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Mother's Island

2022-10-19 00:21:18

Arthur was a 22 year old skinny maledom who lived mostly on Mother's Island established by Arthur & his three friends , Jeff , Marty & Max it was a haven with its own laws & rules . Each of them owned 3 main sexslaves , all the ladies were over 50 & married . Each had a very exclusive submissive & that's why they named their Island "Mother's Island" Arthur's mom Sonia was a stacked long-legged short-haired brunette from England who he had brainwashed last year . She was also a very successful realtor on the mainland . When not selling houses , she was usually on her knees giving him head in his cabin . All four men had bought the island & its cabins with money from their brainwashed moms & stepdads . Currently covered in facial jism from her only son's prick . 54 year old Sonia was also wearing a dog-collar , leash & spiked heels . She was wasnt spending the night with her master/son Arthur , she would go back to the mainland & only sleep with her cuckold husband Charles . Crawling on all fours ,the cum was dripping off Sonia's face as Arthur took his old lady to the bathroom & gave her a humiliating golden shower.

Jeff lived down the road from Arthur , he was 23 , & 7mths earlier he had hypnotized his old lady Martha . She was a raven-haired librarian , who worked most of the week , so he would use her mostly weekends . Currently Martha was asslicking Jeff as he wacked off , she was of medium height & was only allowed to do the nasty things with her son/master . Her breasts weren't huge , but Jeff had her get the nipples pierced. Also Martha had a small tramp stamp with his initials . When they were in the cabin , she always called him master. On the mainland , she treated him like a son but she always remembered he was in charge. Last week Jeff had jammed his whole fist up her cunt & now whenever she walked she had a very sexy wiggle. Collared & leashed her collar said "Jeff's housewhore " & she was glad to wear it. As Jeff finished wacking off , Martha opened her mouth & her son/master unloaded his jism & she swallowed obediently.

Joyce had always been a slut , her second husband Ernie& her belonged to a swingers club , but for the last 10months she had not gone there. Instead her cuckold husband enjoyed watching her get dominated & fucked by her only son& Master Marty. The blonde 57 bbw was all tits & ass & her kinky nasty son Marty , would always fuck her tits , ass , pussy & mouth 5 or six times a week Unlike the other mom slaves Joyce was a stay at home housewife , Ernie was retired & well off , so all she did was fuck, suck & eat pussy , even on the mainland , Joyce was on webcam licking pussy & making extra money for Master Marty . So Marty was not only her son/master , he was also her pimp. Currently Marty was fucking Joyce up the ass & was filming it , he was wearing a mask over his face& was wrecking her shithole as the old bag screamed into the camera (that was set on the tripod ), this was a keeper , & soon his step-dad would watch it before he sold it on mom's website. Joyce was screaming "oh that feels so good Master "as Marty slapped her buttcheeks before he gave an anal creampie.

Monique was the tallest of all the mothers she stood 5ft 10 & had a stripper's body & before she had married Jose she had stripped for a living . Her previous husband Max's had loved her long legs, tits & ass . Jose had her get her tits done 6 months before Max had put her under mind control . So her second husband , Jose hardly got to play with her 44dd tits. Currently Max was tit fucking her , his 10inch dick was lubed & slid nicely between her gazongas. Monique was originally from Colombia was a very hot latina , Before Max began fucking her breasts , she had blown his huge dong & swallowed his cum , before he pissed down her gullet & Monique swallowed the golden champagne also. Monique was a Model during the day , sexy & tall , she modelled lingerie .Most evenings though she'd take the motorboat out to Mother's Island.

When the mothers weren't available , the 4 friends had other options , like i said earlier each , had two other submissives , Arthur had Faye & Joan . Two sluts who loved his dick & cum . Faye was a tall, athletic divorcee with redhair & dick sucking lips 58 , she was his oldest whore . Joan was a short-haired 56 married bitch who was great at asslicking & looked especially nasty when he pissed on her face.

Jeff on the other hand dominated his moms bffs , Wanda & Sheila both were 55 & loved to 69 with each other , Wanda was a black woman & Pooja was Pakistani .Jeff loved cumming & pissing on their black & brown faces

Marty had two whores , who were also teachers at the local college , 50year old Holly a stacked 5ft 1 blonde & Nina a 5ft 5 inch bleached blonde . Both were married sluts , but Marty loved to collar , leash them , whip them ,before Marty wacked off on their faces & pissed down their throats . He would even text their cuckold husbands so they could see the pics of their slutty wives being used as cum & pissbuckets

Last but not least Max owned two Asian whores , Mika , who was 53 , from Hong Kong and Linda who was a 52 Thai wench both were married . But Max would have them both over & he'd have one lick his ass while the other blew him . Max loved facefucking them both & would jizz on their faces & sometimes he'd follow that up with a double goldenshower for the Asian beauties . Last time they were over he hog-tied & ball-gagged them both & then took pics of them which they gave to their cuckold husbands , who were told to frame them bedside so , they'd remember that their wives were owned by a Master