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Having Fun Before A Wedding

2022-10-07 00:34:46

My name is Carl and I’m a 15 year old boy in high school. I’m not a real attractive guy and I didn’t do that well with the women. I was smart though and had fun hanging out with my friends so I kind of enjoyed my life. As far as my characteristics go, I am 6’0, 140 pounds and have dark hair. My penis is about six inches normal and 8 inches with an erection. I know it was something that ran in the family because I had seen my father’s penis and knew it was probably 9 inches which I hoped mine would grow into.

But since I wasn’t the favorite thing to girls, I masturbated a lot. I watched all sorts of porn and even viewed a gay porn video every now and then to switch it up. I wasn’t sure if I was bisexual or not. I loved pussies and tits, but there was something about dicks that I somewhat enjoyed. I never got caught and always covered my tracks by deleting history and spraying febreez everywhere I jacked off.

My family was pretty normal. Like I said there was my dad, Jason, my mom, Cindy, and my 23 year old sister Jen. Jen was very pretty and sexy. She had dark brown hair and nice 34C breasts. But the best part of my sister was her ass. She was a huge slut in high school, but had settled with Tim. Tim was also 23 and the two were already engaged for a few months. He was a pretty cool guy and seemed like he treated my sister pretty well so I liked him.

Tim and Jen were getting married this weekend in our hometown church. This meant that a lot of people were staying at our house including Tim and most of his family. Usually when people are at our house, I put my masturbating on hold, but this was a different circumstance. These people had been staying at our house for the past two weeks preparing for this wedding. Two weeks without touching myself was insane for me.

So on Friday night, I decided to go for it. The actual process of jacking off was not going to be the problem. I had my own room and a laptop and successfully masturbated to a great porn video. The difficult issue was that I didn’t have any cleenex to clean myself off. My usual routine was just to walk to the bathroom naked and clean myself off in there. The bathroom was right across from my room, but there were numerous sleeping bodies along the way. I went for it anyway, and made it to the bathroom without being sensed. I cleaned off and took a piss. After thoroughly washing my hands, I exited the bathroom with a towel around me and it was a good thing because my sister walked out of her room and past me into the bathroom.

As I was walking back to my room, I peeked into my sister’s room, where she left the lights on and the door open. And there was Tim, laying naked on his back, with a 10 inch erection. Normally I would quickly walk away and try to erase the image from my mind, but I couldn’t believe how amazing his cock looked. I began to feel my own dick grow to its 8 inch boner. I dropped my towel and tried to hide myself from view. I peeked my head into the doorway to see him and began to slowly stroke my cock. I was planning on masturbating while admiring Tim’s huge penis, but then he noticed me.

“Hey little man! What the fuck are you doing?”

I stepped into the room cautiously and said, “Uhh…I was just looking, man. Sorry.”

“You gay or something dude?”

“No, I just jacked off to some straight porn and was walking back to my room and noticed you laying there and I guess I just wanted to see what you were up to.” I said.

“Then why were you jacking off right now?”

“Well…I guess I was just intrigued by your…size.” I stated.

“You were intrigued by my size little man? You got yourself a pretty big dick over there too.” Said Tim.

“Yeah but your dick is awesome. It’s perfectly shaped and its got to be at least two inches longer than mine.”

“Nah. Can’t be that much longer. Here, bring your cock over here and we’ll check.” Said Tim.

And with that, I walked over to my sister’s bed, where Tim was sitting, and stood next to him. He got up and stood with his left hip pressed against my right hip. We were standing side by side comparing our cocks.

“Huh. I guess I do have a little bit of size on you, but hey, I’m fucking 23 and your only 15. You still got room to grow little man.” Said Tim.

“Thanks man.”

Then Tim put his arm around me with his hand rubbing on my nipple. He took his other hand and began to slowly stroke his 10 inch monster.

“So you said you weren’t gay?” asked Tim.

“No I’m not gay, but I might be bisexual. I’ve watched a few gay porn videos and even jacked off to some.” I replied.

“Well, I could help you find out about your sexual orientation if you want?”

“Uhh…sure. I guess. How are you going to do that?” I said.

“Well, people say the best way to learn about something is to try it out. So lets give this gay thing a shot.” Tim said.

So Tim then grabbed my dick and began to stroke me. He turned to face me and leaned in for a kiss. I reciprocated and leaned towards him to accept the kiss. We began to use our tongues which just made my erection even harder. It was an amazing feeling to make out with someone while he’s stroking your dick and his 10 inch dick is constantly stabbing your thigh, getting it soaked in precum. Then he pulled back and pointed towards his dick.

“Now it’s time to really learn. If you’re going to be gay, you have to like sucking dick.” Tim said.

And with that, I got on my knees and took Tim’s monster cock in my hand. I loved the feel of another man’s penis in my grasp. I began to jack him off and used my other hand to explore his balls. They were semi hairy and very large. But it was his penis that really captivated me. I could barely fit my hand all the way around as his girth was tremendous. Each time I stroked his cock, it pumped up as if it was getting bigger each time I rubbed it.

“Why don’t you spit on it. It will make it easier to stroke.” Said Tim.

So I complied and spit my saliva all over the shaft of his penis. Then I rubbed in the spit and he was right. It allowed my hand to slide up and down his cock easily. At this point, I was ready to put it in my mouth and leaned in closer. I opened my mouth in preparation for a 10 inch dick. I shoved his penis into my mouth and took a good three to four inched into my mouth and held it in there. I moved my tongue all about Tim’s dick as it was settled in my mouth. I tasted his sexy precum and loved it. I pulled it out and immediately went back in for another gulp of dick. I really got into it and was now stroking Tim’s cock furiously while moving my mouth up and down his head.

“Holy fuck little man, I think you might be gay cuz you’re way to good at this not to be.” Tim said.

I knew Tim was just being nice, because I was only getting a third of his dick into my mouth. It couldn’t have been as good as my sister but I did know he was enjoying himself which made me satisfied. I began to squeeze on his nuts and this must have been really pleasurable as he began to cum in my mouth. The first blast caught me off guard and I pulled my mouth off of his dick but then quickly got it back in and swallowed up the rest of Tim’s manly semen like a champ. We each looked at each other and just smiled as we both had enjoyed what just happened. And then my sister walked into the room.

“What the hell is going on here?” Jen shouted.

“Don’t worry babe. Your lil bro was just checking me out and wanted to explore some things. No big deal.” Tim said.

“No big deal? My little brother just sucked off my fiancé.” Said my sister.

“But Jen, look at your brother’s cock. It’s great. Just tell me you don’t want to do stuff with that?” Tim said.

“Well…it is nice and quite impressive since your only 15. But it’s wrong. Neither of you are gay and your my brother.”

“Yeah but this night never happened right Jen. If we just keep quiet about it, who gives a shit whose gay or if you’re related.” Tim said.

“Fine, what the hell.” Said my sister.

And with that conversation, my sister stripped her robe off, revealing her sexy body, and I loved everything about it. She was hairless and tan everywhere and her nipples were very erect, leading me to suspect she was watching me and Tim earlier.

“So what exactly do you want to do?” asked my sister.

“Well I have to fuck your little brother and then he needs to fuck you. You see we’re trying to figure out if he is straight or gay. So which ever one he likes more will decide it.” Tim said.

So Tim laid on his back on the bed and my sister crawled up to his face and planted her pussy right on his tongue. I crawled up onto Tim so that I was straddling him. I wasn’t really sure what to do as I had never been fucked let alone put something in my ass. But I grabbed his 10 inch cock and held it straight up and directed it to the entry of my asshole. I slowly slid down and felt the tip of his monster dick enter my ass. It felt amazing and made me slide down farther. I now had about two to three inches in my ass and the sensation was incredible. I lost feeling in my legs from the sensation and slid down even more on his cock. There was now a good 7 inches in my ass and Tim began to thrust his hips. He managed to push a few more inches into my butthole to the point that only an inch was left exposed of his 10 inch penis.

“FUCK! YES! Keep fucking me Tim. I love it!” I shouted.

My sister was grinding her cunt on Tim’s face while facing me and leaned forward to kiss me. I was getting anally fucked while making out with my sexy naked sister. Tim kept thrusting, going from three inches in my ass to 9 inches when he pushed all the way in. Then my sister set of an incredible chain reaction. She couldn’t take anymore of Tim’s pleasurable tongue in her pussy and let out a yell while she had an intense orgasm that left Tim’s face covered in her juices. This event sent Tim over the top as he warned me that he was about to cum and that it was all going in my ass. I prepared for the worst, fully expecting it to be terrible but when he finally exploded, it just felt amazing. I could feel each pump go from the base of his 10 inch cock to the tip and out into my ass. While Tim was cumming in my ass, I began to blow my load all over my sister’s tits. She grabbed my cock while it was happening and furiously stroked it in order to keep me cumming. I blasted about eight good globs of cum all over my sister. On her tits, her face, and her hair. I figured she would be upset but she just smiled and looked as if she loved it. Once Tim was done ejaculating I stood up and out came all of Tim’s semen from my butthole. It spilled out all over Tim’s cock. My sister told me to use my ab muscles to get the rest out and I did as told as sent more semen onto Tim’s dick. Without asking or being told to do so, I immediately got down on my knees and sucked all the cum off of Tim’s dick. I loved the taste of his semen.

“Wow. That was amazing!” said my sister.

“You bet it was. Now it’s time for him to fuck you Jen.” Said Tim.

We didn’t even take a break as none of us were sexually tired. I still had a rock hard 8 inch boner and Tim’s 10 inch monster was still standing tall. This time I laid down on my back on the bed. Jen climbed up to where she was straddling my cock against my belly. Tim surprised me a bit and crawled up and sat on my face. I was relieved to see that he was also hairless even in his asshole. He placed his butthole on my mouth and I began to roll my tongue all around his sexy asshole. My sister did as I had done previously and stood my cock straight up and placed it in her warm cunt. She slowly slid down and took my cock easily. Pretty soon she had all 8 inches inside of her and began to grind with my huge cock all inside. Then she leaned forward to Tim’s dick and began to suck him while riding my 8 inch penis. I reached my hands around and grasped my sisters buttcheeks and spread them. Then I slide one hand down towards her butthole and slipped my middle finger in. This sent her over the edge and she came all over my dick. This made me crazy and I began to furiously tongue fuck Tim’s ass while I exploded inside of my sister’s pussy. My tongue fucking was too much for Tim and he came in my sister mouth and she swallowed that shit with ease. The bed was drenched in our hot sex sweat, cum, and pussy juices. My sister noticed the terrible mess that we had all made on the bed and just shrugged her shoulders as she began to piss all over my chest. She kept moving up and eventually was pissing all over my face and into my mouth and I loved it. Then Tim pushed my sister down so we were laying on our backs next to each other. Then Tim began to spray his piss stream all over me and my sister. It was like we were in a water park. Then I began to piss while still lying on my back, so it was just going all over myself until my sister grabbed my dick and directed the spray into her mouth and began to gather up some piss in her mouth and then spit it all over my face. Once this was all done, we all looked at if we just took a shower. We exchanged a few words of goodnight and then I walked out to head to my room.

“Carl. Have a good sleep, and I hope we didn’t mess you up too much.” My sister said.

It was easily the greatest night of my entire life.