach and that his eventual climax would send his sperm squirting over her belly. That was assuming he could cum of course! Judith wasn't sure. She was going to find out though.

"Feel my tits," breathed Judith, voice heavy with urgent lust.

Aaron licked his lips then gently cupped his sister's firm young breasts in his small hands. He squeezed and groped them, gently, whilst Judith continued to pump his prick in her firm grip.

Over on the sofa, Karen got Mark to get up for a moment. She then lay down lengthways along the sofa. Mark watched her with keen interest, knowing that she was obviously coming up with something new and exciting to do.

"Kneel astride me sweetie," Karen urged the eleven-year-old boy, "and put your dick between by tits."

Mark did so, but first he took off his T-shirt so that he was nude. He then knelt astride Karen's belly, his bum-cheeks and tight hairless nutsac just over her belly. His erect little pecker wobbled stiffly over her mammoth tits. Karen grabbed her boobs and parted them, eliminating her cleavage.

"Do I put it between them?" Mark asked.

Karen nodded.

Mark lowered himself and guided his cock into the deep valley between Karen's massive melons. Karen let go of her tits and ran her hands gently up and down Mark's thighs.

"Squeeze my tits together darling, and fuck my tits like you would fuck your fist when wanking."

Mark nodded and placed his hands over Karen's big tits. His fingers looked so small compared to those enormous globes. He pushed those heavy boobs together so that they clamped his prick firmly, his erection completely vanishing, hidden in Karen's immense cleavage. Mark began to gently thrust back and forth, fucking Karen's cleavage. He exhanged a grin with the woman, making it clear that he was enjoying this.

"That's it," Karen urged the boy, "that's it you horny little stud, fuck my tits. Fuck my tits sweetie."

Mark felt his erection grow hotter as he pumped it to and fro between Karen's tits, which he kept pushed together. His prick pulsed and throbbed. He thought the head of his dick might appear at the top of Karen's cleavage on the upthrust, but Karen's tits were so big that he had no sign of his cock, his little boyhood was entirely lost in the valley between Karen's big fleshy pillow-like boobs. Mark thrust and thrust, going faster, breathing quicker. He moaned a little as he felt his orgasm begin to rise. He and his twin brother had only been jacking-off for about six-months but they were already very familiar with the sensations that heralded the onset of a spurting climax.

"Fuck my tits, fuck them," Karen urged Mark.

"Uh, uuuh," Mark gasped, his tight nutsac suddenly constricting, his cum beginning to boil up, "I'm gonna...shoot...uuh...any second now."

"Quick, pull your cock out," Karen urged him, "Pull it from my tits."

Mark felt some disappointment at this order, but he obeyed it, judging by the urgency in Karen's voice and also the way he trusted that she would bring him this close to orgasm then cast him aside.

As she lay there, her head propped up against the armrest and looking intently at Mark's cock as it jutted from his hairless groin and over her boobs, Karen quickly grabbed his cock in her fist and vigorously pumped it. Her fist was soon a blur as she wanked the horny little boy, who yelped with delight as his climax finally rose.

"UUUUUUUH, YEAH!" Mark gasped, and in Karen's pumping fist his cock spurted a long wad of pure white sperm which splashed down over Karen's upper-chest. She continued jerking the boy off and a second spurt shot forth and splattered against her neck.

"Shoot it all out, cum all over my tits," begged Karen, still wanking Mark's throbbing pecker.

"Uuuuh, nnng," spluttered Mark, a third wad of sperm spurting forth and landing across Karen's left tit. Karen manouvered the boy's dick to the other side so that his next cum-spurt hit her right tit, as did the next one. Finally, Mark's little balls were pretty much drained.

The boy grabbed the back of the sofa with one hand to keep him upright as he hunched over Karen, who continued to pump his prick, summoning up a final oozing dribble of sperm that ran from his piss-hole and onto her right nipple. She then ran the spermy cock-head over the nipple, rubbing in the the lovely salty boy-cum into her big, wobbly, sperm-splattered tits.

"Uh, Judith, I'm gonna cum!" wailed Aaron from across the room, still astride his sister and playing with her tits whilst she wanked him off, her forefinger and thumb wrapped round his dick and furiously pumping up and down.

Aaron let go of Judith's tits and grabbed her shoulders to keep himself upright.

"AAAAH, fuck!" he stammered, and in his sister's firm grip his pecker spurted forth a slimy wad of cum that splattered over Judith's belly.

"Oh yeah," Judith moaned, ecstaticall