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2022-05-13 00:00:04

JackassTales…tale # 24… Let me begin by saying this; I have the highest respect for our American fighting men and women. Hopefully, I won’t offend any of them by dedicating this story to their bravery and sacrifice. This story does not depict any actual person or event (but, some in the military might wish it did). To any ‘real’ soldier reading this; please forgive me for any inaccuracy in describing weapons, vehicles, tactics, etc. Best wishes and good luck to you all.

Sgt Rock: Badass American Soldier

Sergeant Jonas Rockwell heard the annoying static of the field radio in the outer room of his command tent. He paid little attention to the clamorous chatter emanating from the device. Better things occupied his mind. At the moment, the sergeant had his two hands full of soft, smooth, female ass. Pfc Jessica Sampson was sitting astride his prone body and was riding his cock with the wild passion of a berserk banshee warrior.

This female soldier was a true warrior in deed and fact. Sergeant Rockwell himself had already sent in the documentation requesting a Purple Heart and a Bronze Star for the 20 year old lady. He also requested a promotion for her. Jessica had earned her stripes in the field of armed combat action. She had stood toe-to-toe with every other fighter under Sergeant Rock’s command in battle after battle against the insidious insurgents.

Orgasmic fire was building inside the sergeant’s testicle sack. Jessica’s sweltering-hot pussy was dripping vaginal juices all over the cock buried deep within her cunt. Suddenly, the woman began squalling, “Oh goddamnit Rock, I’m cumming again! Oh god, it feels so good! Fill me up with your big, bad boy and all its cream! Oh shit, my pussy loves your cock!”

Despite the fact that he outranked the private, Sergeant Rock obeyed her demanding orders. His fingernails bit savagely into her ass flesh and he thrust his hips upward to meet her downward plunges. His hard, swollen shaft penetrated deep into the woman’s steaming hot vaginal home.

Jessica’s pussy muscles latched on and pulled him in until his shaft bottomed out and his belly slammed into hers. Cunt and cock fought a furious battle in a race for orgasmic release. Rock jack-hammered his meat in and out while Jessica’s slippery-wet pussy rode his long, hard cock intruder with an insistent, insatiable lust.

With Jessica’s female cum spraying his loins, Rock let loose his cunt-hungry ‘dog-of-war’. Volcanic fire erupted and his cock spewed forth pressurized streams of molten cream into the woman’s vaginal honey pot.

Rock grunted and groaned with guttural, animalistic moans. Earth-shaking, cock-quaking orgasms viciously shook his body and violently rattled his world. This experienced, well-disciplined soldier wasn’t a screamer, but the young female private fucking him was driving him near the edge of losing his ability to keep his orgasmic ecstasy quiet!

Private Sampson had no such disciplined restraint. Jessica screamed aloud as another round of unrestrained, untamed, multiple orgasms grabbed hold of her feminine form and carried her to blissful oblivion. Her nude body shuddered, her breasts swung round and round wildly, and tears welled in her eyes.

Rock grabbed the well-rounded, grapefruit-sized tits and steadied them in the palms of his calloused, battle-worn hands. No sense in letting the girl hurt herself with those dangerously dangling globes of gloriously erotic female mammary mounds.

Sexual exertion and the 100 degree heat inside the tent caused stinging, sweaty perspiration to flow as freely as the male and female juices joining this man and woman’s bodies together. Paying no attention to the desert’s heat, Rock and Jessica continued to orgasm and spill cum until every drop of sex fluid was drained from their bodies.

At last, the young private squealed one last time and then collapsed onto her sergeant’s body. She lay there gasping for breath as her heaving bosom rose and fell with the rhythmic, labored breathing of the man lying beneath her.

Pfc Jessica Sampson wasn’t one damn bit sorry about fucking her sergeant. Hell, she knew as well as he did that they were violating the military code of conduct! Fuck the code, fuck the rules, and fuck the ‘men’ who made them! She wanted a cock in her cunt so she got one. She didn’t give a shit that the man she’d just fucked was old enough to be her father. Sergeant Jonas Rockwell was the strongest, healthiest, and most robustly virile man she ever met. God help her, she’d fuck that man anytime and anyplace of his choosing!

A loud, persistent voice interrupted the sexually sated couple’s orgasmic afterglow reverie. Spc John ‘Sparks’ Johnson was the squad’s radioman. Sparks hated bothering his sergeant at this time, but circumstances demanded he take the action. Stepping further into the tent, he repeated, “Damnit Rock, I said that there’s a radio call for you! I wouldn’t interrupt, but it’s the goddamn Colonel and he’ll chew my ass off if I don’t get you!”

Without letting go of the woman in his lap, Rock sat straight up in his army cot. He gave Jessica an impassioned kiss on her lips, fingered her soaking-wet pussy, and whispered, “Thanks gal, I need that. Jessie babe, you’ve got the sweetest pussy in the whole damn company. I know you’ve heard me say this before, but girl I’m going to keep on saying it every time I fuck you. Girlie-girl, that’s some mighty fine feminine meat you’ve got there between your legs!”

Jessica giggled, kissed her sergeant, and huskily replied, “Well Sir, your meat is mighty fine, too, especially when you smother it with your hot, creamy, cummy gravy! Yes Sir, I could make a meal of your meat and gravy three times a day and six times on Saturday and Sunday!”

Rock kissed Jessica once more, slapped her ass, and threw her off him. The two quickly dressed and exited the sergeant’s sleeping quarters. As the private waved goodbye, the sergeant picked up the field radio’s handset and said, “Go for Sergeant Rockwell.”

The distinctive ‘whirlybird’ sound of a helicopter’s whirling blades could be heard loud and clear in the background as Colonel Ross Blake’s gruff, no-nonsense voice spoke, “Rock, I’m bringing in a couple of people with me on the chopper. One is your new shavetail and the other is the Rep we’ve been hearing the scuttlebutt about. Get your squad together and meet us at the LZ.”

The transmission abruptly ended and Rock slammed the handset down on the radio. The sergeant wasn’t a damn bit happy about this particular turn of events. His mind deciphered the colonel’s coded message. The ‘shavetail’ was the new second lieutenant he’d been expecting and the ‘Rep’ was a United States Representative who was coming for an inspection.

Sparks was the one only close enough one to hear Rock’s heated verbal outburst, “Goddamnit, I don’t have the time to break in another green, baby-face lieutenant! I just sent the last one home in a body bag along with two good soldiers his inexperience and bravado got killed. And, damnit-to-hell, I don’t need the aggravation of babysitting a fucking congressman out to take some pictures and get his name in the papers!”

Despite his irate tirade, Sergeant Jonas Rockwell did his duty. He grabbed up his battle gear, opened the outside door to the tent, and ordered, “Corporal Jones, round up the squad and tell them to ‘saddle-up’. We’re hitting the road in ten minutes.”

The caravan of three Humvees and one Stryker armored carrier reached the LZ two minutes before the chopper landed. Rock deployed his squad in a defensive perimeter. The helicopter’s backwash sent a whirlwind of stinging sand and debris into the face of the ground soldiers. Rock heard his corporal’s voice shouting, “This is a hell of a way to make a living, ain’t it Rock?”

The sergeant’s mood immediately lightened up. His friend had summed up the war in one short, succinct statement of fact. But hell, Rock was in his element. He was a career warrior and armed combat was his chosen profession. He loved it, he lived for it, and he wouldn’t change a thing! Rock smilingly answered his friend’s question, “Yeah Bob, it’s a hell of a way!”

The chopper sat down and the rotor blades slowly spun to a stop. Doors slid open and several uniformed figures emerged from the belly of the airborne beast. Rock recognized the deep-wrinkled face of the colonel, but the identity of the Lt and the Rep was indistinguishable.

As Rock approached the chopper’s passengers, a hint of recognition crossed his mind. This battle-hardened soldier swore under his breath, “Goddamnit-to-hell, both the Lt and the Rep are females!”

And so it was. United States Representative Caroline Carter was the 38 year old junior Congresswoman representing Kentucky. This Republican politician was on a ‘fact-finding’ mission. She wanted to find out for herself whether or not this war was justifiably necessary. Second Lieutenant Debbie Dawson had no such noble intentions. This 22 year old recent graduate of West Point was following orders and doing her duty as an officer in the United States Army.

When Colonel Blake was close enough, he saluted Rock, and began making quick introductions between the sergeant and the women. He told the congresswoman that the sergeant was to be in charge of her security while she was visiting. He told Rock that the Lt was his new commanding officer.

Sergeant Rockwell was not listening to every word being spoken by the colonel. He was too stunned. His eyes were playing tricks on him. He stared intently at the attractive female lieutenant standing before him. The young officer came to attention and saluted the sergeant. Unconsciously, words spilled from Rock’s mouth, “Goddamnit Debbie, what are you doing here? I haven’t seen you since…since…”

Rock’s stunned senses retreated into remembrances. A birthday party came to his mind. He saw streamers, banners, and balloons strung around a festively-decorated room. 18 birthday candles burned brightly atop a three- tiered cake. Birthday revelers were singing to his stepdaughter, “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Debbie…”

Whomever it was that brought the booze, brought too much. By the end of the party too many ‘quarter shots’ had been consumed. Too many young minds had been compromised by inebriating spirits. Debbie Dawson’s mind was apparently one of the intoxicated ones. The young lady had come to her stepfather’s side and drunkenly whispered, “Daddy Rock, please make everybody go home and take me to bed…”

The girl gulped, belched, and then giggled. She laughed in her stepfather’s face and clarified her statement, “I… I mean, ‘put’ me to bed. Not ‘take’ me to bed. Although Daddy Rock, you can take me to your bed if you want to. Am I drunk? How many of my friends have you fucked, Daddy? Hey mister, do you want to fuck me? I want to be Daddy’s little girl in Daddy’s big bed. Can I be my dear, sweet, old grizzly Papa Bear?”

Rock knew his stepdaughter was speaking from a ‘faraway’ world clouded with compromised inhibitions. Nevertheless, he sent the partygoers home and escorted the girl upstairs to her room. This stepparent of a maturing young woman spoke angrily, “Damnit girl, where is your mother when you need her? I bet the adulterous bitch is off screwing that lawyer bastard she’s been sneaking around with! She doesn’t even love her daughter enough to come to her birthday party!”

Debbie had sprawled out on her bed, but she had pulled her short, spaghetti-strapped dress off first. She now wore nothing but her peach colored panties and bra. The skimpy little outfit did little to conceal the maturity of her teenaged body. She was not a tall girl, but her spread-eagled legs stretched out seductively. The mounded crotch of her panties bulged tightly against the thin, nearly-transparent, silky material. Several wayward tendrils of blond pubic hair had escaped from their panty-covered confinement and were now glistening invitingly in the bright bedroom lights.

Rock tore his eyes away from his stepdaughter’s alluringly enticing feminine mound, yet the eyes settled on the shapely form’s decorating her chest. Debbie unconsciously stretched her arms and both breasts popped out of her strapless bra. Two well-rounded, softball-sized tits topped with puffy-pink nipples burst into view.

Despite his mind’s screaming protests for restraint, Rock stared at the magnetically mesmerizing feminine form of the girl lying on the bed. All the King’s horses and all the King’s men couldn’t have pried this man’s eyes away from the undeniable temptation overpowering him.

Through a haze of sexual stimulation, Rock heard his inebriated stepdaughter speaking, “Yes siree Mister, you hit the nail right on the head! Mommy doesn’t love me, she doesn’t, no damnit, she doesn’t! But, Daddy Rock loves me, doesn’t he, yes he does, don’t you Daddy? Show your girl how much you love her. Mister, why are you standing there with all your clothes on when I want you to jump in my bed and fuck me?”

Bedeviling temptation rooted Rock’s feet in place. He watched as the girl’s panties and bra were removed and flung across the room. Well hell, if this girl expected to get fucked by him then she was in for a disappointment! Why, he’d never taken advantage of an inebriated woman in his life and he wasn’t about to start by fucking his tipsy stepdaughter!

Contrary to this stern proclamation of facts, Rock found himself unable to resist when Debbie started undressing him. Two minutes later, he stood ‘jaybird’ naked beside the girl’s bed.

Without warning, Debbie reached out with her small, feminine hands and grabbed her stepfather’s cock and began to play. Her short fingers couldn’t quite completely encircle his swollen shaft, yet she played and fondled energetically. Not one inch of his blood-engorged meat went untouched. His balls were squeezed, juggled, and bounced. Fingers ran through his thick pubic hairs combing, pulling, and tugging. Debbie’s voice heatedly declared, “Oh god, its more wonderful than I imagined it would be! Daddy Rock, I’m going to kiss and suck it now.”

And that’s just what she did. The girl began kissing Rock’s meaty, hard shaft. Her warm, wet lips and tongue kissed and licked with a frenzy of cock-hungry desire. The girl’s lips were moving so frenziedly that the head of the cock slipped into her mouth. She licked and sucked with an experienced zest.

Rock immediately guessed that this wasn’t Debbie’s first cock-sucking rodeo. Tipsy drunk or not, this girl sucked with an expert’s skill. She made her mouth release a flood of saliva which lubricated the rigid rod she was sucking on. Before Rock knew it, his stepdaughter’s head was bobbing up and down on his spit-lubricated shaft. His wet cock was disappearing deeper and deeper into the girl’s tight, young mouth. The sensual sensations overwhelming the man felt unbelievably good!

Debbie’s mouth, lips, and tongue were dripping wet with cock sucking enjoyment. Rock’s swollen manhood was imbedded deep into the girl’s cock-hungry oral cavity and she was refusing to let go of it. This young lady had an unusually long, serpentine-like tongue which flicked and licked with venomous fire. This wicked, viperous snake coiled around the man-meat it was so intent upon devouring.

Rock’s fingers dug viciously into Debbie’s long, curly-blond hair and he attempted to pull her head away from his dangerously imperiled manhood. His cock-crazed stepdaughter had sucked his shaft deep into her throat and was now chewing his meat with biting, razor-sharp teeth.

Paying no attention to the hair-pulling pain, Debbie ravenously ate the meat in her mouth. In defense of his cock, Rock slapped the girl’s face with a nasty, stinging blow to both cheeks. When the over-enthusiastic female sex fiend let go of his inflamed, rigid rod, Rock threw her back on her bed and dropped to his knees between her legs. He sneered maliciously and curtly said, “Goddamnit young lady, two can play this meat-eating game!”

Spreading the girl’s legs wide, Rock attacked the tender young pussy staring him in the face. He viciously kissed the soft flesh of her blond, bush-covered pussy mound. He kissed and licked every delectable inch of feminine flesh from her thighs to her pussy lips.

He spread the swollen pussy lips and captured the girl’s clitoral jewel between his lips. Rock licked and sucked the rigid ‘girlie-girl’ treasure. Debbie’s teen clit stiffened in an effort to accept his ferocious oral assault. Her stepfather’s tongue flicked and licked feverously. He explored the young cunt with the spit-wet slippery wetness of his tongue and mouth.

This sexually aroused man cupped his tongue to stiffen it and plunged it into the hot-pink opening to Debbie’s vaginal hole. This girl had reached the full age of puberty so her young female body produced an abundance of feminine moisture. Rock licked and lapped all the wetness he could get. Debbie was whimpering wantonly and sighing contently.

Rock ate his stepdaughter’s cunt with the appetite of a pussy-starved man. Sweet, warm, wet vaginal flesh was his to consume with all the wicked debauchery of a man gleefully possessed by bedeviling lust.

With this same unfettered lust, Rock assaulted Debbie’s breasts. These delectable orbs and their nipple-topped pink buds fell victim to his untamed oral mauling. The skin of his face had been clean-shaven a few hours ago, but enough stubble had now grown out to scratch and scrape the tender tittie flesh. With the same reasoning as a dog would pee on a tree, Rock deliberately marked the unblemished breast skin as a sign of territorial acquisition.

Abruptly, Rock ended his violent oral onslaught. This girl had demanded that he “jump in her bed and fuck her”, so curse his wicked soul to hell, that’s what he would do! He lifted her pretty, silky-smooth legs and lay the girl in the center of her bed. He climbed into the bed above her, spread her legs, and positioned his cock at the entrance to her dripping wet, feminine glory hole.

Rock, the domineering ‘stallion’ mounted Debbie, the in-heat ‘filly’ with all the uncontrollable, animalistic urges of wild, feral animals mating. There was nothing romantic about this carnal coupling. With the breeding instincts of wild creatures, Rock and Debbie fucked.

Rock’s cock parted his stepdaughter’s pubic bush and sank deep into her bottomless, sweltering hot vaginal cavity. Debbie’s pussy accepted the welcomed intruder and urged it to do its duty with all deliberate haste.

Debbie felt her stepfather’s long, swollen shaft pounding into her pussy with jackhammer strokes which penetrated deep into her innermost feminine sanctuary. After only a little while, she felt the beginnings of orgasmic fire being conceived. Just as she’d hoped, the flames gave birth to the wildest, most intense orgasm she’d ever had. She gloried in the ecstatic, euphoric majesty of it.

Rock’s body too was reveling in the delightful exhilaration of powerful, cock-quaking orgasms. His masculine loins quivered, shuddered, and shook. His pulsating penile rod began spewing forth torrents of slippery, milky-white seminal cream. He grunted and groaned with the guttural sounds of a man overwhelmed by orgasmic forces stealing away his mind, body, and soul.

Her stepfather’s steaming seminal cream filling Debbie’s pussy triggered the birth of another enormous orgasm. Multiple orgasmic births followed in the wake of those before. This young woman’s body sprayed her forbidden lover’s loins with all the feminine cum she had in her body.

Time lost its meaning as a cunt and a cock joined together in a race for orgasmic rapture. The end didn’t come quickly. Time slowed to a crawl as Rock and Debbie’s joyful bliss continued for an eternity and then gradually subsided. The two of them lay in each others arms and basked in the warming comfort of sexual afterglow.

As it turned out, Rock discovered that Debbie was not as tipsy drunk as she seemed. Why, the young lady was not drunk at all! She had deliberately set out to seduce her stepfather and get him into her bed! The truth liberated the man from any residual guilt he might have been feeling, which, in truth, wasn’t all that much. With his wife still out ‘catting’ around, Rock fucked Debbie all night long.

Sergeant Jonas Rockwell’s meandering musings and remembrances about fucking his stepdaughter were interrupted by the questioning voice of Congresswoman Carter, “Colonel Blake, I don’t know all there is to know about military protocol, but I do know that superior officers do not initiate a salute with enlisted men. I noticed that both you and Lieutenant Dawson saluted the sergeant before he could salute you. Why did you do that?”

Colonel Blake gave Rock a sly wink, turned to the congresswoman, and answered, “Ma’am, in ordinary circumstances you would be correct in your interpretation of military protocol. But, there are exceptions to the rules. When any man wearing the uniform comes face to face with a soldier who has been awarded the Medal of Honor, then that soldier is granted the respect of a much-deserved, complimentary salute. Sergeant Rockwell is such a man!”

Up until now, Caroline Carter had paid little attention the sergeant other than to notice that he was a robust, sturdy-looking soldier. She now took another look. He certainly did have a rough, grizzled exterior appearance and there was an air about him that was undeniably menacing and dangerous. Caroline began to suppose that this was probably the kind of soldier other soldiers would want ‘in their foxholes’ in time of war. Unconsciously, an unbidden thought came silently to her mind, “He’s probably the kind of man that women would want ‘in their beds’ in times of sexual need. I bet he knows a thing or two about pleasing a woman. Maybe, if have time, I’ll get a chance to find out.”

Before the woman could finish her thoughts, a sharp ‘popping’ sound was heard in the distance. The congresswoman’s head jerked spastically. A bullet hit her Kevlar helmet with a stunning, zinging, glancing blow. The sharp, jagged edge of the fast-moving projectile ricocheted off her protective headgear and struck Colonel Blake in the neck.

Colonel Ross Blake’s jugular vein was savagely severed by the sniper’s slug. A thumb-sized geyser of pressurized blood spurted from the gaping wound. The man’s body fell to the ground as limp as a rag doll’s lifeless form.

Rock had seen death before and he knew with no doubts that he was seeing it now. Here on a foreign battleground, his colonel, his friend had spilled his life’s blood before his sergeant’s eyes.

Rock’s military instincts and training compelled him to offer his body as a protective shield for the congresswoman. As he tackled her body and knocked her to the ground, two more sniper bullets were fired at her. The supersonic slugs struck the sergeant’s armored jacket.

Every soldier in Rock’s squad returned fire with their battle weapons. A withering hailstorm of full-metal-jacketed rounds was sent downrange towards the sniper’s hidden lair. The heavy, 50-caliber projectiles from the Humvee-mounted Browning machinegun struck the assassin’s body, chewed through his abdomen, and literally cut the killer’s body in half.

Rock bounded to his feet and barked out orders, “Corporal Jones, circle the vehicles and men in a defensive formation. Get the colonel’s body and the congresswoman inside the Stryker armored carrier. I’m going to check the sniper’s nest.”

Corporal Bob Jones jumped to follow his sergeant’s commands. Rock’s orders were never questioned or countermanded. Apparently, no one had conveyed these facts to the young officer who’d just flown in to take command. Lieutenant Debbie Dawson’s strong, authoritative voice commanded, “Stand down Sergeant Rockwell! Your primary objective is to secure Congresswoman Carter’s safety. I order you to get your ass on the Stryker vehicle with her and get her back to the safety of your main headquarters! Leave me one of your Humvees and two of your best men and I’ll check out the sniper’s nest.”

If the orders had come from any other shavetail second lieutenant, Rock would have disobeyed. He wouldn’t leave his post and allow an inexperienced officer to direct his seasoned soldiers. Yet, for some unknown reason, Rock trusted that Debbie Dawson would be a fine leader of men.

Rock left Corporal Bob Jones and Pfc Jessica Sampson with the young lieutenant. He piled into the armored carrier with Congresswoman Caroline Carter, her interpreter, and the body of Colonel Blake.

Back at home base, Rock led the woman and her interpreter into a protective, underground bunker. He was not under the illusion that the threat towards the American politician was over. He knew the insurgents would go to great lengths to kill a prominent figurehead of American authority.

In the safety of the bunker, Rock wondered how the enemy sniper had known about the politician’s visit. He reasoned that only three people knew the full details of the ‘when’ and ‘where’ of the meeting. The colonel, the congresswoman, and her interpreter knew.

Without considering the consequences of his actions, Rock unexpectedly struck the interpreter between the eyes with the butt of his service rifle. As the man staggered back, Rock pulled his razor-sharp Kabar knife from its sheath, sliced the man’s belt open, and jerked his pants down.

Sergeant Jonas Rockwell had seen a good man die. He was in no mood for idle ‘chit-chat’ nor did he give a shit about the proprieties of proper interrogation techniques. The lives of the congresswoman and those of his soldiers were still in mortal danger. Rock grabbed the stunned interpreter’s cock with one hand and pressed the blade of the menacing knife against the man’s shaft.

Rock spoke to the man in his own Arabic language, “Mister, if you want to keep your cock then tell me what information you gave out. I want to know who you told it to! I also want to know who ordered the ‘hit’ and what further dangers are waiting ahead! If you want to keep your cock and your life, then talk!”

Seeing the uncompromisingly ominous look in his interrogator’s eyes, the Muslim extremist lost the comforting courage of his faith. Without intending to do so, the man admitted to his part in the assassination attempt. He gave out the names and locations of other conspirators.

Ordinarily, Rock was a man of his word. He said what he meant and he meant what he said. Yet, when circumstances demanded it, this honorable soldier could betray his well-intentioned code of justice. The rag-headed son-of-a-bitch before him was not deserving of mercy!

Rock had promised the man that he could keep his cock and he’d promised him that could keep his life. But, this savagely provoked soldier was so furiously incensed by the senseless loss of life today that he broke both promises. With the skilled precision of a surgeon, Rock’s knife sliced through the Arab’s cock and severed it from his body. The man’s ear-piercing scream reverberated throughout the bunker. Using the same knife, Rock silenced the man’s screams by slitting his throat ear to ear.

A hand shaking his shoulder brought Rock’s mind out of its homicidal stupor. Only then did he acknowledge the presence of Caroline Carter in the secluded bunker. The woman’s face clearly indicated the state of shock her mind was in. This day, she’d seen a bullet rip the life from a man and a knife take the life of another.

Caroline Carter was a mature, well-educated, worldly woman. Yet, nothing she’d witnessed in her 38 years of life had prepared her for the events of this day. She wanted to speak, but what could she possibly say? She looked at the bloodied hands of the soldier beside her. She saw what he was holding. Unbelievable words sprang from her mouth, “Sergeant, may I hold it?”

Rock looked at the severed cock in his hand. The woman had asked for it, so he handed it to her. Caroline held the flaccid male member in her hands and gently played with it. This woman’s mind was clearly caught up in the grip of a soldier’s dreaded nightmare of post-traumatic stress.

The shell-shocked woman unexpectedly fell to her knees and stuffed the lifeless cock into the gaping mouth of the dead terrorist who’d conspired to kill her. She spoke bitterly, “Eat it in Hell you murderous Muslim bastard!”

Suddenly, Caroline turned to the sergeant, ripped his pants open, and pulled out his manhood. Rock’s cock jumped to full erection as soon as the woman’s mouth closed around his shaft and began sucking. Her slippery, hot mouth bobbed, pumped, and sucked with the vigorous enthusiasm of a female possessed by an unbridled, fanatical lust.

Caroline’s frantic hunger for sexual release knew no boundaries. She pulled Rock down to his knees on the plank-covered floor and begged, “Sergeant, will you fuck me? Please Sir, fuck me right now! Thank you for saving my life, but I think I’ll die anyway if I don’t get a big cock inside my cunt! I believe this is the only way I’ll get my nerves settled down. Fuck me, please!”

Rock’s nerves were on edge, too. He’d known soldiers who’d orgasmed inside their pants after a kill, but he wasn’t one of them. Yet, he freely admitted that the best way to come down from the high of a bloodthirsty warrior’s rampage was for a man to spill his demon-crazed seed inside a willingly accepting pussy.

Caroline had turned away, pulled her pants down, and had laid her head on the dead man’s chest. This woman’s pretty white ass was pointing right at the horny, pussy-hungry sergeant. Rock stared at the beautiful, invitingly erotic ass and said, “Damn woman, if you want me to fuck you ‘doggy-style’ then I’d be happy to do it!”

Rock’s swollen, steel-hard cock moved with the speed of a heat-seeking missile. This engorged rocket’s mission was to find and enter the dripping wet cunt dangling between this sexy woman’s opened legs. With the unerring precision of a ‘sidewinder’ missile, Rock’s meaty projectile found its way to its target.

With the same devastating effect of a ‘bunker-busting’ bomb, Rock’s cock penetrated deeper and deeper into the hidden recesses of Caroline’s pussy and then detonated with a bomb-blast of orgasmic explosions.

Ordinarily, Rock was able to hang onto his man-juices longer than this. But, present circumstances considered, he needed to ‘let go’ of his liquefied lust as soon as possible. Apparently, Caroline had this same undeniable need for speed. She too was already caught up in the eager race for the blissful ecstasy of orgasms.

What Rock and Caroline lacked in tender, time-consuming, passionate foreplay, they made up for in the quantity and quality of orgasms. This man and woman’s bodies were orgasming hard as the frictional fires of a rapidly- fucking cock and cunt heated a cauldron of male and female cum.

Rock’s cock filled Caroline’s vaginal cavity with a cunt-full of man-meat smothered with creamy, seminal gravy. Caroline’s female juices lubricated Rock’s fast-moving, pussy-fucking cock and together this man and woman became lost in a netherworld of orgasmic enchantment where neither death and dying nor war and violence existed.

Time flew, as time will do. Finally, Rock pulled away from the woman and tugged up his and her pants. He grabbed his weapons, scooted into a corner of the bunker, and held Caroline in his lap. The sergeant had been ordered by the new lieutenant to protect the congresswoman, so that’s what he intended to do.

Caroline was asleep in Rock’s lap when the bunker door opened two hours later. Lieutenant Debbie Dawson came in with Corporal Bob Jones. Debbie ordered, “Corporal, get rid of this body. Put it with the others we bought in. You can burn them in the shit pot for all I care.”

Corporal Jones saluted smartly and began dragging the body out. At the door he stopped, looked at his sergeant, and said, “Rock, we’ve finally got us a Lt to ‘ride the river with’! Two of those dead rag-heads we brought in have got her bullet holes in them. I reckon the guys and I would follow either you or her into Hell and back! You two will make a fine leadership team.”

After the corporal closed the bunker door, Debbie looked at the sleeping woman comfortably nestled in her stepfather’s lap. The pretty, young officer winked and said, “Well, Daddy Rock, I see that you’re still up to your old tricks of fucking anyone with a pussy in her panties. The congresswoman is a lucky lady and so is Pfc Jessica Sampson.”

Debbie turned away towards the door, but stopped before exiting. Swiveling her head, she spoke over her shoulder, “That girl Jessica is a ‘pistol’. Why, she’s already been insubordinate to me! She told me to keep my panties on around you because she’s your favorite bedmate. I didn’t tell her, but I’m telling you; that girl is going to have a fight on her hands if she expects to keep me out of your bed! Why mister, I plan to fuck you so hard and so often you won’t be able to look at another woman!”